Pre-Departure Checklist - DOC by wanghonghx


									                              Pre-Departure Checklist

o   Work through the travel advice and information on DepartSmart (available on WebCT)
o   Register online at the DFAIT website: to receive travel reports & warnings for your host country
        o   Research your host country & learn a bit of their language
        o   Review the brochures “Bon Voyage, but…” & “Her Own Way”
o   Visit the website for the Embassy/Consulate of your host country to obtain an application form for a study
    visa/permit (if required) and to confirm additional visa/permit requirements for travel
        o   For students going to France: arrange for a copy of your Long Form Birth Certificate (For information on how
            to apply visit:
o   Arrange for adequate health, travel & repatriation insurance; ensure that your policy includes emergency travel
        o   Remember to ask potential insurance providers important questions as suggested on the orange handout
o   Make a ‘Travel Clinic’ appointment with Health Services at WLU for a consultation on necessary immunizations for
    travelers to your host country, and to make appointments to receive these immunizations
        o   Purchase enough medication or personal hygiene necessities to get you through your time abroad
o   Make all travel arrangements including booking flights (buy cancellation insurance on flights), obtaining rail passes,
    securing a International Driver’s License
        o   Research the best deals on air travel (Examples:,,
        o   Sign up for an International Student Identity Card (ISIC) for discounts on flights, train, etc.
        o   Confirm baggage allowance & restrictions on connecting flights
        o   Make photocopies of all important documents: passport, birth certificate, bank statement, medical & dental
            records, immunization record, prescriptions for medicines & glasses, all LAURIER INTERNATIONAL
            documents (keep them in a location separate from originals)
o   Access statement of financial support from your banking institution (used to obtain a study visa & may be required
    to enter your host country)
        o   Make a budget; financial aid, OSAP, loans, scholarships
        o   Arrange Power of Attorney for financial matters; determine to what extent this is required
        o   Contact your bank for their affiliate in your host country or research fees for withdrawal of funds from your
            home bank using your debit card
        o   Be aware of the limit on your credit card, increase if necessary & obtain a PIN # to withdraw cash in case of
        o   Ensure your bank & credit card companies know that you will be making transactions from abroad
        o   Have some local currency with you for initial expenses upon arrival
        o   Review currency exchange websites for current exchange rates:
o   Arrange for Revenue Canada Tax submission (T2220A) if studying abroad during Winter Term (International
    Taxation Office: 1-800-267-5177)
o   Ensure that both you & your family have LAURIER INTERNATIONAL contact info as well as that of the International
    Coordinator At your host university
        o   Purchase international calling cards or change your phone plan to save money on overseas calls
o   Return the signed „Agreement to Participate on Study Exchange‟ „Acknowledgement of Risk &
    Responsibility‟ and „Consent to Share Contact Info/Photos‟ forms to LAURIER INTERNATIONAL at least 8
    weeks prior to your departure
                                      Pre-Departure Checklist

o   Complete the „Course Credit Transfer Agreement‟ with your Academic Advisor & submit to LAURIER
    INTERNATIONAL at least 4 weeks prior to your departure
        o   Forward any revisions to the original to LAURIER INTERNATIONAL, along with email approvals from
            Academic Advisors
o   Ensure proper registration & tuition payment to Laurier for both terms
o   Complete a Host University Application form (they will email this to you; pay attention to their deadlines!); bring
    this into LAURIER INTERNATIONAL and we will fax & mail this to the Host University
o   Receive a Letter of Acceptance / Confirmation of Enrollment (required to access study visa/permit, or in some
    cases, to enter the country) – contingent on their having received your Application form
o   Carry out your course selection/pre-registration where possible**
o   Make accommodation arrangements (take note of application deadlines, deposit requirements, temporary
    accommodations if arriving early)*
o   Review orientation information*
o   Make payment of Incidental Fees*
o   Take note of arrival information: date, time, airport pickup instructions

          *Information will be forwarded to you by your Host Institution upon confirmation of enrollment.
        ** Please note: some schools do not allow you to register for courses until you arrive in the country.

Upon Arrival
o   Meet with local international office staff
o   Pay all incidental fees upon arrival or prior to your return home (confirm payment deadlines with host university)
o   Forward your new contact information (mail, email, phone & fax) to LAURIER INTERNATIONAL:
o   Register with the local Canadian Embassy/Consulate at:

While Abroad
o   Constantly check the WLU website for current info on important dates, fees, pre-course registration, registration for
o   Take advantage of any opportunity to represent WLU at your host university – a study fair for example - use the
    following PowerPoint presentation to promote Laurier’s attributes:
o   Order sealed copies of your transcript for your records before leaving for Canada; this will come in handy if you plan
    to apply for any post-graduate study

Upon Return to Canada
o   Complete the Credit Transfer process
        o   Meet with your Academic Advisor to discuss/clarify work completed abroad (may need to provide them with
            course descriptions if your classes changed from what was approved)
o   Complete the Returning Exchange Students‟ Survey:
o   Meet with LAURIER INTERNATIONAL staff for a re-entry debrief
o   Provide LAURIER INTERNATIONAL with your updated contact information
o   Explore options for promoting Laurier exchange programs through LEAP: or consider becoming a LIFE mentor for
    international exchange students in the next academic year


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