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					                                                                                Aaron Brown

                                      Artist Statement

       What drew me to art? One of the first things I remember about art growing up was

winning an award for best artist in my elementary school. I was only seven years old and

was given the honor of best work in my entire school. From this point on I knew that I

would do whatever it took to become an artist. I spent all my free time drawing cartoon

characters, painting murals, and dreaming of one day becoming the next Walt Disney.

The older I got the more I moved away from the happy Disney esc style to a deeper look

at the humane experience. I wanted to see what make us tick.

       I have worked in a large variety of media form paint to digital art. I work mostly

with open compositions because it feels more natural to me. I tend to work fast to achieve

an organic flow to my work. This free and open flow allows me to get the structure of the

piece down then come back and add the details. The pallet of colors I choose are rich

cartoon like tones that convey the mood of the piece.

       Over the past year I started a new series that attempts to show the true nature of

people below the masks they show the world. This series is a look at that inner struggles.

I am trying to show the hidden thoughts that most choose to deny. I believe we all have

these creatures and we try to trap them away to appear normal. This is my way of putting

it all out there, to peel away the shell that protects us from being exposed.

       In this series I looked to artists like Ralph Steadman for inspiration. Steadman

works fast and is able to capture the feeling of utter chaos in his work. His ability to

disgust yet, draw the viewer in fascinates me. I tried to do the same thing in these pieces.
I also looked to Chet Zar who paints the most beautifully horrifying portrayals of the

inner creature. His ability to capture what I believe is the true nature of man always

leaves me breathless. I want this series to be like a horror flick; terrifying and disturbing,

yet the viewer is unable to look away.