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					"California Crazy" - California Architecture

Name: Avila Adobe House
Style: Spanish Territorial
Date: 1818
Notes: Oldest House in Los Angeles

Name: Bradbury Building
Style: Late Industrial with Romanesque Revival detailing
Date: 1893
Notes: Tiering due to discomfort with tall buildings

Name: Bradbury Building (interior)
Style: Unique
Date: 1893
Note: Inspired by Edward Bellamy’s Looking Backward

Name: San Francisco Houses
Style: Queen Anne
Date: Early 1900s
Notes: Popular style a century ago

Name: Getty Center
Style: Modernism
Date: 1997
Notes: Bright and airy, efficient, comfortable; Embraces Los Angeles

Name: Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels
Style: Modernism
Date: 2002
Notes: Religious structure plus modernism.

Name: Gamble House
Style: Craftsman
Date: 1908
Notes: Another response to Victorian architecture, use of simple and local

Name: Golden Gate Bridge (left), Union Station interior (right)
Style: Art Deco
Date: 1937, 1939
Notes: Yet another response to Victorian architecture

Name: TransAmerica Pyramid (left)
Style: Modernist
Date: 1972
Notes: Tallest building in San Francisco

Name: U.S. Bank Tower (right)
Style: Postmodern
Date: 1990
Notes: Tallest building in California

Name: Westin Bonaventure Hotel
Style: Postmodern
Date: 1978
Notes: Nothing where it is supposed to be; a self-contained “city under siege.”

Name: Disney Concert Hall
Date: 2003
Notes: Consciously public (staircases everywhere), but also a bad neighbor (no match for other buildings,
reflected light); Required computers to build

Name: Watts Towers
Style: Folk Architecture (aka Nuestro Pueblo)
Date: 1921-1954
Notes: Build by Simon Rodia, working alone, using shards from pottery plant where he worked; L.A. tried
to condemn it several times

Name: Randy’s Donuts and Capitol Records Building
Style: California Crazy
Date:1952, 1956
Notes: Hard to miss; very typical of California

Name: Pink’s Hot Dogs (left), Sahara Motel (center), Astro Restaurant (right)
Style: Googie
Date: 1960s
Notes: Futuristic, refinement of California Crazy

Name: Can You Guess?
Style: Anti-Architecture
Date: 1980s, 1990s, 2000s
Notes: Even further refinement of California Crazy

Name: Union Station
Style: Spanish Revival/Art Deco
Date: 1939
Notes: “Portal to California”; last great public train station built in the U.S.--end of the railroad age

Name: Encounter Restaurant at LAX
Style: Googie
Date: 1961
Notes: First thing visitors to L.A. see

Name: The Wilshire
Style: Dingbat
Date: 1950s, 1960s
Notes: Boxy, focal point is façade

Name: L.A. City Hall
Style: International
Date: 1927
Notes: Internationalize L.A.; tallest building in L.A. for a while; classical arches and buttresses

Name: Pasadena City Hall
Style: Romanesque Revival (Moorish style)
Date: 1927
Notes: Pasadena not an international city

Name: Union Plaza, Cal Poly Pomona
Style: Spanish Revival
Date: 1926
Notes: Was the campus’ signature building for many decades, originally known as the Arabian Horse Stables

Name: CLA Building, Cal Poly Pomona
Style: Modernist
Date: 1991
Notes: Is now the university’s signature building

Name: Jim Henson Studios
Style: Edwardian
Date: 1917
Notes: Kermit the Frog is dressed in the costume of Charlie Chaplin’s “Little Tramp” character, in part
because the studio once belonged to Charlie Chaplin.

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