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									                                 Profile of Saswat Joshi

Saswat Joshi is an internationally acclaimed Odissi (Indian classical dance form) dancer,
Choreographer and Dance Educator .Presently he is researching on Odissi Dance.
Saswat belongs to the hottest town Titilagarh of Odisha .From his very childhood his
parents saw him small but strong, bold rhythmic feet dance graceful into any tune he
could hear around. To encourage the hidden talent they put him at the able guidance
of Guru Shantanu Behera & Guru Prashant Pattanaik at Sangeet Mohavidyalaya
Groomed from teacher parents Saswat by born is a versatile artist. His fast pick up and
excellent body moment attracts the attention of the seniors & the Rasika.His expression &
stylistic techniques are unique. It is needless to say, he believes in perfection & it is shown
in his dance when he performs.

He founded “Lasyakala Dance Vision” in Bhubaneswar.He teaches Odissi dance to the
young budding dancers of Odisha & guest dancers from abroad.He has organized
yearly fest named “Aekalavya” tribute to Guru Shishya Parampara in Indian classical
dance. where odissi is constant factor every year, which is a typical classical dance form
of Odisha, has its origin in the temple of Odisha.

Saswat Joshi in Dance
Saswat Joshi has dedicated himself to the rhythms of dance which became vibration of
his life. He has performed widely throughout India & abroad.
He has performed at major dance festivals and venues across the world including
Japan, UK, Canada, Europe and India. He has participated in many workshops on Odissi
dance in South Korea, Europe, Italy; Japan.His performance reflects the emotion of Odissi
Saswat is known for expression and technical perfection in Odissi dance.
Saswat Joshi performs in Mangalacharan, Batu, Pallavi, Abhinaya and Mokhya.
For Saswat, Odissi is more than a dance for; it is a means of expression and joy.
He has dedicated his life towards Odissi dance.Saswat is a devoted and passionate
disciple of Odissi dance and is under the guidance of the renowned dancer and
teacher, Padmashree Dr.Ileana Citaristi, India.

Brought up in Odisha in an atmosphere of dance and music, Saswat has been trained in
odissi research center with diligence, discipline and dedication.

Saswat Joshi is Gold medalist in “VISHARAD”,Graduate degree from Pracheen Kala
Kendra, Chandigarh University.
Saswat holds Master's Degree in English Literature from Sambalpur University.
Sangeet     Ratna    -2005-2007.Post     graduate        degree   from     Bangiya   Sangeet
Parishad,Rabindra Varati University.During the year 2000 the dedication & passion for
dance brought Saswat to the Odissi Research Center Bhubaneswar, where he has taken
the in house course internees, also got the state scholarship from Govt.of Odisha. Saswat
is the recipient of national scholarship from Govt. of India -Ministry of culture 2007-09

My Guru
At the child age Saswat learned his first dance steps from Guru Shantanu Behera.He
learnt the basics of dance and postures of Odissi dance with great interest and
dedication. As a child artist he excelled in SAMBALPURI NURTYA (folk art form of western
odisha )under Guru Shantanu Behera.The intrinsic talents of Saswat flourished under the
great mastereo Padmashree Kumkum Mohanty & then he was closely associated with
guru Kelu Charan Mohapatra’s Odissi style known as Kelu Charan GHARANA in the
period of 2000-2004.He has received training from many senior disciple of Guruji like Mukti
lata   Pal,Leena    Nanda,Kasturi      Pattaink,Minati     Pradhan,Shilalipi   Parida,Sagarika
Mohapatra,Nivedita Jena & Nihar nalini Das .

In 2005 he got an invitation to join “ART VISION” founded by Padmashree Dr.Ileana
Citaristi.From that point he has realized that failure needs not be weakness; to fail to try is
weakness.Indespite your all-out effort in anything you fail succeed, no harm ;carry on;
Don’t stop! That unblemished effort must carry you toward the goal .He became a
disciple of Dr Ileana also performs with her as dance partner. With lots of devotion &
sincerity he became one of the most talented exponents of Odissi dance of the present
generation. He has the future prospect having determination & devotion to carry
forward Odissi dance in its classical feature & traditional style .He is the senior member
cum dancer in ART VISION, also working as a faculty & choreographer. He has worked in
many productions of Dr.Ileana & with ART VISION team like Tantra (Duet) Ganga Yamuna
(Duet),Dasha Mohavidya (Duet),Chita Ngada (Duet),Parta Sarathi (Duet),Mahanadi
(Group),Karpasa (Group),Saraha (Group),Karna(Solo),Manga(Solo)And many more.

Performances in India:
   Konark Dance Festival-Organized By Odisha Tourism & Culture
   Khajuraho Fest –Organized By M.P Tourism
   Nadabrahma Fest at Mumbai
   Udayashankar Dance Fest at Kolkata
   India Habitat Center ,Delhi
   Kamani Theater,Delhi
   Rasa Ranga Fest,Delhi
   Hampi Fest, Hampi
   Doverlane Dance Cone ,Kolkata
   Times Of India Kolkata Fest,Kolkata
   Kala Ghoda Fest, Mumbai
   Lasya Fest Of Performing Art ,Mumbai
   Kamakhaya Fest , Gauhati
   Lucknow Odiha Day, Lucknow
   Tanjavur Fest ,Tanjauur
   Fest For Dance Kalakhetra Chennai, Chennai
   Spic Macay Tour to North-East India
   Spic Macay Tour to Hyderabad
   Krushana Gana Sabha,Chennai
   International Odissi Fest-Organized By IPAP,Washington DC
   National Fest For ODC Dance
   Mukteswar Dance Fest
International Performances:
   Performance tour to South Korea organized by SEOUL, institute of the arts –in the
     year 2006/07/08.
   Tour to Europe (Italy) organized by Alain Da Neilv foundation. Performed all the
     measure theater of Rome, Zagarolo, Bergamo, Venice, Milan in the year 2007.
   Tour to south Italy (Sicily,Pelermo in Teatro Massimecone one of the biggest
     theater in Europe)with international caste like Carala Fracci,Sauignjano,Rosella
     Bressia,Piccone directed by the very famous the legend Beppee Menegatti in
   Tour to Japan(Osaka Nagoya,Kyoto,Tokoshima,Matsumotto,in the year 2008
     invited by the great Bharan Natyan dancer Akemi Sakurai)
   Tour to Europe for Odissi dance workshop organized by Saraswati Association,
    Bergamo, Italy in 2009.

    ICCR tour to Europe with Art vision (Italy & London) in 2010.
    Solo Odissi dance performance in annual event of Osuk,London & Cardiff
     organized by the Odiya Society of United Kingdom,2010.

Lasyakala Dance Vision
Saswat founded “Lasyakala Dance Vision” in Bhubaneswar.He teaches Odissi dance to
the young budding dancers of Odisha & guest dancers from abroad. He has organized
yearly fest named “Aekalavya” tribute to Guru Shishya Parampara in Indian classical

Mailing Address:
                Saswat Joshi
                Odissi Dancer, Sangeet Ratna
                Art Vision, 1965, Bindusagar West
                Old town, Bhubaneswar
                Odisha, India
Mobile:         +91-91782-97771



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