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									                                           Tbilisi State Academy of Fine Arts

                                                                    curriculum vitae

Your Name                    Mariam Beridze
Address                      Georgia, Tbilisi, d / m, VI block. Building 16. B .28
Phone                         + 995 32 5232 55                                              Mobile: + 995 77 4037 80
E-mail (s)         
Citizenship                  The Citizen
Date of Birth                December 21, 1956.
Gender                       Female
Work Experience
Date                         1987 - 1993

Activity or position         Chair of the tissue with a creative laboratory for teaching Master

Main activities and          Creative Activities
Name and address of          Tbilisi State Academy of Art
                             Tbilisi, Str. # 19
Type of activity or sector Education, Culture, Government Agencies
Date                         1988 - 1996
Activity or position         Home Design
Main activities and          Interiors of various objects of artistic design, creative group head, Technical Director
Employer Name and            Architectural - design firm "tectonics."
                             St. Tbilisi, Tashkent, Tbilisi. # 10
Type of activity or sector The private sector, business
Date                         1993 - 2006

Activity or the position     Artist. Curriculum Team Leader.
Main activities and          Educational programs to work, the seminar / workshop-the conduct of the Symposium
responsibilities             Organizing activities to participate in the promotion and monitoring of education

Employer Name and            Georgian Textile Group GTG Textile Art Center
                             Tbilisi, increasing street. # 23
Type of activity or sector Culture, education, non-governmental organization
Date                         2002 - 2006

Activities                   Teaching Activities
Main activities and          Painting fabric designs created by the material, practical and theoretical training course
responsibilities             Individual Program in technology

Name and address of          Tbilisi State Academy of Fine Arts, fashion design department, costume design, direction, and
employer                      fabric painting sphere
                              Tbilisi 0101, groboedovis Str. 22
Type of activity or sector Culture, Education, Government Agencies
Date                          2003 - 2006

Activity or position          Teaching Activities

Main activities and           Fabric art, design, material performance, composition, objects, material performance, color
responsibilities              graphics training, leadership awards

Employer Name and             Fine Arts Academy
                              St. TBILISI, d / m, III kv. 6 a building.
Type of activity or sector Culture, education, private sector
Date                          2006 - 2007

Activities and working        Teaching Activities - Assistant - Professor

Main activities and           Various technologies to create fabric surface design: painting by the material, felt, shibori, quilt,
responsibilities              collage, application, ebru. practical and theoretical training course Individual Program in
Employer Name and             Tbilisi State Academy of Fine Arts, fashion design department, costume design, direction, and
Address                       fabric painting sphere.

                              Tbilisi 0101, Griboedovis Str. 22
Type of activities or         Culture, Education, Government Agencies

        Date                  1976 - 1982
Accepted Name of the          Textile and light industry products artistic design
                              Artist – Technology
Education employer of the    Ap. Kutateladze Institute. Tbilisi State Academy of Fine Arts
organization's name and type
                              0101 Tbilisi, Griboedov Str. # 22
Personal skills and
Mother tongue                 The Georgian language

Other languages
Self-evaluating               Understanding                                                     Conversation Writing
European level                                                                                             
Russian language                                                                                           
English Language                                                                                           
Social skills, and            Professional work experience, communication, social activity, responsibility, enthusiasm,
competencies                  hardwork, honest work. tssa - in learning, creative work in groups, business groups, GTG
                              groups, teachers' working time
Organizational skills, and Technical group to work with, and leadership seminars / workshop-specific, exhibitions,
competencies               symposiums projects organized / planned. :ark. / Design firm "tectonics", GTG group

Technical skills and          Painting , Knitting, telva, unlock, at cutting leather, printing (on fabric), paper manufacturing.
Computer skills and           Office package, digital design, special programs.
                              Percy passed IBM type. Computer user rate (see Certificate) "CenterPoint" Computer Center
Creative skills and        Paintings, graphics, batika, felt, silk, paper, fabric printing, carpet - weaving tapestry
Other skills and           See. Annex
Driving license
Additional Information     See. Appendix

Exhibitions and symposia:

       Of the exhibition: Tapestry "spider", Tbilisi, in 1987.
       Of the exhibition: Tapestry "Butterfly", Tbilisi, in 1990.
       International Exhibition - Tapestry "Music", Chicago, USA, 1990.
       Tapestry and art devoted to the Second International trienale - St. Tour, Belgium,
        1993. (Work Tapestry "Tree" in catalog)
       GTG Georgian Textile Group I International Symposium "in the Caucasus - a bridge
        between East and West", Tbilisi, 1997. (Catalog includes works Tapestry "Girl with
        poppies ")
       GTG Georgian Textile Group of the II International Symposium of the Silk Road -1999
        "," Felt the International Seminar, Tbilisi, 1999.
       Personal exhibition - St. Kaudekerki, Netherlands, 2000, sec.
       Personal exhibition - St. Vermudi, Netherlands, 2000.
       GTG Georgian Textile Group III International Symposium on "Crossroads", Tbilisi,
        2001. (Catalog includes works Tapestry "Roads")
       GTG Georgian Textile Group IV International Symposium, Tbilisi, 2003. (Catalog
        includes works Tapestry in Love ")
       ETN International Symposium "Textile different vision", XIII Conference sminari
        / workshop "ebru" and "cut", str. Izmir, Turkey, 2005. (Approval of certificate)
       Georgian Textile Group GTG V International Symposium on "black - white", Tbilisi,
        2005. (Catalog of work includes silk cloth "shibori")
       Folk Art Exhibition - St. Santa - pe, USA, 2007.

        Seminar / workshop-s 1999 -2005

            o   Inge eversi - silk paper, felt seminar, the Netherlands;
            o   Joan Morris – Technology of shibori, USA;
            o   Elske briueri - felt different techniques, paints, Netherlands;
            o   Dora hoperi - the fabric print techniques, Switzerland;
            o   Nouri pinari - ebrus Technology, Turkey;
            o   Haluk kurkuoghlu - cutting Technology, Turkey.
Individually performed work:

  o   Palace of Culture, interior decoration and tapestry carpets,

      St. Toliati, in 1988.

  o   Interior decoration of various objects tapestry, Moscow, 1988 - 1996

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