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					                                                  FOCUS FOR LEARNING
                                                   PIANO / KEYBOARD
                         This Focus for Learning summarises the skills acquired as pupils make progress.

Skills To   Entry Level              Foundation A             Foundation B             Intermediate            Advanced
Be Taught   (pre-Grade 1)            (Grade 1)                (Grades 2 – 3)           (Grades 4 to 5)         (Grades 6-8)

            Programme One            Programme Two            Programme Three          Programme Four          Programme Five
Pitch       To be aware of high      Be able to read &        Be able to sight read    Greater familiarity     To understand
            and low, getting         play stave notation      easy pieces. (Pitch      and accuracy at         symbols/language
            higher and lower.        (treble & bass clefs)-   recognition fluent)      reading ledger line     involved in musical
            How this relates to      ----using mnemonics                               notes. Widening         notation appropriate
            geography of             if appropriate .Be                                knowledge of            to this level. To be
            keyboard.                able to understand                                musical symbols and     able to sight read
            [Notation: steps and     key signatures.                                   terms.                  with increasing
            jumps, off stave,                                                                                  confidence and
            progressing to lines                                                                               fluency
            and spaces, on
            Be able to recognize
            & play sharps & flats
Duration    Identify and play long   Extend knowledge of      Be able to recognize     Be able to play         To understand and
            and short notes          note values to           and perform triplets     polyrhythms such as     be able to play
            progressing to           include semiquavers      and more advanced        2 against 3.            increasingly complex
            semibreves to            & some syncopation       syncopation.              Understand irregular   rhythms.---i.e.
            quavers.                                                                   note groupings.         double-dotting,
             Be able to count and    Extend ability to read   Ability to read and                              different rhythmic
            feel/understand          and play rhythms in      play rhythms in          Ability to read and     traditions------jazz,
            pulse.                   simple time,             simple time and          play syncopated         swing etc
                                     including dotted         compound time,           rhythms.
            Play simple rhythms,     rhythms, single          including triplets and                           Develop rhythmic
            with a steady pulse.     quavers and rests.       semiquavers.             Introduction of         awareness and
                                                                                       irregular time          flexibility.
            Ability to recognize     Understanding and        Expression of strong     signatures and
            and re-create more       expression of strong     and weak beats to        meters.                 Ability to read and
            complex rhythms          and weak beats.          re-enforce the                                   play complex
            (not necessarily                                  understanding of the     Expression of strong    rhythms and
            instrument based).                                above.                   and weak beats to       rhythmic transitions.
                                                                                       re-enforce the
           Ability to recognize   Ability to recognise   Ability to recognise   understanding of the   Ability to recognise
           simple notated         notated rhythms and    notated rhythms and    above.                 notated rhythms and
           rhythms.               to develop sight       to develop sight                              to develop sight
                                  reading abilities.     reading abilities.     Ability to recognise   reading abilities.
           Pupils understand                                                    notated rhythms and
           the difference                                                       to develop sight
           between tempo,                                                       reading abilities.
           rhythm and pulse.

           Ability to recognise
           the association
           between sound and

Dynamics   Recognize and          Be able to             Be able to control     Be able to use         Use of dynamics to
           produce loud – soft    incorporate loud,      dynamic levels         dynamics creatively    develop phasing and
           sounds. Recognize      soft, crescendo,       between the hands.     and independently.     interpretation.
           the difference         diminuendo etc into    Extend expressive
           between gradual and    playing.               use of crescendo
           sudden changes of       Appropriate use of    and diminuendo.
           dynamics.              accents.
Skills To   Entry Level              Foundation A           Foundation B           Intermediate            Advanced
Be Taught   (pre-Grade 1)            (Grade 1)              (Grades 2 – 3)         (Grades 4 to 5)         (Grades 6-8)

            Programme One            Programme Two          Programme Three        Programme Four          Programme Five
Tempo       Clap/play in time with    Be able to change     Expressive use of      Be comfortable in       Effective and subtle
            pulse. Be aware of       tempo during piece,&   tempo changes e.g      different time          use of rubato.
            fast and slow tempi.     be able to set a       rit, accel,            signatures. To          Familiarity with
            Be able to play in       suitable tempo for                            understand the          unusual time
            fast or slow tempo       piece.                 Being able to play     different feel of       signatures and
             [Keyboard is able to     [Kbd be able to       varied tempi (from     compound and            changes of time
            switch on and play in    select appropriate     fast to slow).         simple time.            signature within a
            time with rhythm         rhythm and tempo                                                      piece.
            function.]               for piece.]            In ensemble playing,   Being able to play
                                                            to be aware of tempo   varied tempo’s (from    To understand all
            Being able to play at    Being able to play     changes of other       fast to slow).          tempo directions and
            a steady moderato        varied tempi (from     parts/players.                                 to interpret and
            (keeping a steady        moderately fast to                            Refine the ability to   implement those
            pulse), knowing          moderately slow).                             distinguish tempo       directions.
            where this sits in                                                     characteristics, e.g.
            relation to slow and     Ability to set and                            allegro, andante,       To be able to adjust
            fast.                    maintain a steady                             lento                   tempo according to
                                     pulse.                                                                musical phrasing.
            To play simple                                                         Able to instinctively
            phrases maintaining      Experience different                          adapt playing           In ensemble playing,
            a regular pulse.         gradations of tempi                           according to tempo      to be aware of tempo
                                     (ritardando and                               changes and             changes of other
                                     accelerando).                                 performance             parts/players.
                                     In ensemble playing,
                                     to be aware of tempo                          In ensemble playing,
                                     changes of other                              to be aware of tempo
                                     parts/players.                                changes of other
Timbre    [Keyboard, be aware       Be able to play        To seek effective        Awareness and use       Advanced tonal
          of different voices       staccato/legato &      fingering                of tonal qualities,     techniques.
          available and their       use pedal with good    independently. To        supported by
          musically appropriate     relaxed posture        move hands and           relevant finger/chord
          use.]                     &hand position.        arms without tension.    technique specific to
           Piano: staccato and                             To produce an even       the instrument.
          legato/pedal.                                    tone and use pedals
                                                           where appropriate.

Texture   Be aware of /able to      Be aware of and able   Make fine                Awareness of and        Ability to play
          play single line single   to emphasize the       distinctions between     ability to play         polyphony of up to 4
          line melody, single       important part or      different musical        interweaving lines of   parts.
          melody with left          melody while other     elements and             to 2 parts.             Greater technical
          hand. 2or 3note           musical things are     demonstrate control                              control of chord
          chords. Be able to        happening              of hands and                                     playing and co-
          play melody with                                 different parts within                           ordination to
          chords(simple}                                   each hand.                                       highlight chosen
                                                                                                            musical elements.
Skills To    Entry Level              Foundation A           Foundation B             Intermediate            Advanced
Be Taught    (pre-Grade 1)            (Grade 1)              (Grades 2 – 3)           (Grades 4 to 5)         (Grades 6-8)

             Programme One            Programme Two          Programme Three          Programme Four          Programme Five
Structure    Recognition of           Show awareness &       To recognize a           To comprehend and       To understand a
             recurring patterns&      understanding of       theme and its            perform different       variety of musical
             similarities.            more extended          development.             themes recurring in a   forms occurring in
             Awareness of simple      forms, within a                                 single piece in         longer or more
             forms-----               longer piece.          Expanding                different guises.       extended works.
             binary/ternary.                                 understanding of                                 Awareness of
                                                             more complex             Expanding               classical forms as
                                      Recognising repeat     structures e.g. DS al    understanding of        well as pop and jazz.
                                      signs.                 Fine, repeat marks       more complex
                                                             and basic                structures e.g.         Understanding more
                                      Understanding          performance              Minuet and Trio         advanced forms e.g.
                                      phrasing (and          directions.                                      Sonata Form
                                      breathing according
                                      to phrasing).                                                           Aleatoric concepts.

Performing   To play a short piece    To perform a more      To perform a more        Be aware of             Increasing
             to teacher or peers in   complex piece to       complex/ technically     strategies for          confidence and
             lesson or assembly       teacher or in more     difficult piece. To be   recovery in the event   competence to play
             etc                      formal situation.      able to evaluate         of the unexpected.      more musically and
                                                             performance.                                     technically complex
             Perform simple           Perform music in a                          Ability to perform two      pieces in a variety of
             repertoire from          variety of different   Perform longer, more or three solo pieces,       settings------e.g. solo
             notation or from         genres and styles.     advanced pieces.     with or without             or group
             memory                                                               accompaniment, in           performance, exam
                                                                                  the same                    etc
             Perform solo and                                                     programme.
             with others for an                                                                               Perform advanced
             audience in a variety                                                                            repertoire in
             of contexts.                                                                                     substantial
             Start to develop                                                                                 involving a range of
             ensemble skills.                                                                                 styles.
                                                                                                       Develop chamber
                                                                                                       music skills, large

Composing Through                 Be able to develop     Chord based            Experimenting in       Greater ease of use
          improvisation or        melodic idea. Be       composition using      composition using      of different musical
          experimentation         able to provide some   appropriate chord      more varied musical    forms and
          produce a single line   form of                sequence.              elements-----i.e.—     techniques-----e.g.
          melody/piece.           accompaniment.          To begin to notate    melody plus block or   serialism. Increasing
                                    [Kbd be able to      composition.           broken chords          competence in use
            Call and response,    select appropriate                                                   of notation.
            leading to            voice and rhythm.]     Pupils work together   Ability to notate
            improvising with                             to structure           composition, using     Compose using a
            simple rhythms and    Pupils work together   composed and/or        standard or graphic    wider variety of
            pitches               to create ostinato     improvised pieces      scores                 styles e.g. rock, jazz,
                                  patterns and motifs                                                  minimalist, atonal,
                                                         Introduce chords and   Improvise within a     pastiche
                                                         simple chord           more complex
                                                         sequences              framework, using a     Refine notation of
                                                                                variety of keys        compositions.

                                                                                                       Improvise in a wider
                                                                                                       variety of styles and
Listening   Be able to listen with   Be able to remember      Awareness of               Develop greater           To be increasingly
            concentration &          & reproduce melodic      difference between         awareness of              aware of historical
            understanding,           or rhythmic              major and minor.           different musical         contexts and
            identifying basic        elements. Be aware       Awareness of more          styles & genres.          conventions. Ability
            elements------           of differences in        complex elements                                     to recognize chords
            loud/soft, fast/slow,    basic textures.          such as bass line.         Recognition of more       and intervals
            mood & character.                                                            complex musical
                                     Listening to others      Greater awareness          elements and              Full awareness of
            Ability to appraise      when playing with        of relationship to all     structures e.g.           other parts in
            own and others’          accompaniment or         other parts in             sequences                 ensemble work, and
            achievements and         as an ensemble           ensemble playing.                                    ability to respond
            performances                                                                 Recognition and           musically.
                                     Use simple musical       Ability to identify time   identification of a
            Ability to perform       vocabulary to            signatures and             variety of musical        Perform advanced
            simple patterns and      describe music e.g.      rhythms when               styles, e.g. classical,   pieces from memory
            pieces by ear and        forte/piano,             listening to music,        romantic, waltz,
            from memory              allegro/lento            both in simple and         tango                     A full vocabulary of
                                                              compound time.                                       musical terms to
            Listen to a variety of   Understanding tasks                                 Ability to self-assess    describe musical
            music in different       set for practice.        Ability to self-assess     in order to develop       elements and styles.
            styles and genres,                                in order to develop        effective practice
            appreciating different   Ability to self-assess   effective practice         strategies.               Ability to self-assess
            moods and                in order to develop      strategies.                                          in order to develop
            characteristics, and     effective practice                                                            effective practice
            be able to describe      strategies.                                                                   strategies.
            these in words.