Procedures_for_Payroll by nuhman10



To:                   Payroll

From:                 Vickie Rosier, Records/Document Development

Date:                 February 15, 2007



As our district continues to grow, the Records Center has an increasing number of record
requests from campuses, students, military, etc. There is also a larger quantity of records to
archive each year. Due to the enormous workload involved in prepping and scanning student
records, personnel, payroll, insurance, etc., we will no longer be able to accept records for
scanning from your department that have not been purged and prepped. Imaging is very
expensive and we must make every effort to cut cost by scanning only those documents that
State/Federal law or District policy requires.

We would be more than happy to continue to do some of these things for you, but unfortunately
we just don't have the time or manpower. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause your
department and please know we are always available to answer questions. Any time you need
assistance, please feel free to call X8441. Thank you for your continued cooperation.

 All records must be in proper storage boxes with lids.
 Please mark the end of each box and number of boxes 1 of , 2 of , etc. The boxes are
  double-stacked on shelving; the labeling needs to be on the end of each box in order to be
 Leave at least 2 inches of free space in each box (please don't over-pack; we have difficulty
  lifting from high shelves).
 Remove all multiple copies and have the documents ready to be run through an
  automatic document scanner. We will continue to burst the large computer runs for
  you, but all computer runs will need to be removed from binders.
 Remove all staples and paper clips these damage our equipment.
 You may verify the Texas State Law retention period through your Local Records Retention
  Schedule SD or GR in the Records Law Manual available online.

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