Day 17-18 by mudoc123


									Day 17-18

• turnstile
• vandalize
• trigger
• contagious
• mess
  Read the incomplete sentences.
Then listen to the excerpt. Circle the
   letter of the correct phrase to
       complete the sentence.
1.   Todd Mundt, the host of the interview, believes that the reason crime fell so
     dramatically in New York City is ________.
        a.   well known and documented
        b.   unknown
        c.   being researched now

2.   Gladwell believes that crime fell because of _______.
        a.   community action
        b.   behavior of certain influential people
        c.   sudden small changes

3.   According to George Kelling’s “broken window” theory, _______.
        a.   criminals are definitely affected by the environment
        b.   criminals may be affected by the environment
        c.   criminals are not affected by the environment

4.   According to Kelling, a broken window in a car probably means that the car is
     parked in an area which is _______.
        a.   poor
        b.   dangerous
        c.   unsupervised

5.   Traditional conservative thinking blames high crime rates on _______.
        a.   an ineffective police force
        b.   the criminals themselves
        c.   the environment
6.   Kelling believes crime can be reduced by _____.
       a.   encouraging criminals to be more sensitive to the environment
       b.   teaching moral and socially responsible behavior to all citizens
       c.   making small environmental changes

7.   In the early 1980s, the subway system in New York City was ________.
       a.   disorganized and messy
       b.   confusing and chaotic
       c.   dirty and dangerous

8.   Former New York City Police Chief William Brantton tried many ways to
     improve the subways. He tried everything except removing _______.
       a.   graffiti
       b.   turnstiles
       c.   garbage

9.   The police helped reduce subway crime by _________.
       a.   encouraging people not to litter or throw garbage on the ground
       b.   washing graffiti
       c.   arresting anyone who entered the subway without paying
The Law of the Few                     The Power of Context
• The connector tells a salesperson    • The number of serious crimes
  and many other people about a          drops dramatically.
                                       • The city sanitation department
• The restaurant quickly becomes         cleans up the garbage and
  very popular.                          graffiti.
• A connector calls the maven to
  ask about a new restaurant.          • The subway is very dangerous
• The owner of a new restaurant
                                         because of serious crimes.
  invites a maven to dine at his new   • Criminals understand that
  restaurant.                            someone is paying attention to
• The salesperson tells a few            the subway.
  people, including another            • The police arrest people for
  connector, about the new               jumping turnstiles and other
  restaurant.                            minor crimes.
The Law of the Few                      The Power of Context

  The owner of a restaurant invites a   The subway is very dangerous
  maven to dine at his new restaurant     because of serious crime.
Circle one: The law of the few / The power of context
   Noun          Verb      Adjective
   root                     rooted
                -------    contagious

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