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					There is a way out. A CCCSSA coun-
                                                   Consumer Credit                                   Operation Debt Control
selor can develop a plan to improve
your financial standing.                          Counseling Service
        Contact CCCSSA today:

         1.800.410.2227                        Greater San Antonio
                                                            Main Office:
         Making a difference                           6851 Citizens Parkway,
                                                             Suite 100
                                                       San Antonio, TX 78229

Consumer Credit Counseling Service is
a 501(c)(3), fully accredited, non-profit
                                                         Serving Texans
member agency of the National Foun-
dation for Credit Counseling (NFCC).                In-Person - Phone - Internet
CCCSSA is also approved by the EOUST
                                                        Counseling & Classes
and licensed by the Office of Texas
Consumer Credit Commissioner.
                                            Mission Statement: To provide professional and
                                            affordable personal finance education, counseling, and
                                            debt management.

                                                                                                         A non-profit, full-service
                                                                                                        financial counseling agency
                                               OPERATION DEBT CONTROL
       Having Debt Problems?                       Benefit of Credit Counseling:                   A Debt Management Plan can:
                                                   Help includes a comprehensive budget
       Credit cards maxed out and you don’t                                                         Lower your monthly payments
                                                   review of income and debt, assets and
       know where to turn? Borrowing from
                                                   liabilities, a discussion of options and a       Combine several payments into one
       others to pay your bills? Considering
                                                   plan of action.
       bankruptcy?                                                                                  Reduce collection calls
                    Many families are not in       CCCSSA can help you to create a plan             Reduce monthly interest costs
                    control of their finances      you can live with, one that helps you
                    due to unexpected ex-          budget your money and repay your debt.           Restore financial wellness
                    penses, a reduction of in-
                                                   What is a Debt Management Plan?
                    come or job loss, reloca-                                                         Special Announcement
                    tion, the overuse of credit,   An option for a client who is experiencing         CCCS of Greater San Antonio has
We counsel in       and more.                      financial difficulty is to enter a debt man-       been awarded funding to cover
person, by phone                                   agement plan (DMP), a way to affordably            Texas Veterans’ Debt Management
and Internet.                                                                                         Plan (DMP) set up and monthly
                     Our Certified Consumer        pay off debt. Through the DMP CCCSSA
                                                                                                      maintenance fees for up to one year
                     Credit Counselors in confi-   acts as a neutral third party to negotiate         of DMP participation. The person
       dential counseling sessions provide         payment arrangements with creditors.               must be a Texas veteran, dependent
       relevant information designed to guide                                 Often creditors         or survivor with a DD214 and dem-
       you out of crisis and back in control.                                 lower monthly pay-      onstrate a financial need.
       Where Can You Turn?                                                    ments, reduce in-
       As a community-based, non-profit                                       terest rates and        This program is made possible by a
       financial counseling agency, Consumer                                  even stop late and      grant from the Texas Veterans Com-
                                                                                                      mission Fund for Veterans’ Assis-
       Credit Counseling Service of Greater                                   over-limit fees.
                                                                                                      tance. The Fund for Veterans’ Assis-
       San Antonio (CCCSSA) has been help-                                    This debt               tance provides grants to organiza-
       ing families achieve financial freedom                                 repayment plan          tions serving veterans and their
       since 1984.                                                            includes a monthly      families. Funding for these grants
                                                                              processing fee          comes from a portion of Veterans
                                                   (maximum $50).                                     scratch-off lottery ticket sales.

        Do the right thing for you and your family.                            Call 1.800.410.2227 for an appointment today.