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 Each team must have five (5) players plus one (1) scorekeeper to start the game. The sixth player may
  be considered the scorekeeper. If five players and a scorekeeper are not present, a forfeit can be
  declared by the official. However, a team may play with less than five players and a scorekeeper if the
  opposing team is willing to play under these conditions. The officials must be notified if the game is to
  be played under these conditions. A team cannot take the forfeit win and play the game. If the game is
  played, a technical foul is assessed for each person short. A protest field on these grounds is invalid.
 BREAKAWAY RULE: A player who has clearly broken away, with the ball, and is going for a lay-up,
  cannot be fouled from behind. Any foul committed from behind is penalized regardless if the player
  makes an attempt to play the ball. The penalty is two points and the ball for the offended team. If the
  basket happens to be successful it also counts.
 Intentional, flagrant and technical fouls result in two (2) points and the ball awarded to the offended
 The line-up must be clearly printed on the scoresheet with full names. Captains are responsible to be
  aware of all eligibility rules and responsibilities as listed in the IM Handbook. IF there is any
  discrepancy in the score, the running team score on the game scoresheet is considered official.
 All rules adopted by the National Federation of State High School Association are in effect except for
  the modifications adapted by the Intramural Sports Office.

 All players must bring an Undergraduate ID in order to participate. Faculty, Staff, Graduate Students
 and Alumni must purchase a RECPLEX Pass or pay $5 to enter the RECPLEX. Only undergraduate
 students, graduate students, faculty, staff and alumni are eligible to participate in the Intramural
 Basketball League. Anyone not affiliated with the University of Dayton is not allowed to participate.
 Each player must bring their student ID (Alumni Card) in order to participate in an
 intramural contest – NO ID NO GAME!!. Excuses such as it was forgotten or lost will
 not exempt anyone from this rule.
 Threatening behavior of any kind – verbal or physical – results in immediate
 termination of the game and subsequent disciplinary action will be taken.

 Two Twenty (20) minute halves constitute a legal game. Half-time consists of two (2) minutes. The
  bonus free throw rule takes effect on a teams seventh (7) foul in each half. Double-Bonus takes effect
  on the tenth (10) foul in each half. All fouls count as a team foul. The clock stops for the last thirty (30)
  seconds in the first half and the last two (2) minutes of the second half, for every whistle.
 Each is team is responsible to account for the scorekeeping of the game. The fouls listed on the
  scoresheet are what the officials use to determine the bonus and disqualification situations.
 No warm ups on a court while a game is in progress.
 Each team is allowed one (1) time out in the first half and two (2) time outs in the second half.
  Additional time outs result in a two point technical foul and the ball out of bounds for the opposing
  team. Time outs are one minute each and are not accumulative.
 OVERTIME: Overtimes are two minutes in length and a stopped clock for the last minute. Alternate
  possession determines who receives the ball. One time out per team in overtime. Overtime is an
  extension of the second half. If applicable, the bonus rule is still in effect and teams shoot at the same
 ALTERNATE POSSESSION: The team who wins the jump receives possession of the ball. This
  starts the alternating possession procedure. The team who loses the jump receives the ball for such
      situation as double foul, held ball, ball lodged in basket support, out of bounds call unknown, or start of
      the second half.
     FIVE Foul Rule: Each player is allowed five (5) fouls before disqualification. Technical fouls count
      towards the six.
     Dunking is allowed on courts 1,2 and 4 in the RECPLEX Gym. Grabbing or hanging from the basket is
      considered a technical foul.
     Equipment representing possible hazards to all participants in a game is not allowed to be worn during
      the game. Examples are; hats, items hanging from shoelaces, watches, rings, necklaces, ear rings,
      bracelets, (livestrong, hemp, Nike, etc.) casts of any kind and etc. Failure to remove such equipment
      when asked by official’s results in that specific player being assessed a technical foul and banned from
      participating in the game until the equipment is removed. Non-marking Gym shoes are required.
     CONDUCT: Players, coaches, managers and team supporters are subject to the rules. Any
      unsportsmanlike conduct is subject to the disciplinary action guidelines as indicated in the Intramural
      Sports Handbook. Participants who constantly question or display disapproval are subject to
      disciplinary action.
     Two (2) unsportsmanlike fouls on any one person and he/she is out of the game. Three (3)
      unsportsmanlike technical fouls on a team and they immediately forfeit the game. Technical fouls count
      as personal and team fouls. Anyone who is ejected from the game must leave the RECPLEX premises.
   Only three (3) defensive and two (2) offensive players may line up in the lane spaces for any free
    Throw. All other players outside the lane may not enter the lane until the ball touches the rim.
   Blow Out Rule: If a team is ahead by 20 points or more anytime during the last two minutes of a
    game and the game is over.
   Check in Procedures: All teams should be in the RECPLEX 10-15 minutes prior to the scheduled game
    time. Each player uses his or her Undergraduate ID to check out a jersey. After the game each person is
    responsible to return his or her jersey. Anyone on a team who does not return their jersey is
    suspended from intramural play until the jersey is located. A fee will be assessed to the Student
    Account of whoever lost the jersey and all players are ineligible for intramurals if a jersey is lost.

                                      COED RULE MODIFICATIONS
   Games are played with three (3) males and two (2) females in the first half. The second half is played
    with two (2) males and three (3) females.
   Coed Recreational Leagues: Males may not touch the ball in the lane at any time. This includes a
    loose ball in the lane, a rebound or to take the ball away from a female. Also, a male may never go into
    the lane on either side of the court. A male may not take a shot outside the lane and then land in the
    lane. Male players may not go outside the court and cut behind the lane to go to the other side of the
    court – first violation is turnover to the defense – next violation is a technical. A male may NOT guard a
    female, nor attempt to block a female’s shot while she is in the lane. Outside the lane there are no
   The entire game shall be played with the smaller circumference basketball when available.
                                                             AWARDS
   If there are separate divisions for recreational and competitive in the coed, men, or women divisions then different t-shirts are
    awarded for the champions in the competitive and recreational division. A player is NOT allowed to play in both
    recreational and competitive divisions.
   Individuals qualify for a t-shirt if they meet the following conditions: Each individual must play in the final game that
    determines the championship. Exceptions are not allowed for reason such as injury, or in class, or had to work. Each
    individual must play in at least half of the regular season games. For basketball 10 t-shirts are the most a team can claim.

LEAGUE. Any cancellations must be made before 2 pm on the day of the game. ****
                                           DISCIPLINARY ACTION
    If for any reason an individual(s) or a team is ejected from a game they must cooperate with the
     supervisor. The supervisor writes up the incident on a Disciplinary Action Form. Teams and
     individuals are required to give their accurate name(s). Failure to do so only results in further
     action against the team and/or individuals.
    Anyone ejected or written up for a disciplinary action before, during or after a game is
     automatically suspended from further intramural play of any kind. Should anyone desire to
     participate again they must seek reinstatement with the Associate Director in charge of

    Officials are instructed to stop a game at any time they deem necessary. If officials stop the game a
     report is forwarded to the Associate Director in charge of programming. He will make a determination
     about the outcome of the game and what further disciplinary action is taken.


Mark Hoying
Assistant Director of Intramural Sports

Dave Gruber
Graduate Assistant

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