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					Appendix L. Terrplant EEC Output for effects of captan foliar application to Terrestrial Plants
TerrPlant v. 1.2.2 Green values signify user inputs (Tables 1, 2 and 4). Input and output guidance is in popups indicated by red arrows. Table 1. Chemical Identity. Chemical Name PC code Use Application Method Application Form Solubility in Water (ppm) Captan 81301 almond foliar spray EC 3.3 mg/L

Table 2. Input parameters used to derive EECs. Input Parameter Application Rate Incorporation Runoff Fraction Drift Fraction Symbol A I R D Value 4.5 1 0.01 0.05 Units lbs ai/acre none none none

Table 3. EECs for Captan. Units in lbs ai/acre. Description Runoff to dry areas Runoff to semi-aquatic areas Spray drift Total for dry areas Total for semi-aquatic areas Equation (A/I)*R (A/I)*R*10 A*D ((A/I)*R)+(A*D) ((A/I)*R*10)+(A*D) EEC 0.045 0.45 0.225 0.27 0.675