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					8 Brief Tales of Lovers
             Pyramus & Thisbe
• Pyramus & Thisbe lived in Babylon so close
  together that the same wall was part of each house
• They grew to love each other and wanted to
  marry, but the families would not let them
• One day they decided to run away together. They
  would meet at a well known mulberry
• While Thisbe waited for Pyramus, she saw a
  lioness, and in her fear dropped her cloak as she
  ran away.
            Pyramus & Thisbe
• Later Pyramus came to the bush and saw that
  Thisbe’s cloak was torn and bloody.
• Not knowing what had really happened he
  killed himself thinking that Thisbe was already
  dead. His blood covered the berries on the
  bush as he stabbed himself.
• When Thisbe came back she understood what
  had happened and then killed herself with the
  same sword.
• The red Mulberries are a sign of the love they
          Orpheus & Eurydice
• Orpheus was one of the first musicians. He
  was the son of a muse and a Thracian
  prince. He sailed on the Argo.
• On the day of their wedding his wife was bit
  by a viper and died. Orpheus was so
  distraught that he went down to the
  underworld to get her back.
• He played his lyre to calm the monsters and
  persuade the gods
          Orpheus & Eurydice
• They let him have Eurydice as long as he
  promised not to look at her on their way out
  of the underworld, but he looked back too
  soon and she disappeared back into the
• Orpheus returned to the living world with
  only his lyre until one day a band of
  Maenads tore him limb from limb and threw
  him into the ocean. When the muses found
  him they buried him.
             Ceyx & Alcyone
• Ceyx was the son of the star that brings the
  day. Alcyone was the daughter of the king
  of the winds. They were never apart.
• Ceyx had to go on a voyage to consult the
  oracle, but Alcyone knew how terrible the
  sea could be and insisted that she go with
  him. He was deeply moved, but did not let
  her come along.
• The night after they left the ship that Ceyx
  was on, it sank in a terrible storm
              Ceyx & Alcyone
• Alcyone didn’t know and every day she would
  pray to Juno to protect Ceyx.
• Juno felt sorry for her and asked the god of sleep
  to send her a dream with the truth about what
  happened to her husband
• When Alcyone found out the truth about what had
  happened she threw herself into the ocean, but
  instead of falling she flew
• Now Ceyx and Alcyone are together flying over
  the waves
         Pygmalion & Galatea
• Pygmalion was a gifted sculpture and a
  woman-hater, he said that he would never
  marry and that his art was enough for him
• Despite what he said, he decided to make a
  statue of a woman
• He devoted everything into that sculpture
  and when he could not add anything else to
  make it more perfect, he had fallen in love
  with it
         Pygmalion & Galatea

• Venus had heard of Pygmalion’s love for
  what he had created and when he came
  home after her feast day, he found that the
  statue had come to life.
• Venus was present at the wedding, but after
  that the only thing known is that the statue
  was named Galatea and their son was
             Baucis & Philemon
• Sometimes when Jupiter (Zeus) got tired of Olympus,
  he would disguise himself as a mortal and come down
  to Earth. On these trips his favorite companion was
  Mercury (Hermes)
• On this trip they set out to find the most hospitable
  people in Phrygia
• Jupiter and Mercury went door to door asking for food
  and shelter, but no one would give it to them, until
  they came to the hut of a poor couple.
• Even though they were poor the couple offered food
  and drink to the two strangers
            Baucis & Philemon
• Finally the gods revealed who they were and
  asked what they could do for the couple
• The husband and wife only asked to be the priests
  of the temple and that neither should have to live
  without the other
• One day, after years of living at the temple, they
  began talking of the small one room hut, and as
  they talked they saw bark and leaves growing on
  each other.
• They turned into trees, a linden and an oak, from
  the same root
• Endymion is said to be many different
  things; a king, a hunter, but most agree he
  was a shepherd. All say that he was a
  beautiful young man
• The moon fell in love with him and put him
  into a deep sleep so that she could always
  find him and look at his beauty
• Daphne was a young, independent huntress
  that did not want to get married
• One day while she was hunting Apollo saw
  her and fell in love, he chased after her, but
  as he reached out to grab her she turned into
  a tree
          Alpheus & Arethusa
• Arethusa was a huntress that wanted nothing to do
  with men
• One day while she was hunting she stopped to
  take a bath in a cool river
• While she was bathing she felt something under
  her in the water, in her fear she started running
• It was the god of the river, Alpheus, that was
  following her and he said he was in love with her
        Alpheus & Arethusa
• When Alpheus caught her, she called out to
  her goddess, Artemis, and she was turned
  into a spring of water
• Even then she was not free from Alpheus,
  he followed Arethusa into the tunnel that
  Artemis made for Arethusa
      Higher-Level Questions
• What would you do in Ceyx’s place? Let
  your partner come with you or force them to
  stay home? Why?
• What are the similarities and differences
  between Daphne and Arethusa?
• How is the story of Pyramus & Thisbe
  similar to other stories that you have read?