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									Adjective Sculpture                                   PROJECT ONE – “Sense of Place” – Andrea Slusarski

What is Sculpture?
 Definition: Sculpture is a three-dimensional artwork created by shaping or combining hard materials
            (such as marble, wood, glass, metal, etc.), clay, softer materials, and/or found objects.

 Types of Sculpture & Sculpture Techniques:

 Freestanding Sculpture: sculpture that is surrounded on all sides except by the base. Can be
                         viewed from all angles

 !                              Relief Sculpture: Sculpture that is built up from a base or back
 !                              Carving: A process in which the artist subtracts or cuts away from a
                                !!       solid material to reach the desired form. (ex. wood, marble)
 !                              Modeling: A process of manipulating a soft material to create the form
                                !!         from shaping by the sculptorʼs hand. (ex. plaster, wax,
                                !!         !        paper-mache)

 Construction & Assemblage: A process of combining and joining
 !                            various materials to form a
 !                            three-dimensional object.
 !                              Example: Material Arrangements
   !                                         James Nizam
 Subtractive & Additive: A process of taking away (subtractive) or
 !                       adding (additive) to achieve the desired
 Lamination: A process of construction by layering material together
             to form a new form.

 !                                                           Geometric Form: A shape is geometric
                                                             !        !        !  !        (triangle,
                                                             square, etc.) is !!  !      !         planar
                                                             and has corners
 !                                                           Organic: Not Geometric. Has curves, found
                                                             !        in nature.
 !                                                           Examples: “Geometric” Kiwame Kubo
 !                                                                     “Organic” Eva Hild

 Sculpture Article -
 Sculpture Technique - ~kiwame/
Types of Sculpture:
Kinetic Sculpture – sculpture that involves a physical “kinetic” movement
Statue – A representational sculpture depicting a specific person, event, animal, or object
Stacked Sculpture – a form of sculpture formed by assembling objects together by stacking
Environmental Sculpture – sculpture that creates or alters the environment for the viewer

 Adjective Sculpture Project
THE IDEA - Create a freestanding sculpture out of foam board, cardboard, paper or a material of
           choice (ask for approval for the different material) with different adhesive methods that
           expresses a specific adjective (adjectives are provided)

MATERIALS - foam board, cardboard, Bristol board, sculpting tools, hot glue, wood glue, x-acto
            knives, rulers

PROCESS – 1) Research
               Research at least (ONE) artist example of sculpture that interests you for this
               Make sketches/project ideas of at least (TWO) different adjectives.
          2) Building
               Consider what the adjective means; how would you represent it through forms
                 and shapes to express its meaning.
               Sculptures have to be at least 2 ft in one direction
               Remember the different techniques and types of sculpture we discussed!

RESULT – Completed sculptures will
         display these three

1) Your attention to craftsmanship
2) Meets size requirements
3) Your research and understanding of
    your adjective.

                                                                         Green Foam 1. Danielle Vennard.
                                                  Folding Places.
                                                  Kevin Box. 2009.

 Museum of Modern Art “MoMA” –
 Art:21 –
 The Art Institute of Chicago –

DZ Artworks -
Kevin Box Studio –

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