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Holocaust Portfolio


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									                               Holocaust Portfolio

These activities will help enhance our learning of the Holocaust. You may
choose any of the activities that you would like, just make sure that your points
add up to at least 100. I will allow you to earn up to an extra 30 points. This
grade will be counted as two test grades. Your portfolio will be due on
February 9th. I will only accept portfolios up to three days late on February
12th. NONE will be accepted after this date!! Be creative, have fun, but
most of all LEARN something new!!


________ (30 points) ABC Book—Use each letter of the alphabet to identify
and define a term from the Holocaust, include pictures.

________ (20 points) Baseball cards—Create a set of baseball cards to depict
the residents of the Secret Annex. They should have a picture on one side and
important information on the back.

________ (10 points) Hanukkah research—Research the Jewish observance of
Hanukkah. Write a one-page description of this holiday. Don’t forget to cite
your sources.

________ (5 points) Concentration camp collage—Find information about the
concentration camps and create a picture collage with several (5 minimum)
pictures from different camps.

________ (15 points) Neo-Nazi power point—Neo Nazis still exist in our
world today. Research and create a power point to find out what they believe
and their prevalence in our country, include at least 8 slides.

________ (15 points) Liberation power point—Create a power point with at
least 8 slides to tell about the liberation of the concentration camps. Be sure to
include emotions and actions from all.

________ (15 points) Hitler power point—Research and create a power point
about Hitler’s life and his ideas about strengthening Germany. Include at least
8 slides.

________ (10 points) Wanted poster—Create a wanted poster for Adolf Hitler,
Heinrich Himmler, or a neo nazi. Make sure that you include their “crimes”.
________ (10 points) Time line—Create a time line of important events
leading up to World War II, include at least ten (10) events.

________ (5 points) Death camp collage—Create a picture collage of images
from the death camps include at least 5 pictures.

________ (15 points) Judaism—Create a power point with at least 8 slides that
explain Judaism the Jewish religion.

________ (30 points) Book report—Read a book about the Holocaust (ex.
Number the Stars, Four Perfect Pebbles) and write (neatly) or type a one page
book report.

________ (10 points) Poem—Create a poem about the Holocaust. The poem
may be any type, a haiku, an acrostic, etc.

________ (5 points) Character Analysis—Write a character analysis about one
of the members of the Secret Annex.

________ (15 points) Anne Frank power point—Create a power point of at
least 8 slides that depict Anne Frank’s life. Be sure to include her life before
hiding, during hiding and at the concentration camp.

________ (20 points) Hanukkah brochure/food—Create a 3 fold brochure to
explain Hanukkah and the rituals that go along. Also, prepare one of the foods
that is a staple in the celebration; bring enough to share with the class.

________ (20 points) Interview—Interview a World War II veteran or a
Holocaust survivor. A video tape is preferable, if that is not possible, a written
interview with pictures will be accepted.

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