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					                                                                                    City of Sun Prairie

Stormwater Utility Newsletter                                                              Fall 2005

               Working together to improve water quality and protect your property

Rain Gard ens

                                                                                                          Photos Courtesy Roger Bannerman, WDNR. and Friends of Lake Wingra
harvesting the heaven s
Creating a rain garden is   sorbing runoff water that
a simple way to improve     would otherwise carry pol-
your landscaping.           lutants from yards and
A rain garden is a shal-    streets into our waterways.
low depression that’s       Rain gardens are relatively
planted with native         inexpensive and require
flowers and grasses.        minimal maintenance.
It enhances your lawn       To learn how to build your
and provides a habitat      own rain garden, please
for birds, butterflies,     visit
and dragonflies (which
eat mosquitoes).
A rain garden benefits
the environment by ab-
                                                                                         C ITY
                                                                                        W EBSITE
Check Out the New Sweeper                                                            Saving Time & The
                                             You may have seen the city’s new
                                             sweeper out on the streets. The
                                             powerful sweeper uses 100 times
                                             more suction than a household
                                             Streets are swept not only for
                                             aesthetic reasons, but also to
                                             prevent materials like heavy metals,     Learn more tips for
                                                                                      taking care of your
                                             nutrients, and debris from harming
     City workers swept 46                                                            lawn, saving time and
                                             fish and wildlife.                       money, and for improv-
     truckloads of materials from
                                                                                      ing our water quality at
     city streets last year. That’s          Sweeping also limits nutrients from      the same time.
     enough gunk to cover a                  entering the City’s stormwater
     football field 1 foot deep, 1           detention facilities, which helps
     1/2 times.                              reduce weeds and algae.
                                                                                       (Engineering Section)
Page 2                                                                               Stormwater Utility Newsletter

Fall Y ard W aste Pick-up Schedule
      Leaves contain various nutrients         Residents with Monday, Tuesday,
     that can pollute our lakes, rivers,       or Thursday garbage collection:
     and streams.
                                                 October 24 and November 7
     Please keep them out of the
                                               Or drop off yard waste at the
     streets, gutters and ditches by
                                               Recycle Center.
     composting, bagging or spreading
      them in gardens.                         Fall Hours:

     Collection Schedule                            October 17 to December 5

     Set leaves in bags or returnable           Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
     containers without lids by 7 a.m.                  9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

     Residents with Wednesday or                             Saturday
     Friday garbage collection:                          8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

         October 31 and November 14

Improving Our City
                                                                                          The Stormwater
   Projects undertaken in 2005 to                                      Planned for        Utility will fund
   minimize the damage from                                            2006:              roughly 1.25
   stormwater runoff include:
                                                                                          million dollars in
   • Garnet Drive Storm Sewer Extension                                                   local projects
                                              • Coral Drive Storm Sewer Extension
   • Westside Token Creek Stormwater                                                      during 2005 and
                                              • Southside Koshkonong Creek
     Facility                                                                             2006.
                                                Stormwater Facility
   • Westside Koshkonong Creek Storm-
                                              • County Trunk Highway C Culvert
     water Study & Southside Koshkonong
     Creek Facility Design

                   CITY OF SUN PRAIRIE                                                        PRSRT STD
                   Stormwater Utility Newsletter                                             U.S. POSTAGE
                   300 EAST MAIN STREET                                                      Permit No. 69
                   SUN PRAIRIE, WI 53590                                                     Sun Prairie, WI
                    Joe Chase, Mayor
                    Patrick Cannon, City Administrator
                    Diane Hermann-Brown, City Clerk

Visit the City's website:

                                                             POSTAL CUSTOMER
                                                                SUN PRAIRIE
                                                              WISCONSIN 53590

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