Producing Electricity at Home With a Perpetual Motion Device - Saving Money and the Planet by takesales


									Producing Electricity at Home With a Perpetual Motion
Device - Saving Money and the Planet
It comes as no news that we are killing our planet. We are polluting our rivers, our seas, our
forests, and most importantly, our air. The biggest problem with polluting our air is that air
has no bounds. Pollutants that get in the air can travel freely from place to place. No frontier
can stop them. Because of this, places that don't produce pollutants, such as forests, can suffer
the side effects of a polluting city miles away. Also, many people forget that pollutants can
also go up and down, contaminating the beds of our rivers (and our water) and destroying the
ozone layer and contributing to global warming.

Fortunately, there are some things we can do. And one of these will also help us reduce or
eliminate our electricity bill to boot. I'm talking about constructing a perpetual motion device.
A perpetual motion device is a machine that uses motion created through the use of magnetic
fields in order to produce electricity. Because it uses magnetic fields, the electricity thus
produced is pollution-free.

Now, you might be thinking that electricity is already pollution-free. I then ask you to stop
one moment and ask yourself how the electricity that your house and your neighborhood uses
is produced. If your answer was "by a dam" or "by a nuclear plant," chances are you're wrong
unless you know for sure that there is a dam or nuclear plant near your city. And even so,
they don't provide 100% of the energy that a city needs.

No, household electricity is produced by burning coal. And coal is burned with the purpose of
heating water and turning it to vapor. The vapor moves through giant turbines, creating
motion that is then transformed into electricity. I don't need to tell you the amount of
pollution that burning enough coal to power a city causes. By constructing a perpetual motion
device, you'll be producing your own electricity to power your house. Even if you don't build
a big machine, you'll still be reducing your bill by around 40%.

There are sites on Internet where you can buy a guide to build your own perpetual motion
device. You don't need to have advanced technical skills and the materials can be bought in
any hardware store. In the end, you'll not only be saving money, but you'll also help reduce
the amount of pollution in the air.

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