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					    FSI Drawings
Submission Procedures
      Presented by
  Mr. HO Man-fai, Ivan
    Divisional Officer
  New Projects Division
• Related Statutory Requirements
• Classification & Process of
• Common irregularities on
     a) Submission Procedures
     b) FSI Drawings
• Reference Materials
• Q&A
      Related Statutory
• Building
  Section 16(1)(b),
  Cap. 123
• Building Plans
• FSI Code
  published by D
  of FS
     Related Statutory
• Building
                      FS 172
  Section 21(6)(d),
• An FS certificate
  (FS 172)
  Classification & Process of
For New Building/Major A & A Works
• Before issuing of FS 172
• FS 501 – Application for FSI Inspection
• Approved Building Plans – FS 161
• Approved FSI Drawings – FSI 314

For Minor Building A & A Works
• Approved Building Plans – FS 161
• FSI Drawings – FSI 314A
Classification & Process of
• Fire Safety (Commercial
  Premises) Ordinance, Cap.502

• To provide better protection from
  the risk of fire for occupants and
  users of, and visitors to,
  prescribed and specified
  commercial buildings
Classification & Process of
• The owner/occupier of prescribed
  commercial premises or specific
  commercial buildings shall comply
  with the fire safety measures by
  means of a Fire Safety Direction

• FSI drawings for the A & A works of
  such Fire Safety Direction should be
  submitted by FSI/314B
Commonly Used Forms
FS 314
FS 501
FS 172
Use of Application Forms
New / Major A & A works (in
excess of 50% by volume)

•FSI 314
•FSI 501
•FS 172
•FS 251
FS 314A
    Use of Application Forms
Minor A & A works involves of FSI
layout or location of fixed

•    FSI 314A
•    FS 251
FS 314B
  A & A works - others
• Minor / A&A
  works not          FS 251
  involves change
  of FSI layout or
  location of the
  fixed equipment
• FSI 314/314A
  not required
• FS 251
  Common Irregularities
     in FSI Drawing Submissions

• Submission procedures
• FSI Drawings
Submission Procedures
• No valid building plans
• Submission of building plans for
  approval via AP to BD prior to
  submission of FSI Drawings
Submission Procedures
• Addresses on FSI 314/314A
  and the FSI Drawing are
       FSI Drawings
• Amended portions of plans not
• Insufficient legend
• Drawing not acceptable
 Improvised Sprinkler
• Power supply for FSI feeding
  from both primary and secondary
  source of supply to be indicated
  on drawings
   Improvised Sprinkler
• The correct design point for full
  hydraulic calculation should be
  clearly marked in accordance with
  LPC Rules clause
          Improvised Sprinkler
• Elevation schematic piping diagram for
  the sprinkler system should be provided
• The height of each floor level is to be
  shown on drawing
   Improvised Sprinkler
• Monitoring devices and indicator
  panel in accordance with para.27.4.5
  of the LPC Rules should be clearly
  indicated on drawings
   Improvised Sprinkler
• A by-pass pipe
  shall be
  provided at the
  FS pump with
  nominal bore in
  the same size
  of such pump
   Improvised Sprinkler
• Monitoring device shall be provided
  before the sprinkler valve to give
  alarms and indication that the static
  pressure has fallen to a value 0.5 bar
  or more below the normal static
    Improvised Sprinkler
• Accurate data/calculations for the
  pressure loss between the control
  valve and design point should be
    Improvised Sprinkler
• A weatherproof fire alarm of not less
  than 1500 mm diameter is to be
  installed on street level outside the
  Total Gas Flooding System

• A floor plan showing the exact
  location of the captioned address
  shall be provided
Total Gas Flooding System
• Red flash light shall be installed
  inside the subject room next to the
Total Gas Flooding System
• Locations of the panel, key switch,
  manual release switch, instruction
  plan etc. shall be installed and
  shown on plans
  Total Gas Flooding System

• Zoning of smoke detectors should be
  clearly indicated on drawings
• Design concentration should be
  shown on drawings
 Total Gas Flooding System

• General room
  temperature shall be
  indicated on the plan
• Indicate by notes,
  elevation and
  schematic diagram
  that the total FM 200
  gas will be discharge
  from the cylinders at
  the same time once
  being actuated
•   FSI Code of Practice
•   FSD Circular Letter No.
•   4/1996
•   11/1997
•   1/1998
•   2/1999
•   3/1999
•   NFPA 2001 – for FM 200
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