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					?Have you ever wanted to know about runescape accounts, but all you found were
folks trying to cheating you?

Demand you like to know why that is?

It's because 99% of all so-called rs account are conclusively fake, yes fake!

Yes that's proper, believe it or not, anyone exigent to sell you an "autominer" or bot is
just scamming you and you'll lose you money, guaranteed. Sorry but it's the truth!

What they really are, are viruses that infect your computer and record everything that
you type in, then once it's recorded something, it sends the data the creator of the
virus. So now you've lost your runescape account and probably a lot of credit card
information as well.

Other ways which people try to gain access to your account, is when people say, that
in order for it to work, they need to log into your account and set it up. In this case,
there are no runescape bots, just someone claiming to have one when he really doesn't
and wants access to your runescape account.

Immediately as Runescape was initially introduced in the year 2001, there were few
fan websites which were formed to assist gamers with their information requirements
about Runescape. Most of these websites are popular because there are several people
across the world playing this game almost everyday. However, one of the most
famous and first Runescape fan websites to sell runescape accounts to be launched
was the Rune Tips. Actually, Rune Tips is a huge fan site that was originally founded
by Steel Corporation Dmonik, Starlude, Silverion, Hitman X, Stud6900, Kibble,
Xentie, Lightning, Sir Beachy, Rodrigo and BlueRose13x in the year 2001.

Since that year, Runescape Tips has tremendously developed and kept on progressing.
At present there are over 170,000 members and so Rune Tips has its main goal is to
provide every player with the useful guide, tools and features which will help them in
the best possible way. The main aim to sell Runescape account Tips is to keep their
fan site fully updated with all types of information like the latest news on Runescape
and even to ensure all data provided by them is accurate. Rune Tips is said to be one
of the best type of resources to find accurate and fully inclusive information on
Runescape on the internet.

Think about it, why would someone give away runescape accounts for sale? And don't
believe them when they say "I used to be one of Jagex staff, and now I hate them so
I'm releasing this for free". That's just a big lie.

So what do you do if someone offers you a runescape bot? You report them and
ignore them. Don't get sucked in, you've got so much to lose and so little to gain.
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