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					                             The Money Authority
                                 1563 Springs Lane
                                Newington, CT 06111
                      203/555-0927 (Voice) – 203/555-0956 (Fax)

Mr. William Strcka
FSC Bank, Inc.
111 Groton Lane
Suite 210
Newington, CT 06111

May 2, 2011

Dear Mr. Strcka:

I have created an organization chart which is enclosed for your review.
I am very pleased to announced that Evelyn Smith has just joined our staff. Evelyn will
serve as treasurer of the corporation but, more importantly, she brings more than a decade
of experience as a CPA and tax attorney in Newington. Along with her expertise, Evelyn
also brings several highly desirable clients who elected to follow her to our firm.
We have just decided to hire Sally Velinda as our Office Manager. Sally has nearly 30
years of experience as an executive assistant at Charter Bank and Premium Insurance; her
expertise in standard practices and office automation should boost our productivity. In the
future, all our assistants will have dotted-line reporting to Sally.
You may have heard that our Certified Financial Planner, Rob Lawson, recently resigned
for personal reasons. We will miss Rob and wish him the best. Meantime, his position
appears as vacant in the organization chart.
I hope this information satisfies your needs. Please call me if you have any questions.


cc: File
                       The Money Authority
                            Organization Chart
                       Effective as of May 2, 2011


                                  Sally Velinda
                                 Office Manager

            Evelyn Smith            Brian Mattocks                        Vern Gooten       (Vacant)
           CPA, Treasurer           CPA, Secretary                         CPA, VP      Financial Planner

Bevery Leech           Michele Lederer                        (Vacant)
  Assistant               Assistant                           Assistant

                                                  Shirley Gafney          Tom Howard       Rick Metz
                                                        PA                    PA              PA