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• Hip-Hop is a youth subculture that originated in the middle
  1970 among African Americans and Latinos. It is characterized
  by its own music (also known as hip-hop, rap, krump), its slang,
  its own hip-hop fashion, dance styles (break-dance, krump and
  others), graphic art (graffiti) and its cinema. By the beginning of
  1990, hip-hop has become part of youth culture in many
                  Music of Hip-hop.
• Music hip-hop consists of two
  main elements: rap (rhythmic
  recitative with clearly defined
  rhymes) and the rhythm defined
  by a DJ, but sometimes songs
  without vocals. In such a
  combination of rap artists call
  themselves "MC" (born MC -
  Master of Ceremony). On stage,
  musicians are often accompanied
  by dance ensembles.
• Currently, hip-hop is one of the
  most commercially successful
  forms of modern entertainment,
  music, stylistically presented many
  directions within the genre
                    Areas of hip-hop
  Many believe that hip-hop is just
  music and a particular style of
  clothing. Hip-hop, as such, is
  divided into many directions. Each
  of the self-sufficient and has its
  own meaning. That is, hip-hop is a
  culture . Hip-hop for all the
  different and individual. For all it
  means something different . Hip-
  hop is not that something
  concrete. It is a culture, which
  includes areas such as:
• Rap, Funk, Beatboxing (Music)
• Break dance, Crump (Dance)
• Graffiti (visual)
                          Old School.

• Old school – it is the earliest hip-hop.

• Old School is easy to distinguish from other areas of their relatively
  simplistic rap. Most of the tracks in the style of “old school rap” was a
  cheerful and playful smack parties, where he and emerging. Some old
  cheekbone songs were played in the tracks “disco” or “funk”, while others
  were diluted with piano accompaniment. Compared with the complicated
  rhythms and rhyme modern-day rap – the direction of old school rap may
  seem outdated and a bit slaggish.
The roots of hip hop
  dancing to look at
  memes. These street
  dancers gave rise to the
  first style of hip hop –
    • Dancers of locking can be
      identified by their clothes.
      Their main attribute –
      clothes in black and white
    • Locking is a combination of
      stillness and swiftness.
      Dancing to the lively and
      positive music in the style of
• Over the years jumps
  replaced by sliding gait, and
  with it came a new style –

• Popping ( in Russia for a
  long time incorrectly called
  “the upper break dance”) – a
  style of dance, which it based
  on the technique of rapid
  contraction and relaxation of
  muscles to cause tremors in
  the body of a dancer.
   • This dance is insane series of
     movements of all styles of hip hop.

   • Krump returns to life the tradition
     of hip hop – dance battles.

   • Krump – it is a choreographic
     fight. Everything is decided in
     battles (dance competition).
La style
    • La style – one of the newest styles
      of hip hop. Emphasis on plastic,
      precision and beauty of
      movements. This mixture of hip
      hop and jazz. This style we can see
      in music videos.

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