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									HERE COMES EPA’10

    “Nuking the NOx”
               UPDATED: September 11, 2009
                                            NOx Reduction over the Years
                                20                                                  99%     100%

                                18                                          92%             90%
        NOx Standard, g/hp-hr

                                     15                             83%

                                                                                                   Total Reduction, %
                                16                                                          80%

                                                            73%                             70%
                                12           60%                                            60%

                                10                                                          50%

                                8                                                           40%
                                6                     5                                     30%
                                4                                    2.5                    20%

                                2                                            1.2            10%
                                0                                                           0%
                                     1974     1990   1991    1998    2002    2007    2010


Volvo Trucks North America
 EPA’10 Emission Status

            Where is Volvo in emission development?

             NOx Certification Level – 0.2 g/hp-hr

             No Credits

             EPA’10 certification applied for: July, 2009.

             Still California Certified Clean Idle

             No issues expected.

Volvo Trucks North America
  EPA’10 Testing Status

Where are we in the testing development curve?

 We are ahead of previous emission generations.

 23 SCR viability trucks on test in US since 2002.

                                                        Two full winters
 First five EPA’10 test trucks to a customer 10/’07.   on this test fleet

 Now over thirty EPA’10 test trucks with SCR in customer’s hands.

Volvo Trucks North America
    EPA ’10 Cold Weather Testing
                             • -40o, bobtail (light loading maximizes
                             exhaust after- treatment system issues)
                             • All systems performed as expected:

Volvo Trucks North America
 EPA’10 Production Status
  We have been assembling our EPA’10 test engines on the
   Hagerstown MD production line, not in the engineering lab, for over a

  We have assembled all test trucks at our Dublin VA assembly facility
   and are now assembling with production-level parts stocked on line.

  We have almost 100 Volvo ‘p-start’ trucks on order for build in
   calendar 2009 with EPA’10 emission control. These trucks will help
   us maximize quality in 2010.

Volvo Trucks North America
 Global SCR Status
        Volvo has the benefit of being a global manufacturer.

        The number of Class 8 Volvo Group trucks worldwide,
         equipped with Selective Catalytic Reduction since 2003,
         now exceeds 225,000.

        The cumulative experience of those trucks now exceeds
                        25,000,000,000 miles with SCR

Volvo Trucks North America
 DEF Availability

New Gilbarco DEF Dispenser   All Volvos will fill on the driver’s
with heated DEF tank and     side. Volvo will utilize the magnetic
nozzle storage               interlock device in the DEF fill that
                             will help prevent misfiling.

Volvo Trucks North America
Low DEF Tank Level: Driver Warning & Inducement

                                   DEF Tank Low         Amber
          Triggers                 Level Indicator   Warning Lamp   Inducement

  >12% DEF Tank Gauge
                                       None             None            None
  (>16% DEF Remaining)

  <=12% DEF Tank Gauge
  (~16% DEF Remaining)                                  None            None

  0% DEF Tank Gauge                                                  25% torque
 (~4% DEF Remaining)                                                  reduction

                                                                                      Volvo DEF Tank
  0% DEF Tank Gauge                   Flashing
                                                                     5 mph road          Low Level
  Insufficient DEF Pump Pressure                        None        speed limit (1)       Indicator
  Diesel Fuel Refueling >15%

  Note (1): Vehicle has to be fueled by 15% or more diesel before 5 mph RSL
   is invoked. This prevents the truck from being stopped on the road, will
   likely be at a retail fueling facility where DEF is available.

Volvo Trucks North America
 Volvo In-Tank Heater / Pickup
                              Fits inside DEF tank from top
                              Circulates engine coolant through
                               the Diesel Exhaust Fluid to
                               maintain proper temperature – 60oF
                              All stainless steel, high-quality
                              DEF level gage float (in center),
                               with wiring harness
                              DEF pickup with intake filter
                              No tank insulation is required

                              By the way – Volvo Group has
                             already delivered over 225,000 of this
                             part. Like the rest of the SCR system,
                             it’s proven. It works.

Volvo Trucks North America
 Maintenance: Few Changes
What about the base engine?

 Base engine will only
  experience minor changes.

   – Same proven injection

   – Same camshaft

   – Same cylinder head

   – Same block

 Oil Drain Interval: Unchanged
  (35,000 miles in normal service)

Volvo Trucks North America
 Maintenance: Underhood Simplicity

               Excellent access, essentially unchanged since 1995

Volvo Trucks North America
                                       Higher D13 Ratings
                                D13 Power to 500 hp @ 1800 rpm
                                  Torque to 1750 lb-ft @ 1050 rpm


        Power (bhp)

                                                            Sweet Spot –

                      200                                   Still 1300-1500
                                                            0.74 => 3.42:1

                        600   800   1000   1200     1400     1600      1800   2000   2200   2400
                                                  Engine Speed (rpm)

Volvo Trucks North America
                     Higher Engine Brake Ratings

 • 500 hp @ 2200 rpm
 • 325 hp @ 1500 rpm


Volvo Trucks North America

                             * except in “extremely severe” duty cycles

Volvo Trucks North America
 No Active Regeneration
     No dash lights come on
     No special driver training or familiarization
     Much lower system temperatures
     Reduced thermal cycling
     No limitations on where the driver can go
     No interruptions of PTO activity
     Higher productivity
     Reduced consumption of fuel
     Lower operating expenses
     All the driver has to do is periodically top off the DEF tank
     No longer does the driver have to be
        “An Integral Part of the Engine’s Emission Control Device”

Volvo Trucks North America

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