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									                             U.S. General Services Administration

 Office of Small Business Utilization

           GSA Mentor-Protégé

Anthony “Tony” Eiland
Program Manager
         Program Purpose
The GSA Mentor-Protégé Program was created
to provide incentives to Prime GSA Contractors
to develop the technical and business
capabilities of eligible Small Businesses as

Increase participation in both GSA related prime
contracts, subcontracts and procurements
     Program Benefits
• Encourage and Motivate Small
  Business Growth
• Enhance Capabilities & Capacity
• Foster Long-Term Relationships
• Increase Access to Small
• Increase Opportunity to Existing
  Small Business Schedule
  Holders to increase work
    Program Benefits to GSA
• Creates an influx of new Small Businesses
• Increases the capacity of existing Small
• Identifies new Small Businesses in
  multiple Small Business categories
• Assists existing Small Businesses already
  on schedule get more business
  Program Importance to GSA
• Attracts existing Large Businesses and
  Contractors with internal priorities of
  expanding Small Businesses
• Creates more competition by adding new
  talent into Small Business pool
• Program focuses on expanding focus on
  all Small Business categories
  Program Importance to GSA
• Makes it easier for Small Business
• Tool to assist in improving Small Business
• Helps make Small Business
  subcontracting a higher priority
       Program Status
Number of Active Agreements
   21 Agreements are in place
   20 Mentors (9 are Small Businesses)
   21 Protégés

Primary Industries of Participants
    Construction Services
    Professional Services / IT
    Security Services
            Program Status
Protégé Statistics*
02 - Small Businesses
08 - Small Disadvantaged Businesses / 8(a)
04 - Woman-Owned Small Businesses
14 - Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Small
02 - HUB Zone Small Businesses

 *Various Protégés qualify under more than one category
   How the Mentor-Protégé
      Program Works
Under the Mentor-Protégé Program,
eligible small businesses can act as
suppliers; provide services or be
subcontractors for any Mentor with an
approved contracting vehicle and a
subcontracting plan negotiated with GSA
   Eligibility Requirements For
• Must be a GSA contract holder performing under
  an approved subcontracting plan
• Have capability and capacity to Mentor
• Must be eligible for the Award of Federal
• Have an approved Subcontracting Plan (not
  applicable if Mentor is a Small Business)
• Not listed on the “Excluded Parties List”
   Eligibility Requirements For
• Is a small business according to the SBA size
  standard in the North American Industrial Codes
  (NAICs) applicable to the contemplated supplies
  or services to be provided
• Be eligible for the award of Federal contracts
• Not listed in the “Excluded Parties” List System
  and barred from participation
          Program Specifics

• Mentors are permitted to have more than
  one Protégé in the Program at one time

• Protégés are allowed to only have one
  Mentor while in the Program at a time
Identifying a Mentor or Protégé
Mentor and Protégé firms are responsible
for selecting each other as a Mentor or

Additional Available Business Resources
Subcontracting Directory
GSA e-Library
Central Contractor Registration (CCR)
Existing Business Relationships
 Benefits to Mentor Participation
• Allows for teaming opportunities with the Protégé firms to
  win new contracts and opportunities
• Benefit of learning from the Protégés about new and
  innovative products and services
• Assistance in fulfilling subcontracting plan
• Evaluation factor credit on GSA opportunities
• Being recognized as a “corporate mentor” within the
  GSA procurement system and capable of using this as a
  marketing tool with Contracting Officers
• Annual OSBU Mentoring Award
Benefits to Protégé Participation
• Allows for new teaming opportunities
• Ability to enhance capability to perform
  successfully through technical, managerial,
  financial and developmental assistance;
• Increased supplier/distribution base;
• Increased opportunities to perform as a
  subcontractor or supplier;
• Ability to develop long-term business
  relationships; and
• Marketing tool in for business capabilities
Application Process
     Application Requirements
All Mentor-Protégé Applications must contain:

• A signed Mentor-Protégé Application (GSA Form
• A signed Mentor-Protégé Agreement

  Applications will be evaluated for approval
  based on the extent to which the Mentor plans to
  provide developmental assistance to the
Mentor-Protégé Agreements
Expected Mentor-Protégé Agreement basics:
• Names & Titles of Parties
• Company Addresses
• Phone Numbers
• Eligibility Statement
• Planned Assistance Type
• Milestones & Expectations
• Determined Timeframe
• Termination Terms & Requirements
 When Will GSA Not Approve a
 Mentor-Protégé Agreement?

• If the developmental assistance to be provided
  by the Mentor is Not Sufficient to Promote Any
  Real Gains to the Protégé

• If the Agreement is Just a Mechanism to Enable
  a Large Business to Participant
           Program Evaluation
•   Semi-Annual Reports
•   Annual Reports
•   Lessons Learned
•   Program Improvement Recommendations

    Mentors will be eligible for an annual non-
    monetary award presented to the Mentor firm
    that provides the most effective developmental
    support program to their Protégé
    Program Overall Goals

• Encourage New Business Partnership
• Increased Small Business Involvement
  within GSA
• Small Business Developmental Growth
• Improved Subcontracting Goals
Mentor-Protégé Program
  Contact Information
      Anthony “Tony” Eiland
     Mentor-Protégé Program Manager
  GSA office of Small business Utilization (E)
            Washington DC 20405
                (202) 208-0257

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