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                       Earn Internet Income Quickly and Forever

                                         Hey there, I’m Shervin and I’m a recently financially free
                                         Internet Marketer. Like most newbies out there, I’ve tried
                                         and failed – umpteen times. But I want to encourage you to
                                         stick with it because success might just be the next step

                                         I’ll share with you what works for me and what doesn’t so
                                         you don’t have to painfully find that out for yourself.

                                         This guide is going to show you an extremely straightforward
                                         method to earn internet income quickly and forever. Even a
                                         newbie can implement to generate online income. This can be
                                         used to promote any products and services. Be it your own
                                         product, as an affiliate or CPA (Cost-Per-Action).

                                            In this short guide, I’ll focus just on promoting digital products
like ebooks, as an affiliate. As it offers very high commission, it serves as a good motivation for everyone
who is embarking on this journey.

Step 1: Sign up as an affiliate

They are many such affiliate networks out there, such as clickbank. The cost of signing up with them is
simple and most importantly free. You will have instant access to thousands of products across all
market segments for you to promote. The commission structure will be clearly spelled out to you.
Usually for digital products, you can get from 50% to 75% commission versus physical goods which
hovers around 15%.

Your user nickname will be used to track for any sales referred by you from your web traffic sources.
This is an extremely neat way to earn some spare cash online.

Step 2: Find a market with high demand and find that demand to give it to them.

Start with one niche market to focus on. There will be many distractions of newer products launches
which will throw you off-course. Best is to target a niche market of your domain knowledge or interest.
This will make starting up much easier and faster.
                                    Complied for your easy reference.
             You can share this document in its entirety with anyone who could benefit from it

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Once you have decided on your niche market, browse through the marketplace in your affiliate network
to find just ONE product to begin. Remember focus is the KEY. If not, you will be overwhelmed by tons
of information.

Step 3: Register for a domain name

The domain name needs not to be a dot com. Most importantly, you need to have the correct keywords
in it. For example, you are promoting hair loss solution. You don’t register for peterknows.com; instead
you should have something like hairforever.com. If the dot com is taken, you have other like dot net or
dot info. Adding a dash between the keywords also helps, i.e. hair-forever.

Step 4: Do URL forwarding

Once you registered for your domain name, you can forward your visitors to your domain name to
affiliate link. If they buy something, you get the credit. Everything is automated, you can make money
while you are sleeping.

Step 5: Promote your domain name

This can be done using various paid and free methods. Free methods are article marketing, blogging,
and through discussion forum. Google Adsense is the most common paid traffic methods. Now with the
prevalence of social networking, Facebook ads are getting increasing popular as well.

The above 5 steps are only tip of an iceberg of how you can earn internet income quickly and forever.
But they are super effective. Do it consistently and you will be handsomely rewarded. I’ve compiled a
list of guides and tips for internet marketers. Visit my blog to grab more insider information.

Tips, Insider Secrets of Internet Marketers, visit my blog
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I’m sure you will like it.

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