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									CCCSSA Bankruptcy Pre-filing
Counseling and Pre-discharge Education     Consumer Credit
services are available online and
in person.
                                          Counseling Service
                                          Greater San Antonio
                                                   Main Office:
                                              6851 Citizens Parkway,     Bankruptcy Services
                                                    Suite 100
                                              San Antonio, TX 78229

CCCS of Greater San Antonio is a
501(c)(3), fully accredited, non-profit
                                              Serving Texans
member agency of the National             In-Person - Phone - Internet
Foundation for Credit Counseling
(NFCC). CCCSSA is also approved by           Counseling & Classes
the EOUST* and licensed by the Office
of Texas Consumer Credit
Commissioner.                                                                    A non-profit, full-service
                                                                             financial counseling agency
Mission Statement: To provide              800.410.2227
professional and affordable personal
finance education, counseling, and debt
Texas Attorneys:                                               CCCSSA Bankruptcy Program
Consumer Credit Counseling Service of
Greater San Antonio (CCCSSA) offers
                                                               More Than One Way Out is an NFCC
EOUST-approved bankruptcy pre-filing coun-
                                                               course that meets the needs of those who
seling and pre-discharge education classes
                                                               are seeking pre-filing counseling as man-
to Texas residents.*
                                                               dated by the bankruptcy law. The material
                                                               explores alternatives to bankruptcy and
CCCSSA provides personal services to those                     provides an overview of bankruptcy, including
who prefer to meet with one of our Certified                   discussions of the differences between a
Consumer Credit Counselors. However,                           Chapter 7 and a Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing.
online bankruptcy counseling and educa-
tional services allow us to serve your clients
who prefer the Internet.                                                                                       CCCSSA Position on
As a member of the National Foundation for
Credit Counseling, the nation’s largest and                                                                    CCCSSA is committed to providing ethi-
                                                                                                               cal credit counseling at low cost to con-
longest-serving national nonprofit credit
                                                                                                               sumers. Bankruptcy is a major con-
counseling organization, CCCSSA provides                                                                       sumer decision, so you may be assured
counseling and educational coursework that                                                                     that your clients are receiving a fair and
focuses on the financial needs of consumers.                                                                   impartial representation of all the

                                                                                                               CCCSSA Certified Consumer Credit
                                                                                                               Counselors do not answer legal ques-
                                                               Live a Richer Life, also produced by the        tions about bankruptcy. The final deci-
                                                               NFCC, is designed to satisfy the pre-           sion is made by each person after
                                                               discharge education needs as mandated by        consultation with their attorney.
                                                               bankruptcy law. The course provides informa-
                                                               tion about managing personal finances,          CCCSSA Offers
                                                               analyzing spending patterns, establishing a
                                                               personal budget and consumer protection.           BK-Pre-filing counseling session-
                                                                                                                    online, $50
                                                                                                                  BK-Pre-filing counseling session-in-
                                                                                                                    person, $55
                                                               CCCSSA Sessions
                                                               In order to minimize waiting, CCCSSA               BK-Pre-discharge education session
                                                               suggests your clients make an appointment            -online, $50
*Approved to issue certificates in compliance with the Bank-   for an in-house session.
ruptcy Code. Approval does not endorse or assure the quality                                                      BK-Pre-discharge education session
of an Agency's services. These services may be available for                                                        -class, $40
free or at a rate based on the debtor’s ability to pay.
                                                                                                                  Certificates provided

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