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     Oral Presentation Rubric : Witnessing History - Equality

 Teacher Name: Mr. Gordon

 Student Name:      ________________________________________

    CATEGORY            Excellent                Satisfactory               Target Not Met
Grammar & Spelling      Use of grammar was       There are some             Numerous spelling
                        good and there are       grammar and spelling       mistakes and poor
                        few or no spelling       errors in diary entries    grammar usage
                        errors (10).             and interview              throughout diaries (3).
                                                 questions (8).

Sentence &              Diary entries and        Sentence structure is      Sentence structure is
Paragraph Structure     interview questions      choppy and difficult to    poor, diary entries and
                        consist of clear         read, entries and          questions do not
                        sentences and/or         interview questions do     make sense to reader
                        paragraphs that flow     not flow together          (3).
                        together smoothly and    smoothly (8).
                        are easy to read (10).

Completion of Written One diary entry            Almost all of the          Failed to complete
Tasks                 written for each event     required entries were      more than one of the
                      witnessed, including       written or almost all of   diary entries and did
                      the final reflection       the required interview     not create 5 interview
                      entry, and created         questions (12).            questions for more
                      interview questions for                               than one of the people
                      each person asked to                                  I was to meet (5).
                      meet (16).

Photos/Images           Included three           Included two               Included one or no
                        photographs in diary     photographs with           photographs in diary,
                        of people or events      dairy, citations and       citations and captions
                        witnessed along with     captions were              were inaccurate or
                        appropriate citations    inaccurate or missing      missing (5).
                        and captions (16).       (12)
Historical Content     Explained each of the     Provided some              Did not provide
                       events clearly and        information about          sufficient information
                       provided information      each event and             explaining each event
                       on the consequences       sometimes wrote            and did not discuss
                       of each event and         about the                  how each event
                       how they impacted         consequences and           furthered the struggle
                       the struggle for racial   the impact of each         for racial equality in
                       equality in the United    event on the struggle      the United States (5).
                       States (16)               for racial equality in
                                                 the United States

Creativity             Diary entries and         Some diary entries         Diary entries sound
                       interview questions       are creative. Others       more like bland
                       are creative and          sound as simply            encyclopedia entries
                       sound as if student       reciting facts and not     and demonstrate no
                       was really present at     actually witnessing        creativity (5).
                       each of the historical    the historical events
                       events (16).              (12).

Demonstrating Critical Diary entries and         Sometimes talked           Did not put myself in
Thinking               interview questions       about how I felt about     the shoes of those
                       written about how I       the historical events      who lived through and
                       felt about the events     and I sometimes            participated in the
                       that were taking place    considered what I          Civil Rights
                       and what I would do if    would do if I was          movement, and I did
                       I was in the shoes of     Rosa Parks, the Little     not discuss how I felt
                       people who actually       Rock Nine, etc. I          about the historical
                       lived through these       briefly discussed          events. I did not
                       events. At the end of     racial equality today in   thoughtfully consider
                       my diary, I discussed     the United States and      racial equality in the
                       whether I thought         came up with just a        United States today
                       racial equality has       few ideas about how        and thought of just
                       been achieved in the      to achieve racial          one idea or no ideas
                       United States and         equality (12).             about how to achieve
                       brainstormed several                                 racial equality (5)
                       ideas (more than
                       three) about what we
                       can do to achieve
                       racial equality (16).

Date Created: March 14, 2006

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