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For iPad owners, how to transfer music from iPad to computer or iTunes is maybe an issue. Here they recommend the top 2 free iPad music transfer software for download. They list the pros and cons of these two free iPad music copy software.

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                      Free iPad Music Transfer Software

For iPad owners, how to transfer music from iPad to computer or iTunes is maybe an
issue. Here we recommend two software for you. They can both transfer music from
iPad to computer or iTunes. But they are only compatible with PC users. For Mac
users, see iPad to Mac Transfer.


GizmoRip is a free iPad music transfer tool, which allows you to transfer music, videos, and
photos from iPad to PC or iTunes easily. This iPad transfer freeware helps you to backup
iPad/iPad 2/iPad 3 music, videos and photos to PC or iTunes. And furthermore, it supports
iPhone, iPod and other iOS devices. The screen is as follows:

Advantage: Totally free.
Disadvantage: Can't transfer audiobooks, ePub books, podcasts, TV shows to PC or iTunes.

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Cucusoft iPad to Computer Transfer is an easy-to-use iPad music transfer software for free
trial. With it,you can recover any lost or missing songs, videos, books, photos, etc. This
software is a must-have utility to keep your iPad safe if you have an iPad device. The free
iPad to PC transfer software also supports iPod, iPhone and iPod touch.

Advantages: Supports all files including photos, music, videos, audiobooks, ePub, TV shows,
podcasts, ringtone, etc.
Disadvantages: Just free for trial. Needs to pay for the full version.


If you only need do the free iPad music transfer, GizmoRip can help you. But if you also want
to transfer movies, podcasts, eBooks, audiobooks, and other topics, you have to use the
Cucusoft product. For me, as I have a lot of purchased movies and books on my iPad, I
choose Cucusoft, thought it needs to pay for the full version, I believe that the paid software is
much more safe, stable and easy to use. Free download this free iPad music transfer tool
immediately. It's worthwhile, I bet!

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