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									?Rules and Regulations

Every company has certain rules framed depending on the policies and the work
environment. The tedious procedure of explaining these rules to your employees can
be time-consuming hence a policy manual comes to your rescue in such situations. In
order to maintain congruence in your work procedures these manuals are helpful.

The manual can highlight the dress code, the code of conduct, the responsibilities,
salary cycles, incentives, other monetary compensations, etc. Explaining these matters
can be an on-going process but if the manual is handed over to your employee, the
employee can understand the policies in depth without having to deal with any

The manual also symbolizes your company as a whole. When an outsider peeps into
the organization, this humble characteristic impresses them the most. To maintain
discipline and standard is vital to build up a company's image. You don't want your
employees to work haphazardly. This will not only lead to confusion but will also the
slow down the work. The fine, the punishment to be given if the rules are not abided
by should also be mentioned. The uneasiness of coming across the punishment makes
your employee not commit a mistake.

Every employee may have his style of performing. Some may deliver fast while some
may take their own time but what is important is that they do the task appropriately.
Thus the correct message needs to be sent to the employees and this message can be
sent via company manual. Thus the manual acts a savior in your company matters.

-Arti Bakshi
"Human Resource- A Magazine for the Discerning Professional

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