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									Information for applicants on Gating Schemes 2009/10

The gating programme has been running since 2003/04. Under this scheme
the council undertakes to install lockable gates to private alleyways vulnerable
to criminal activity and anti-social behaviour.

To check the status of an alleyway and whether it is a private right of way or a
public highway, we can refer to the Council’s ‘Right of Way’ map. If an
alleyway is a public highway, it cannot be gated unless subject to a Gating
Order; this will be given careful consideration on a case-by-case basis. If an
alleyway is a private right of way, then as long as all residents with a right to
use it are in agreement, a gate can be installed. Residents can check whether
they have a right to use a private alleyway by referring to the deeds to their
property, which should state the access rights.

Gating schemes reduce anti-social behaviour and environmental issues, such
as graffiti and flytipping and reduce the potential for residents becoming
victims of residential burglary. They also reduce resident’s fear of crime.

The consultation and neighbourly co-operation required to get gating projects
underway can serve to bring neighbours together who might not otherwise
know one another and will lead to the establishment of residents associations
and the possibility of neighbourhood watch schemes.

Gating Protocol
Using data collected from the Community Safety Team, it is the council’s
intention that alleys in the areas worst affected by crimes such as graffiti,
burglary, drug offences, fly-tipping and abandoned vehicles as well as
residents actively researching their own scheme will be consulted and
possibly offered a gating scheme in the hope of reducing crime, anti social
behaviour and the fear of crime.

Where necessary, if residents haven’t already got agreement, the council will
be adopting the three-consultation protocol that was agreed in cabinet in
2003. Under this protocol residents will be given three opportunities to either
confirm consent or object over the course of 3 months (or 12 weeks). A the
first letter will initiate the process with a second letter sent 4 weeks into the
consultation process and the 3rd letter sent with 28 days left to installation
date. As long as all consultation has been undertaken to maximise owner
consent and majority consent returned with NO objections or disagreements
to the gates then the gates can be installed and the lack of response taken as

Any rejection from a resident or residents with rights to access the alleyway
will result in the scheme not going ahead.

For a scheme to go ahead the Council will insist on an active residents
participation where residents are willing to take responsibility for distributing
keys, organisation of insurance (voluntary) and maintenance duties.
Assessment Process
A funding committee made up of the Portfolio holder, the Deputy Portfolio
holder, the Gating Officer and the Crime Prevention Officer will decide which
projects to fund based on the following aspects:

      What crimes and anti social behaviour are committed as a result of the
       alley being accessible
      What crimes and anti social behaviour are committed in the alley
      How involved are the residents in the gating process
      How many residents will be protected by the scheme.

Schemes will be ranked on the above criteria with schemes ranked highest
completed first.

Hints on filling in the application form
Applications from residents who have done most if not all of the consultation
process are looked upon favourably by the funding panel. Gating schemes
only work if the residents want it to!

Photographs of graffiti, abandoned vehicles and fly-tipping and the general
look of the area can be helpful to the funding panel in deciding which
application to fund.

Crime reference numbers of any crimes committed in the alley or rear access
burglaries should be included.

Any details of activities undertaken by residents to secure the alley or clean it
up such as installing gates at one end or hiring skips to remove fly-tips. This
gives the funding panel an idea of how motivated the residents are.

For further details please contact Lucy McConnell-Wood, the Alley-
Gating Officer of the Community Safety Team on 020 8825 7757 or by
email at

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