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									 PATHY AIYAR

India Today- June/Jug 2000

                                     Resume - Pathy Aiyar

Name: Pathy Aiyar.

222, Arun Nivas, 2nd Cross,
Byrasandra BDA Layout, Jayanagar
Bangalore 560 011, India
Ph: 91 80 6649912
Mob: 98450 59167


‘83 Worked in David Leans ‘A Passage to India’ for two weeks as an extra.

‘87 Completed B A in History, Economics and Sociology.

‘84 - ‘2004 Acted in more than 30 plays in English. Have acted in, anchored and presented
numerous videos for state, national and private producers.

‘87 - ‘90 Worked as copy trainee/creative trainee in MAA Bozell and in Odyssey - South India’s
largest video production company.

‘91 Played the lead in a regional language film.

‘92 Set up video production company. Films Inc. Have been scripting, directing and producing
corporate videos and commercials since. Levis Strauss, Indus League, Tata Tea, 4 M, Aplab, Jain
Farms & Resorts Ltd, Recon, Vetcare, TVS Lucas, The Bhoruka Group, Universal Instruments,
Coats Viyella, Little Woods, ABC India Ltd., Advani Oerlikon, Bombay Burmah Trading
Corporation, Jaswal Granites, Kailash Home Appliances, Intra Vidyut and Elgi, among others both
national and local.

‘96 Attended a screenplay writing workshop in Rockport, Maine, USA.

‘98 Completed a feature screenplay ‘Dowry’ which is in negotiation with producers. Arte and
Fonds Sud. The script was shortlisted by Arte, France and Germany’s premier movie channel.

‘98 Performed at The Questers Theatre in London as part of the Artistes Repertory Theatre an
English theatre group.

‘98 Wrote and directed a short film ‘Mirror’. The film was premiered in the Alliance Francaise
Bangalore . And selected for festivals in the U.S. and Singapore.

‘99 Completed co-writing screenplay ‘Samsaara’.

Nov ’99 Played the romantic lead in a T V serial based on a regional language classic novel.
Lankesh’s Mussanjaya Katha Prasanga

Feb 2000 Played 2nd lead in a regional language film.
Mar 2000 Played a cameo in the English language film '20 Plus'.

May 2000 played the lead in Srilankan play - 'Middle of Silence'.

June 2000 completed 2 year term as President of BLT (Bangalore Little Theatre) Bangalore’s
oldest amateur English theatre group.

January 2001 Completed screenplay ‘Perfect Worlds’. Was shortlisted by Robert Redford’s
Sundance committee U.S.A.

Sep 2001. Completed Anna Weiss for the Explocity Theatre Festival

Oct 2001 Acted in Rajiv Menon’s ICICI commercial

March 2002 Acted in a TVS Suzuki corporate video

August 2002 Wrote and acted in a Kannada Tele film for ETV. Directed by Sihi Kahi Chandru –
Karnataka’s comedy king.

Oct 2002 acted in a music video for world disabled day. Was aired on all music channels
including V and MTV.

June 2003 Played lead in Darkness a short film which was shown in the U.S., Singapore and
Europe. Currently heading viewers choice on

Dec 2003 Played lead in Red Ribbon. Directed by Gerald. A featurette on Aids for the NGO
Campus Crusade.

May 2004 Modeled for Fiat Palio. For National Network

July 2004 Modeled for Sip It coffee commercial. For the State Network.

Aug 2004 Modeled for BRMBA. For National Network.


Name of play                Playwright       Character               Date       Group

English adaptation of       Vyasa 16th       Third Gambler           ‘84        BLT
‘The Little Clay Cart’      Century ?

CATS                        Webber           Alonzo                  ‘85

The Birthday Party          Pinter           Mc Cann                 ‘85        BLT

Between Mouthfuls           Acykbourn        Martin Chalmers         25 Sep     BLT
5 Finger Exercise           Shaffer         Walter Langer      ‘86       BLT

A Pound on Demand           James           Jerry              ‘86       BLT

In Camera (Huis Clos)       Sartre          Devil              23,24     BLT
                                                               Aug ‘86

The Break Down              Durrenmatt      Narrator           Dec10,1   ART

A Slight Ache               Pinter          Edward             ‘87       BLT

The Sunshine Boys           Neil Simon      Video Director     ‘87       ART

Resistable Rise of Arturo   Brecht          Giuseppe Givola    18,19     ART
Ui                                                             May ‘88

Star Spangled Girl          Neil Simon      Andy Hobart        22,23     Play Pen
                                                               Sep ‘87

Break a Leg                 Ira Levin       Imre Lazlo         28, Sep   Theatre Lab

‘Ciao Tenn’ and evening                     Shannon            23 Nov    BLT
with Tenesse Williams                                          ‘88
Night of the Iguana

Bahut Bada Sawal            Mohan           Ram Bharose        Aug 8,
(Hindi)                     Rakesh                             89

My Cousin Rachel            Daphne Du       Antonio Rainaldi   Aug ‘89   ART

Orchard of Bancharam        Manoj Mitra     Gopi Chander       21 22,    Forum 3
(English Adaptation)                                           ‘90

Romanoff and Juliet         Peter Ustinov   Romanoff           26 ‘27    BLT
                                                               Dec ‘91

Credit Titles               Vijay Padaki                       ‘92       BLT

Catch 22                    Joseph Heller   Colonel            ‘94       BLT

Standard Safety             Julie Bovasso   Mr Nelson          ‘97       BLT

Shards                      Gautam Raja     Husband            ‘97       ART

Pecking Orders              Gautam Raja     Amarendru          Nov ‘97   ART
Gati                       Gautam Raja    Husband    March     ART

Importance of Being        Oscar Wilde    Algernon   Sep ‘99   BLT
Oscar (Reading)

26. Road To Mecca          Athol Fugard   Marius     March     BLT -
                                                     2000      SANKET

Middle of Silence          Ruwanthie de   Ajit       May       ART
                           Chickeira                 2000

Middle of Silence          Ruwanthie de   Ajit       Sep       ART
                           Chickeira                 2000
Anna Weiss                 Mike Cullen    David      Sep       ART

Sex, Lies and Video Tape   Steven         Graham     April
                           Sodebergh                 2003

Pathy Aiyar
222, Arun Nivas, 2nd Cross,
Byrasandra BDA Layout, Jayanagar
Bangalore 560 011, India
Ph: 91 80 6649912
Mob: 98450 59167

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