PREMIUM Channels Reservation Delivery Expedia Yes Yes by wanghonghx


									                     Reservation   Channels              Reservation   Channels              Reservation
PREMIUM Channels
                      Delivery?                           Delivery?                           Delivery?
Expedia              Yes
                                   AffiliateHotels       Yes           Avvio                 No          Yes
                                   AirAsia               No            Backpackonline        No             Yes
                                   AlaskaAirlines        No            Bancotel              Yes
HRS                  Yes
                                   AlfaBookings          No            barcelona30           No
Orbitz               Yes
                                   AllClassHotels        No      Yes       Yes
                                   All-Hotels            No            Barcelonahotels.RA    Yes
Venere               Yes
                                   AllIncoming           No            BarcelonaOnline       Yes
Wotif                Yes
                                   Alpharooms            No            BarcelonaTourisme     No
LateRooms            Yes
                                 Yes           BaselTourismus        No
Travelocity          Yes
                                   AmandaTour            No            BedBookings           Yes
Agoda                Yes
                                   AmberWebBooking       No            BedDeals              Yes

                     Reservation   AMSHotelService       No            Bedsearcher           No
                      Delivery?       No            AMSHotelsGuide        Yes           Belgium-Hospitality   No

                                   Amsterdam30           Yes           Berlin30              No
30Budapest           No
                            No            Bestday               No
30Madrid             No
                                   Area-Hotels           No            BestHotelsRussia      No
30Valencia           No
                                   ARES                  No            BestRates             Yes      No
                                   ARNHotels             No            Between9and5          No
3Ms-Solutions        No
                                   AroBIS                No            BHRCOnline            Yes
AABookings           No
                               No       No
AANHotels            No
                                   Asatours              No            Bilderberg            No    No
                                   Ashotec               No           No
AboutRooms           No
                                  No            bluebookonline        No
AbreuOnline          No
                                 No            Boekmaar              No
ACCentral            No
                                   AsiaWebDirect         No       No
AceviHotels          No
                                   Atel-Hotels           No          Yes
ACExperts            No
                                       No            BookHotels            No
ActiveHotels         Yes
                                   Atrapalo              Yes             No     Yes
                                   AugustineApartments   No            Bookingay             No
ActiWell             No
                                   No            Booking-centre        No
Advertising-Online   No

Channels               Reservation   Channels              Reservation   Channels               Reservation
                        Delivery?                           Delivery?                            Delivery?

BookingRomania         Yes           CheckIn               Yes           Dreams                 No

BookingSystem          No            ChoiceCentral         No            Dublin30               No             No            ChooseCroatia         No         No
m                      No            ChooseItaly           No            DuesseldorfTourismus   No

Booknow                Yes           ChooseMalta           No            DUO-REZ                No

bookthat4me            No            cihotels              No            EASTWOOD               No      No            CityBreak             No            EasyResort             No

BoscoloTours           No            ClassicBritian        No            Easytobook             Yes

Bournemouth            No            ClassicWebBooking     No            EHBOX                  No

BrainCorp              No            ClearFuse             No                No

BratislavaHotels       No            ClearTrip             No            e-HTL                  No

Bsp-Hotels             No            CLICK4HOTEL           No            Eifel-Tourisum         No                 Yes           Clickbed              No            EMOS                   Yes

BudapestHotels         No            CostaVision           No            EnglishRoseHotels      No

BudapestHotelStart     No            CoteAzur              No            EnhanceCMS             No       No            CrsHotels             Yes           EnterHotel             No

Buenosaires30          No            CrystalHotels         No            EpoqueHotels           Yes

CadburyHouse           No            Cybevasion            Yes           e-Reserva              No

caesar-data            No            DCHN                  No              Yes

Carisma-Engine         No            DERhotel              No            Escapio                No

cbooking               No            DesigMadrid           No            ETN-Online             No

CentraldeReservas-Eq   No            Desiya                Yes           ExcellenceBooking      No

CentraleDesHotels      No            No            ExclusiveHotels        No

CENTRALIA              No     No            Expotel                No

CentralR               Yes           Diesenhau             No            Express-Res            No

CentralReservations    No            Direct-booking        No            Ezeego1                No

Chambres               No            DIRS21                No            Ez-Rez                 Yes

CHANNELpro             No            DiscountCityHotels    Yes           FailteHotelGuide       No

Charming-Hotels        No            DistinguishedHotels   No               Yes

ChateauxHotels         No            DobleRoom             No            FastBooking            No

Channels               Reservation   Channels             Reservation   Channels              Reservation
                        Delivery?                          Delivery?                           Delivery?

FastBooking-GDS        No            gRes                 No            HotelBeds             Yes

Federal-hotel          No            GRS                  No            HotelBookingSystem    No              No            GTA                  Yes         No

Feratel                No        No           No      Yes           Yes           HotelColor            No

FirstReserve           No             No            HotelConnexions       No

Fisheyes               No            Hamburg-Tourism      No            Hotelcontact          No

FjordPass              No            HbnOnline            Yes           HotelDirect           Yes

FlairView              Yes           Hirners              No            Hoteldo               No

FlightDelayServices    No            HIS-BackOffice       No            HotelFactory          No   No            HolidayCity          Yes           HotelForYou           No      No            HolidaysInSpain      No            HotelHotline          No

FrankfurtTourismus     No            Hoobing              No            No        No            Hoojoozat            No           Yes

Friedrichshafen        No            No            HOTELKEYS             No

Funtyme                No            HostelMania          No            HotelKingdom          No

GARTOUR                No         No            HotelMaker            No

Gayres                 No            HostelsClub          No        No             No            HostelTimes          No            Hotel-Pass            No
Great Hotels of the
World (GHOTW)          Yes           HostelTouristWorld   No            Hotelplein            No         No            HostelTraveler       No            Hotel-Provider        No

GiveANight             No            HostelWorld          No     No

GlobeKey               No            No            hotelreservation      No

GoGlobal               No             No            HotelRez              No

GoGlobal-Travel        No               No               No

GOGOdirect             No        No               Yes

Gomio                  No            HotelAdvice          No               No

GoNGolf                No       No            No            No       No            Hotelsarea            No

Graztourismus          No        No            HotelsChart           No

Channels              Reservation   Channels               Reservation   Channels             Reservation
                       Delivery?                            Delivery?                          Delivery?       Yes            No            Lodging              Yes

HotelsEurope          Yes           Inthotels              Yes           Logitravel           No

HotelShopCRO          No            Intobis                No            London30             No

HotelShopUK           No            iRes                   No     No        No            IrishWelcomeTours      No            LondonNights         Yes

HotelsInn             No            Istanbul30             No            LookingForBooking    No        No            ITWG                   Yes           LuxuryYearRound      No   No            Jacob                  No            LUZERN               No      Yes           JDBHotels              No            MadridOnline         No

Hotelwebservice       No            JerseyTourism          No         No

Hotelzon              No            JuniperBookingEngine   No            Mallorca30           No             No            JustInTimeHotels       No            MallorcaHotelguide   No

Hotusa                No            JustReservations       No            MarkTravel           No

HOTV                  No            Key-Res                No            Marsans              No           Yes           Keytel                 No            MarteHotels          No

Hubx                  Yes           KoobOnline             No            MaxEngine            No

Ibiza-Hotel           No            KTSFrance              No            MBETravel            No

IbizaHotelsGuide      No            Kuoni                  No            MCA-Hotels           No

Ibiza-Spotlight       No          No            MetGlobal            No

iBooking              No            No            MikiTravel           No         No        No            miniBreaks           No

Idiso                 No            Lastminute-AU          No              Yes

IGMWeb                No            Lastminute-Net         Yes           MrAndMrsSmith        No

iHotelier             Yes            Yes           No

ImaginaMalta          No            LateStays              No            Multibook            No

Imaginations          No            LeadingHotelsOnline    No            MulticolorViajes     No

Inasra                No            LeisureLink            No            Myeasybooking        No

InfoMZ                No            Levercourtapartments   No            MyFidelio.Net        No

Infotel               No            ListLodging            No      No

InnPoints             No                 No            Nachtjeweg           No

Channels                 Reservation   Channels              Reservation   Channels              Reservation
                          Delivery?                           Delivery?                           Delivery?

Nancy                    No            OxfordHotelSandInns   No             No

Natour                   No         No            ReservIT              No

NavarinoServices         No            Paris35               No           No

Needitnow                Yes        No            Restel                No

NeedToEscape             Yes           Parsys                No              Yes
ect                      No            PerfectHotels         Yes           RezView               No               No            Placestostay          No            Rightrooms            Yes

NetHotels                Yes           PLHotels              No            RiojaHoteles          No

NetMedia                 No            Portalin              Yes                 No

NetRez                   No            Prague30              No            No

Newmind                  No            Prague-Online         No            Roline                No

NiagaraCRS               No            Prestigia             No            Rome30                No

NiceRes                  No            PriceLine             No            RomeHotelService      No

Nicetobook               No            ProfitRoom            No            RoomBookingService    No

NOTABENA                 No            Profits               No            Roomex                Yes

Novaresa                 No           No            Roomex-Backoffice     No

NyceBerlin               No            PTQV                  No            RoomGenie             No

NyceFlorence             Yes           QrHotels              No            Room-On-Line          No

NyceParis                No            QuickBeds             Yes           RoomTrade             No

NyceVenice               Yes           QuickBooking          No            RoomValues            No           No            Quikbook              No            Ruralka               No

OceanCityHotels          No            QuikBook-Net          Yes           SabreExclusives       No

OfferHotel               No            RakutenTravel         No            SaintMartin           No        No            RatesToGo             Yes    No

OMT                      No            ReadyRooms            No            SapphireHotels        No

OnlineHotels             No            Rec-online            No            secure-res            No

OnlineRes                No            RegencyHotels         No            Seemalta              No

OntimeHotel              No            Reservator            No            SELECT-A-ROOM         No

OpenHospitality          No            ReserveDirect         No            Seneca                No

Otedis                   No            ReserveDirect-VMS     No            SerhsTourism          No

Channels              Reservation   Channels             Reservation   Channels              Reservation
                       Delivery?                          Delivery?                           Delivery?

Sevilla30             No            TKN                  No       No               No            TMB                  No            Travelocity-GHE       Yes

Skoosh                Yes           ToBook               No            TravelOnline          No

sleep4starpay3star    No            TOMAS                No            TravelParks           No

SmartMember           No            TOMAS-BTZ            No            TravelStay            No               No            Tomas-TMB            No            TravelWorm            Yes

SorrentOnline         No            TopHotelDiscount     No            TripReservations      Yes

SpanienmitFlair       No     No            TrustVoyager          Yes

Splendia              No            TopWorld             No            TUIHotels             Yes

StayDublin            No            TopWorld-BM          No            Uniform2              No

Stayliverpool         No            TorontoTourism       No            Uniform3.1            No

StayManchester        No            TotalStay            No            USAirwaysVacations    No

StayParis             No            TouricoHolidays      No            UtrechtGastheer       No

StayPoland            No            Tourisline           No               No

Stc-ch                No            TourismInAction      No              No

Stockholm30           No           No            VenueMirror           No   No            TourismVancouver     No            VersysTravel          No

SunHotels             No            Tourisoft            No            No

Sunway                No            Transhotel           No            ViajeselCorteingles   No

SuperBreak            No           No            Viajesiberia          No           No            Travel In Spain      No            ViajesUrbis           No

Synxis-RedX           Yes     No            ViaTravel             No

TabletCRS             No            TravelCook           No            Vienna35              No

TalonClick            No            TravelEurope         No            Viennagroupadmin      No

Talonotel             No            TravelForGay         No            VisitAntwerpen        No         No            TravelHero           No            VisitBlackpool        No        No            TravelInSpain        No            VisitBristol          No

Thueringen-Reise      No            TravelIntelligence   Yes           VisitDenmark          No

Tidinet               No            Travelitalia         No            VisitHotels           Yes

Tiscover              No            Travelmkt            No            VisitLiverPool        No

 Channels           Reservation

 VisitLondon        No

 VisitMalta         No   No

 VisitPrague        No

 VisitScotland      No        No

 VisitukHotels      Yes    No

 VVVAmeland         No

 Webres             Yes

 WebReserver        No

 Webresint          Yes

 WeekendCompany     Yes

 Weekendesk         Yes      No

 Weekendjeweg       Yes       No

 WHL                No

 Wild-East          No

 Windsor            No

 WorldBy            No

 WorldRes           Yes

 Worldres-N         No

 WorldWideBookers   No            Yes          No           No        No


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