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					                                Aqua Glow Bronzing

The new ARTDECO Aqua Glow Bronzing collection was inspired by summer, sun and sea and gives the
skin a natural appearing tan and a seductive shimmer. Refreshing eyeshadow shades give an exotic look.
A touch of chic, intense blue shades and warm brown and gold shimmer make this look irresistible.

-Golden Shimmer – Illuminating Fluid
-Bronzing Powder Compact SPF 15
-Travel Kabuki
-Beauty Box Trio/Blusher ART DESIGN 11
-Beauty Box Duo ART DESIGN 11
-Eye Designers
-High Protection Lip Stylo
-Lip Brilliance
-Ceramic Nail Lacquer

The new Aqua Glow Bronzing Collection
will be available on the market
as of March 2011.
                             Mascara Innovations

Amazing lashes with these new mascaras!

Sensational textures combined with an innovative
brush technology to give the eyes a new radiance
and magical appeal. Create every kind of effect
with these mascaras!

Our brand new Magic Brush Mascara is a
two-in-one mascara that lets you choose if
you want lashes to be naturally defined,
or instantly volumized and loaded for full-on drama.
An easy-to-use dual-wiper system allows
this premium formula to go on either way and
create two different looks. One wiper refines
the application for a clean sweep, while
the other loads the lashes for greater impact.
For a natural day look, you will work with
the upper, smaller cap. For a dramatic look
and volume at night, use the larger cap.
The various effects are achieved by
the different dosage of mascara bulk.
The premium texture contains the effective
ingredient Procapil ™, which reinforces and
strengths the lashes. This fragrance-free mascara is suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens

                Experience a new versatility in the world of mascara:
    Magic Brush Mascara that will give you what you want when and how you want!

For individual lash styling, look no further than the Spheric Brush Mascara. The volume can be
dosed and increased as desired. The mascara combines a nourishing texture with an exceptional
ball-brush. The amazing ball-brush will reach easily and comfortably from root to tip, also including
the smallest eyelashes, and will cover them with the nourishing texture. Algae extracts moisturize
and increase the flexibility of the eyelashes. In addition, cotton extract keeps the lashes smooth
and supple. The fragrance-free mascara is suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

                 The new mascaras will be available on the market as of mid-April 2011.
                                Get the Sunshine Mineral Look
The new mineral products let any woman radiate. Small imperfections are easily concealed, and
certain areas accentuated. Beneficial mineral elements such as zinc or magnesium support and
pamper sensitive tissues. The Pearl pigments and intense colors of the mineral Baked Eyeshadows
make the eyes radiate in soft tones. The Baked Mineral Blush conjures beautiful accents on the
cheeks. The face appears to be fresh and the facial contours are perfectly accentuated

Mineral Powder Foundation has the coverate of
a classical foundation and the silky, matting
consistency of a loose powder. It contains
premium mineral elements such as magnesium,
titanium dioxide and zinc and wonderfully conceals
small blemishes and irregularities. Colored
pigments reflect the light and so reduce fine lines
and optically enlarged pores. In addition,
zinc oxide protects against the damaging effects
of UVA and UVB rays. The skin texture appears
finer, the complexion is relaxed and radiant.
This keeps the feather-light make-up looking
natural on the skin. is the Mineral Powder
Foundation also suitable for sensitive skin,
as it’s free of talc, wax, oil and fragrance.

The specially developed Brush for Mineral Powder Foundation, also known as the "Kabuki Brush" is
perfectly suited for applying the Mineral Powder. With its extremely thick hair, its takes up the
foundation easily and guarantees an even and fast color output. The result is an even-matting
finish in just one step.

Mineral Bronzing Powder Pearls ensure a naturally tanned appearing complexion. The included talc
absorbs excess moisture so that the powder sticks better to the skin. The skin is matted. The built-
in brush enables easy application. The silky powder pearls enable an easy dosage to achieve the
right color intensity and dust-free application.,. The mineral powder is fragrance-free.

The new mineral Baked Eyeshadows colors offer a good base for the perfect eye make-up. Thanks
to the manufacturing process, the colors are very intense and bright. The exceptionally high
percentage of pearl pigments offer additional radiance. The texture can be applied evenly and
contains mineral components such as titanium dioxide, kaolin and silver oxide. Additionally vitamin
E, vitamin C, lecithin and jojoba oil care for smooth skin. Preservative-free, eye shadows are
suitable for all skin types.
The Baked Eyeshadow applicator was especially developed an even application.

The Baked Mineral Blusher gives the finishing touch to the make-up. The texture can be evenly
applied, and sets colored accents. The blush contains mineral components such as titanium
dioxide, kaolin and silver oxide. The formulation is free of mineral oil, preservatives and

The Mineral Blusher Brush made of the finest natural hair provides optimum color up-take and
application. It feels wonderful on the skin. The special tapered brush facilitates the accurate
placement of the blush and allows targeted modeling of facial contours. Its tapered shape fits very
well to the cheek contours.

                The new collection will be available on the market as of Mid-April 2011.
                             Relaunch SKIN YOGA BODY
Intense pampering for the body!
ARTDECO creates the new personal care products, a harmonious combination of premium ingredients
and exciting fragrances which appeal to all senses. The stressed skin is gently brought back into
Harmony for body, mind and soul is guaranteed!

Aromatic Body Cream with Shea Butter
The sensually fragrant, aromatic cream treats dry skin with precious ingredients. Premium shea butter
protects and smoothens stressed skin. Calendula and hops extract soothe dry and damaged skin.

Body Repair Lotion with Aloe Vera
Regenerating, aromatic body lotion provides intense care and a sensual experience. The lotion envelops
 the body with its delicate flavor and gives it a neat, tight and smooth feel. Precious ingredients such as
squalane, phenols and vitamin E give the skin precious moisture. In addition, the highly effective
ingredient Oxyvital increases the oxygen uptake in the skin cells. Aloe Vera hydrates the skin with
intense moisture, is skin soothing and revitalizing.

Sun Touch Body Lotion
The gentle self-tanning body lotion conjures a wonderful summer tan. Rich shea butter protects and
smoothes the skin. DHA, a sugar-based tanning agent ensures a particularly even tan. The lotion is also
suitable for sensitive skin.

Macadamia Body Scrub
The exotic, fruity-scented exfoliating cream pampers the body and senses with a soothing exfoliating
experience. Precious, rich macadamia nut oil is skin smoothing and rejuvenating. Vitamin-rich mango
extract evens out the natural moisture balance of skin. Moreover, a particularly fine bamboo granule
gentle yet effectively exfoliates the skin. The scrub is paraben-free.

       The new SKIN YOGA BODY collection will be available on the market as of Mid-April 2011.
                              Caviar Body Performance
Get a perfect body with Caviar Body Performance!
With the new Caviar Performance Body products, ARTDECO offers three innovative and effective
problem-solvers for tighten, re-shaped contours. The unique active ingredients were perfectly
coordinated to complement each other in their skin care and firming effect. The female silhouette shines
in new radiance
 with these beauty products.

Concentrated Caviar Body Serum
The highly concentrated luxury serum blends harmoniously with the skin thanks to its unique texture.
serum with anti-aging effect has a toning remodeling effect on problem areas such as thighs, hips,
abdomen and upper arms. Precious caviar extract nourishes the skin with a variety of vitamins, minerals
and trace elements. REGU-Slim ®, a revolutionary patented active complex with caffeine and guarana
 speeds up the breakdown of fat depots. At the same time the special active complex multi Fruit ® BSC
from fruit extracts supports the metabolism of the skin's natural cell regeneration. In addition Hyaluronic
 acid cushions unevenness and cares for an even skin complexion.

Firming Caviar Body Cream
The luxurious, firming body cream with a unique gel texture nourishes and revitalizes the skin. The
 delicately fragranced cream gently caresses the body and senses. Sepitonic M3 ™, an innovative
mineral complex stimulates cell metabolism and supports the natural cell regeneration. In addition, the
skin is protected from the harmful effects of free radicals. The skin surface appears more elastic due to
hyaluronic acid. Precious caviar extract makes skin feel soft and supple. In addition, witch hazel extract
soothes and refines the skin.

Anti-Cellulite Caviar Cream
The remarkable, ultra-intensive special care is ideal for the targeted reduction of visible signs of cellulite.
The cream owes its effect to the active complex GemmoDrain ®. This stimulates the natural cell
metabolism of the skin. It detoxifies and reduces unwanted water retention. The highly effective
moisturizer, Pentavitin ® effectively protects the skin from drying out and provides them with valuable
long-lasting moisture. Thermal water has a balancing effect on the skin and boosts its well-being. The
weightless texture leaves a pleasant cooling sensation on the skin.

   The new CAVIAR BODY PERFORMANCE collection will be available on the market as of April 2011.
For more information, please contact:
Sandrine Maier
International Public Relations
ARTDECO cosmetic GmbH
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