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Insurance Companies Use Facebook to Gather Personal Information; Henness
and Haight Las Vegas Injury Attorneys Explain How Americans Can Protect

Las Vegas, NV Date: 03-May-2011 Las Vegas Injury Attorneys, Mark G.
Henness and Michael D. Haight, are pleased to announce that they can help
Americans protect themselves from unsolicited inquiries and
investigations of an accident injury claim resulting from intrusion of
their Facebook pages.

When recently interviewed, Mr. Mark Henness stated, "What are these
adjusters looking for? Primarily, they are looking for information that
can be used to discredit you and the legitimacy of your claim." The
purpose of having an attorney is to be represented by someone who has
your best interest in mind, and speak in your behalf to avoid
incriminating yourself, or endangering the outcome of the case.

Mr Henness continued, "You should always tell your lawyer about these
things so they can't be used against you in an "ambush" situation."
Information that is posted to a Facebook site is visible by anyone,
anywhere in the world. Care should be taken as to what is disclosed in
these comments, as they can be misconstrued, and later be used against
claimant and damage the case.

To get more information about how to protect personal information that
may have been posted to a Facebook book account, and these Las Vegas
personal injury lawyers, please visit their website at: Members of the press, and other parties
who are interested in more details concerning this press release may use
the contact information, below.

Contact person: Mark Henness

Company name: Henness & Haight

Address: 8972 Spanish Ridge Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89148

Phone Number: 702-862-8200

Toll Free Number: 866-412-6912

Fax Number: 702-862-8204

Email Contact:

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Description: The Las Vegas injury attorneys at Henness and Haight welcome individuals who have Facebook accounts, and may be damaging their injury case with information that has been posted to this type of social media website. Their law firm specializes in all types of injury cases, and have helped many personal injury victims get the legal assistance they need, and the money that they deserve.