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					100 BEST HRM COMPANIES of 2010

The Employers’ Watching
“It is also a very excited experience for me. Look forward to working together in future.”
— Deloitte
“Thank you for organizing the "2009 Best Human Resources Management (HRM)
Companies in China” and very professional Award ceremony. This is an important and
meaningful event for China HR industry. I am looking forward to seeing you next year!”
— Tata Consultancy Services
“We are also feel very valuable to participant 51job HR awards selection and the awards
ceremony. I am very looking forward to working with 51job in more opportunities and for
2010 HR awards again”
“It’s been a great honor for me to attend this event. I am deeply impressed by the
professionalism, passion and fun shown by 51job team. hiSoft is a fast growing company
in outsourcing industry, I am sure the award gives us a lots both internally and externally.”
— hiSoft
“Actually I was quite impressive of the event. You really have done a great job.”
— Best Buy
“51job held a very successful and impressive meeting and we all feel honored to be listed
in your roll.”
— Cooper
The Best HR Management Company is the most prestigious event
focused on the evaluation of human resource management in China
today. Among the many selection criteria are how HR respondents to
unforeseen marker changes; helps improve the enterprise’s ability to
adapt to change; controls employee management costs while retaining
excellent personnel; motivates staff in the face of stagnant salary levels;
maintains or capital to meet growing corporate needs.
Accreditation Process (I)
We utilize a unique selection process for the 100 Best HRM Companies. The
process consists of two elements. Organizations need only participate in the
stages that they are specifically interested in, and for which they meet eligibility

The Awards for the 100 Best HRM Companies of 2010 ( ) are as
Participating Company: complete a nomination questionnaire
51job: Collect, aggregate and analyze data/statistics; conduct telephone interviews with
some companies
Selection criteria:
① Establish an average value based on the results of the statistical and analytical data and
select the best model companies
② Professional analysis by judges
Accreditation Process (II)
10 award categories: Each category has no more than 8 selections; Applicants must
participate in the 100 Best HRM Companies.

Participating Company : choose three award categories at most, complete a single category
application questionnaire
51job: company visit and interview, to help companies prepare and organize the relevant case
Selection criteria:
① chief category judge’s evaluation and comments
② integrated assessment and comments from other judges
③ information and data from completed questionnaires
There is a discretional 70% of the company’s category score that comes from judges’ comments
and the remaining 30% from questionnaires. The judges will use their experience to evaluate and
select the winners in each category in an impartial, balanced and fair manner.

Best HR Management Strategy                       Best Recruitment Management
Best Training Program                             Best Campus Recruitment
Best Performance Review Management                Best Compensation & Benefits Management
Best Corporate Culture Management                 Best HR Management Team
Accreditation Process (III)

                                     Special Award in 2010
                          Outstanding Contribution to HR
  This award celebrates a leading HR figure that has contributed much to the
  HR industry. Though there are no defined parameters the judges will be
  acknowledging someone who has actively advanced the profession, served as
  a coach and mentor to others, put the interests of organizational HR at the top
  of their priorities and who has consistently 'worked wonders' within the
  profession of HR.
Accreditation Process (IV)

                   Most Popular Employer

  The awards winners of “Most Popular Employer” is ranked based on votes and
  recommendations from employees. This year, we pay special attention to banks,
  real estate, auto manufacturing and IT four major industries, according to the
  number of votes for each industry selected five “most popular employer”.
  Personal access to the award of the page, complete the questionnaire, the
  candidate of the four industry business vote. Personal are also given the
  opportunity to write in the name of any company they would like to work for that
  did not appear on the list. The rankings are based upon how many times a
  company was selected as five of 20 well-known employers.
Jungle WONG                                     Jean LEE
Partner, Human Capital Advisory Services,       Michelin Chair Professor in Leadership and HR
Deloitte Consulting of China                    Professor of Management, CEIBS
Category: Best HR Management Strategy           Category: Best HR Management Strategy
           Best Corporate Culture Management               Best HR Management Team

Victor YUAN                                     Ramona YAN
Chairman of Horizon Group                       Vice President, Greater China Hay Group
Anchorman, TV program “Brainstorming”           Category: Best Recruitment Management
Category: Best Campus Recruitment                          Best Corporate Culture Management
                                                           Best Compensation & Benefits Management
Vice President, 51JOB                         Xianfeng YI
Category: Best Training Program               Executive Editor, CBN Weekly
           Best Performance Review Management Category: Best Corporate Culture Management

Jack YAN
Chief Editor, Harvard Business Review Chinese
Category: Best Training Program
100 Best HRM Company of 2010
Category Winner List of 2010 (I)
 Outstanding Contribution to HR of 2010
-Winners: IBM, Shell 壳牌, SGM 上海通用汽车, 万科企业股份有限公司

 Best HR Management Strategy
-18 companies participated
- 8 Winners: DHL 中外运—敦豪, Bayer CropScience 拜耳作物科学, Tenneco 天纳克, Neusoft 东软集团,
             BASF 巴斯夫, Cooper 库柏中国, Amway 安利, Electrolux 伊莱克斯

 Best Recruitment Management
-25 companies participated
-8 Winners: Microsoft 微软, 通标标准技术服务, Intel China 英特尔中国, 大连万达集团, APP(中国),
            中信银行, Novo Nordisk 诺和诺德, 陕鼓动力

 Best Campus Recruitment Management
- 22 companies participated
- 8 Winners: IBM, 百度, 中广核集团 , 腾讯, 中兴通讯, Michelin 米其林, BOSCH (China) 博世中国,
             Oracle 甲骨文中国
Category Winner List of 2010 (II)
 Best Training Program
- 31 companies participated
- 8 Winners: Colgate Palmolive 高露洁棕榄, BASF 巴斯夫, Schneider Electric 施耐德电气,
             Novartis 诺华中国, Microsoft 微软, ReSource Pro 优创数据, Allianz China Life 中德安联,
            Whirlpool 惠而浦(中国)

 Best Performance Review Management
- 18 companies participated
- 8 Winners: TNT 中国, Standard Chartered 渣打银行, Continental 德国大陆, TCS (China) 塔塔(中国),
             深圳发展银行, DHL 中外运—敦豪, 吉利控股集团, Eternal Asia 怡亚通

 Best Compensation & Benefits Management
- 11 companies participated
- 8 Winners: Shell 壳牌, 万科企业股份有限公司, SGM 上海通用汽车, Ecolab (China) 艺康(中国),
             ITT (China) 埃梯梯(中国), Tenneco 天纳克, 老板电器, Red Bull 红牛
Category Winner List of 2010 (III)
 Best Corporate Culture Management
- 23 companies participated
- 8 Winners: TNT 中国, ReSource Pro 优创数据, Ericsson (China) 爱立信(中国), Novartis 诺华中国,
             Mary Kay 玫琳凯, Alcatel-Lucent Shanghai Bell 上海贝尔, 联想, AXA-Minmetals 金盛保险

 Best HR Management Team
- 21 companies participated
- 8 Winners: Schneider Electric 施耐德电气, Ericsson (China) 爱立信(中国), 通标标准技术服务,
             Osram 欧司朗照明, Sony (China) 索尼(中国), 中国中冶, AsiaInfo Linkage 亚信联创,

 Most Popular Employer
IT Industry       Banking Industry    Real Estate Industry   Automotive Industry
Microsoft 微软      招商银行                万科企业股份有限公司             SGM上海通用汽车
IBM               工商银行                大连万达集团                 上海大众
联想                中国农业银行              保利地产                   一汽大众
HP 惠普             交通银行                恒大集团                   吉利控股集团
金蝶软件              中国银行                世茂集团                   比亚迪
Media Exposure of 2010
The whole process followed and reported by well-known media’s including television,
newspapers, magazines, websites and others.

                                                           SUPPORTED BY
Awards Ceremony of 2010

                          1933 Shanghai
                          December 10,2010
Awards Ceremony (I): HR Summit
How HR Adds Value to Corporation Development in the Current Economic Pattern
Key Speaker   Ramona YAN, Vice President of Hay Group Great China
Panelists    Suprince MA, HR Director, Great China, Colgate-Palmolive
             Wen DENG, Human Resources Director, Xi’an Shaangu Group
             Yingao LI, Director of Human Resources, Neusoft Corporation
             Priscilla LEUNG, Vice President of BASF
Employee Retention Strategy in the Post-crisis Period
Key Speaker   Jungle WONG, Partner, Deloitte Consulting of China
Panelists    Julia HONG, Country Head of HR, Novartis
             Kim DAI, Deputy Director of HR, SGS-CSTC Standards Technical Services
             Hawk LIU, Deputy General Manager, HR Dept, Dalian Wanda Group
Study on Competency Model
Speaker      Kathleen CHIEN, COO, 51JOB Inc.
Awards Ceremony (II): Red Carpet
Awards Ceremony (III) : Banquet
Building 3, No.1387, Zhang Dong Road, Pudong District,Shanghai
           Phone: +86-21-6160 1888-7737/8494/7273
                    Fax: +86-21-6879 6266