How to Operate a Pallet Stacker

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					?A pallet stacker is a kind of table truck that is used to lift and move heavy loads.
Pallet stacker is divided into two categories- manual and powered.

Manual Pallet Stacker
A manual pallet stacker is used to lift weights up to one tonne; however, different
pallet stackers will have different weightlifting capacity depending on their model and
other specification.

The manual table truck is powered by hand, but it is provided with hydraulic action to
make the process of lifting easier. These machines are provided with push and pull
jacks in the back and front respectively so that they can be moved to the desired
location easily. For this reason they are also referred to as walk-behind. To raise the
fork, you need to push the foot pedal or handle as applicable. To return to normalcy,
you have to squeeze a trigger or lever attached on the fork.

Powered Pallet Stacker
Powered pallet stacker is also known as electric pallet trucks. They are battery
operated and can be recharged. The powered pallet stacker can lift weights up to five

A powered

A pallet stacker may be purchased from an authorised dealer of a famous brand.
Before you start using them, you need to ensure that all parts are functional and
efficient as promised by the manufacturer. Read the instructions given in the manual
and identify the different parts and mechanisms and get familiar with them. Different
pallet stackers, especially powered pallet stackers, have different mechanisms, so it is
important that you identify their features correctly.

Before you start operating it, you must watch how it is operated by a trained person.
Next you must operate the machine under his supervision. Once you become familiar
with the controls and the mechanisms, you can start operating the machine yourself.
Always be informed about the load capacity of your pallet stacker. Their loading
capacity may vary from about 3,000 to 5,000 pounds. Before operating the machine,
make sure the forks are able to carry them easily. Last, but not the least, be aware of
the precautions you need to take in case of emergency.

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