Research Proposal by nuhman10


									          Research Proposal

Search Engine Optimization Properties, Tools,
      Ethical Techniques & Algorithms

              PLDC Group Project
                  3rd Year
Group Members :
              DIT /06 /M2 /1285 N.M. Aslam – Group Leader

              DIT /06 /M2 /1259 M. N. W. S. Perera - Secretary

              DIT /06 /M2 /1288 A. F. M. Imran - Treasure

              DIT /06 /M2 /1267 G. S. Lawrence

              DIT /06 /M2 /1280 M. R. K. Gunawardhana

              DIT /06 /M2 /1277 T. N. Weerasooriya


Project Supervisor & Project Coordinator: Mr. Lakmal Rupasinghe.
Date: 20 of January 2008
Proposed Research Topic:

Search Engine Optimization Properties, Tools, Ethical Techniques & Algorithms
( TuneSpider )


Nowadays Search Engine Optimization or SEO has become an essential part of a web
design and development. Every one who owns a website try to place their website in
the search engine's first result page, because websites are becoming the best
marketing medium.

In the past, if some keywords and a description were inserted related to the website, to
the HTML Meta tags, the site was listed in the major search engines. However
nowadays because of the Google's page rank properties and searching algorithm, to
get a higher rank in Google some major facts such like content optimization, keyword
density etc should be considered by the developer.
Why this research is important?

Because of this is a new part of the web world, most of the web designers and
developers are influenced in this area. Designing and developing a website is not
enough in this era. Every web related employee must get familiar to this field.

Some of them try to optimize the page to gain a higher rank, but they were banded by
the Google. Even though some web pages really look perfect, their page rank is very
low. Then the site may be a search engine spammer or having a link to a site that is
banded by Google. That is because knowledge of the ethical optimization (White hat
optimization) is less.

We wish to address in this research, what are the ethical optimization techniques
(White hat optimization), how to do it in an engineering manner, as well as the
unethical optimization techniques (Black hat optimization), how to avoid the site
getting banded by Google, each and every property that requires to gain a good page
rank, and available free tools and commercial products..
Work plan.

     Defining research topics
         o Locating and accessing information source
         o Search white papers
         o Studying IEEE research standards
         o Refer standard text books
         o Blog readings
         o Summarizing white papers
         o SEO tool research
     Analyzing & organizing information
         o Analyzing information
         o Organizing information
         o Writing modules
     Final documentation preparation
         o Proof reading
         o Finalizing
     Presentation
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