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					                                                           Name _____________________

                     Accelerated 7th Grade Autobiography Project
                              4th Quarter- Mrs. Kinkaid

    → Dedication
           –Choose 1-2 people who have been influential in your life. Write 2-4
            sentences explaining how this person has influenced/supported you.
    → Table of Contents – (This is to be done after the final chapter is written. We will
                            spend time in class putting our chapters in order.)
     “I Am” Poem – use poem model on page 3

      1. What is your full name?
      2. What is your first name? Ask family members how your name was chosen. Did
          one of your parents like it? Does it have a special meaning? Is it a family name?
      3. What is your middle name? Who named you? Why were you given this name?
          What does your name mean?
      4. What is your last name? Where does this name come from? (ex: Greek, Irish)
      5. Choose a creative way to present the information above on one sheet of
          computer-sized paper.

Chapter Two: MY ROOTS
      1. Research your family’s beginnings and compose a family tree. The family tree
         must be drawn neatly on computer-sized paper or created online at
      2. Share a special family story that will give some insight to your family’s history.
      3. Write the story in narrative form. Use the writing workshop on pages 330-335
         in your Elements of Literature text to help guide you.

Chapter Three: MY BIRTH
         1. Ask a family member about the day you were born.
         2. Write a birth announcement or newspaper article announcing your birth.
             Must include:
                    -full name, nickname
                    -city, state, hospital
                    -time of birth
                    -weight, length
                    -include picture

Chapter Four: EARLY LIFE
      1. Remember your childhood. Tell someone a favorite story from your childhood.
      2. Write a poem or a diary entry about many childhood memories or a single
          childhood memory.
      3. Decorate this page.

Chapter Five: SIBLINGS
      1. Make a chart comparing and contrasting you to a sibling. If you are an only
          child, you may compare yourself to a friend, cousin, or parent.
      2. Use the information from the chart, and write a compare/contrast essay. Use
          the writing workshop notes on pages 772-777 in Elements of Literature text.

Chapter Six : I’M BUGGED
      1. Make a list of things that really bug you.
      2. Pick one to elaborate on – write a paragraph about explaining this pet peeve (at
          least 10 sentences).

Chapter Seven: I’M UNIQUE
      1. Use old magazines, scissors, and glue to create a collage. Make a collage that
          illustrates you and your personality. Do this on computer-sized paper.
      2. On a separate sheet of paper, make a list of the pictures you chose. Next to
          each item, write one to three complete sentences explaining how that picture
          relates to you.

      1. Who are you? What dreams or hopes do you have? What worries or frightens
          you? What do you care about?
      2. Write a letter to the world on a serious subject and your feelings or stand on an

         1. Who has helped you to become who you are today? Think about someone
             who is very special in your life. How has this person made a difference in
             your life?
         2. Write a character sketch on this important person. Use character sketch
             prewriting questions and format on page 4 for this assignment.

         1. Write a descriptive essay about a family tradition that you and your family
             carry out on holidays or dates. (* Think about birthdays, St. Patrick’s Day,
             Christmas, Hanukah, New Years...etc.)
         2. Use the writing workshop notes on pages 462-467 in your Elements of
             Literature text to help you complete this essay.

Chapter Eleven: LIFE’S MESSAGES
                 1. Brainstorm a list of mottoes or sayings that have affected you in your
                 2. Choose one of your messages, mottoes, or sayings. Write a
                    reflection about the saying telling how this message is important to
                    you and how it affects you and your life.

Epilogue: “If I could change one thing about my character, I would…”
               -Write one paragraph using the prompt above.
       An epilogue, or epilog, is a piece of writing at the end of a work of literature or drama, usually
       used to bring closure to the work. The writer speaks directly to the reader and brings the piece to a

                              The I Am Poem
I am        (Two special characteristics the person or thing has)
I wonder    (something the person or thing could actually be curious about)
I hear      (an imaginary or actual sound)
I see       (an imaginary or actual sight)
I want      (a desire)
I am        (the first line of the poem is repeated)

I pretend   (something the person or thing could actually pretend to do)
I feel      (a feeling about the imaginary)
I touch     (an imaginary touch)
I worry     (something that could really bother the person or thing)
I cry       (something that could make the person or thing sad)
I am        (the first line of the poem is repeated)

           (something the person or thing knows to be true)
I say      (something the person or thing believes in)
I dream    (something the person or thing could actually dream about)
I try      (something the person or thing could make an effort to do)
I hope     (something the person or thing could hope for)
I am       (the first line of the poem repeated)

 OR use to help you create your
 poem. This page also has an example.

Pre-Writing Questions for the Character Sketch

1. Name a person who has made a difference in your life and explain what the difference has

2. If the person is a family member, where do you see him/her most often? If the person is
not a family member, where did you meet him/her?

3. What do other people think of this person? What might other people say about him/her?

4. Picture this person. Describe him/her in as much detail as you can. Include facial features,
physical appearance, clothing, manner of speech.

5. How does his/her appearance reflect his/her personality?

6. When you picture this person, what do you think of him/her doing?

7. Describe something special or memorable that happened between you. This should be an
incident that shows how this person has made a difference in your life.

                            The Character Sketch Format
First Paragraph (one sentence) Use the answers to your first two pre-writing questions to
write the first sentence, but do not reveal the person's name or identity.

Second Paragraph (several sentences) In the first sentence of this paragraph, name the
person, the person's relationship to you, and include the information from pre-writing
question 3. Then support that topic sentence with selected details from your answers to 4, 5,
and 6. Don't use all your details, just the ones that fit the topic sentence.

Third Paragraph (several sentences) Write another paragraph that uses other details about
your person from pre-writing questions 4, 5, and 6. Be sure to include a simile in the first
sentence of this paragraph.

Fourth Paragraph (several sentences) Write a paragraph about your answer to question 7.

Fifth Paragraph (one sentence) Write a final paragraph that summarizes why this person is
important to you. It should connect back to your first paragraph.

Remember--Show! Don't Tell! Use action verbs instead of linking verbs.

                         Summary of Assignments
          1.   Dedication                                            3 points
          2.   Table of Contents                                     5 points
          3.   “I Am” Poem                                           5 points
Chapter One
          4.   Creatively and colorfully present meaning of name on computer-
               sized paper.                                       5 points
Chapter Two
          5. Create a family tree                                   5 points
          6. Write a narrative essay (1 page)                       10 points
Chapter Three
          7. Write birth announcement or newspaper article          7 points
Chapter Four
          8. Poem or Diary Entry (1 page)                           10 points
Chapter Five
          9. Compare/Contrast Chart                                 3 points
          10. Compare & Contrast Essay (1 page)                     10 points
Chapter Six
          11. Create list of things that bug you (5-10).            3 points
          12. Write a paragraph (7-8 sentences) explaining one of those items on
              list.                                                 7 points
Chapter Seven
          13. Make a collage.                                       10 points
          14. Write a list of 10 items on collage- write 1-2 sentences explaining
              each item.                                            5 points
Chapter Eight
          15. Write a letter to the world (3/4 page)                10 points
Chapter Nine
          16. Write a Character Sketch (1 page, follow format) 10 points
Chapter Ten
          17. Write a descriptive essay (1 page)                    10 points
Chapter Eleven
          18. Write a reflection on life motto or quote (1 page) 10 points
          19. Write a paragraph (7-8 sentences) on prompt.          5 points

Assignment is neat and colorful                                      7 points
Assignment uses proper punctuation and grammar                       10 points

                                              Total Points Possible: 150 points

As mentioned in the project outline above, you need to use your Elements of
Literature text book to guide you in writing your essays. You may also use the
text book’s web site:
Click on the writing link on top of page and use the interactive essays to help you.


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