Rubber Surfacing - Make The Playground A Safer Place by gjjur4356


									?The possibilities of injuries in a playground have always been an issue of concern.
However, with rubber surfacing the chances of injury because of a fall from a
playground equipment can greatly be reduced. They come in a wide range to choose
from. Read on to know more.

A playground is one of the most loved places for kids. While there is a little doubt that
the playground provides the opportunity for kids to play that is great for both physical
and mental wellness, it also poses some serious safety concerns. It is unreasonable to
expect from a kid that he will take care of himself but if proper care is not taken, there
are many chances of kids getting hurt amidst the push and pull in playground. Injuries
on the playground were very common some years ago, so there was a need for
innovative ideas that can prevent or at least reduce to a great extent, the injuries that
take place in a playground.

A good way to reduce the effect of a sudden fall from any equipment is rubber
surfacing. It is very effective in preventing any serious injuries resulting from a fall as
the rubber provides a cushion to the body of the child, protecting him from the hard
surface of the ground. If the ground is rubber surfaced, you need not be concerned of
a fall as the child will not get badly hurt even if he does fall. Especially, fatal injuries
like head injury which were a serious danger earlier can be prevented with rubber
surfacing. It can prevent against any fall of height up to 12 feet. It also depends on the
thickness of the rubber surfacing, which in turn depends on the equipment installed. If
the equipment is not too high, there are a very few chances of fatal fall while for an
equipment that has considerable height, a thick covering of quality rubber surface
becomes indispensable.

The playground surfaces are made of recycled rubber tires, pigment and polyurethane
binder. They make the surface soft and comfortable, hence they can also be used as
ground covering in areas where you walk often. It serves many purposes as a surface
covering for your backyard, where the children can play and you can take a stroll. Not
only does it serve the basic purpose of protecting the kids from injuries due to a fall, it
also comes in an assortment of colors and designs that makes the ground look
attractive. They can be colors like grass green and brown that lend a natural look to
the ground to bright eye catching shades that are loved by the kids. Different color
combinations can lend a unique and interesting look to the playground.

While it does require some investment to get the ground rubber surfaced, yet
compared to the benefits of safety that it provides, it is worth the amount. Also once
put into place, it doesn't require much maintenance or repair. It is a strong and durable
material that remains there for years altogether. If you want to get rubber surfacing
done on any area, you can easily find a good company that installs high quality
playground rubber surfacing over the Internet. Get rubber surfacing done and make
the place safe for kids to play.
This article has been written by an expert, working with All Rubber Surfaces, a
leading company that provides poured in place rubber playground surface.

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