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Griffis Sculpture Park


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									              Join ISSS for a guided hike to

  Griffis Sculpture Park

 This 1.72 km2 outdoor art museum was created by artist Larry W. Griffis Jr. in 1966.
 It was the first sculpture park in the United States & features more than 250 works
of art created by over 100 artists. Its 16 km of trails also serves as a nature preserve.
The idea for an outdoor sculpture museum came to Griffis while he was touring Italy
with his family. While watching his children play on the ruins of Emperor Hadrian’s
villa, Griffis realized the value of interactive art.

DATE:        Sunday, October 3, 2010
WHEN:        Meet at Flint Loop, North Campus at 10:00 AM
            Return to Flint Loop by 3:30 PM
COST:       $17 *Non-refundable
DEADLINE: 2:00 PM on October 1 (or until tickets sell out)

More information on the park: www.griffispark.org

        Griffis Sculpture Park: Oct. 3, 2010
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