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									?For someone who is a wholesale supplier or distributor, one of the major issues
which he often comes across is managing the warehouse. Warehouse management
plays an important role in the success and failure or a wholesale suppliers or a
distributor. Therefore, they need to optimize their warehouse. What does optimizing
the warehouse means? It means to make the warehouse operations efficient, utilizing
the warehouse space optimally and managing the inventory to its best. A warehouse
can provide a lot of benefits to the warehouse owner. If someone is able to make the
best use of the warehouse and get the maximum benefit out of it then it means he has
optimized his warehouse.
Following are some ways through which wholesale suppliers or distributors can
optimize their warehouse:

Efficient warehouse design
The very first thing for optimizing your warehouse is its design. Sometimes the
wholesalers and distributors do not consider the design of the warehouse. What
happens then? It creates problems for them while storing the wholesale products and
supplies and sometimes it makes the expansion impossible. Therefore, the warehouse
should be designed perfectly so that it allows optimally utilizing the warehouse and
supports expansion in future as well.

Optimally utilizing warehouse space
After the design of the warehouse the next important thing which a wholesale supplier
or distributor needs to do is to utilize the warehouse space properly. Here the
warehouse racking and the way the wholesale products and supplies are stored plays
an important role. Pallet racking method is so far the best for optimally utilizing the
warehouse space. So, the wholesalers and distributors must use it. What a wholesale
supplier or distributors needs to do is to store as many products in the warehouse as
possible and utilizing the warehouse space properly allows them to do so.

Managing the inventory properly
Properly managing the inventory allows the wholesalers to optimally utilize the
warehouse. If the wholesalers are able to sell their inventory quickly they can bring in
the new supplies timely and can sell the newer products to the customers and make
the best use of their warehouse. Other than that using first in first out method, also
called FIFO, is really beneficial for managing the inventory and making the best use
of the warehouse space.

Utilizing warehouse out of season
Some wholesale suppliers or distributors deal in seasonal wholesale products. During
the off season period usually their warehouse remains empty. What they can do to
maximize the benefit of their warehouse is to rent out their warehouse to other
wholesale distributors and suppliers. This allows them to generate some income from
their warehouse during the off season period as well.
All the above mentioned techniques help a wholesale supplier or distributor to
optimize their warehouse easily.

William King is the director of Wholesale Suppliers, China Wholesale and
Wholesalers. He has 18 years of experience in the marketing and trading industries
and has been helping retailers and startups with their product sourcing, promotion,
marketing and supply chain requirements.

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