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					Search Engine Optimization (Part 2)

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is very essential for a website or a blog to bring out the site
worldwide & to get a better Traffic or visitors from different site and also various search engines.
If you want to publish your site or blog worldwide you have to Index your site into different
Search Engine like GOOGLE, YAHOO or BING etc. When you make a website or blog then the
final job is to work for visitor. Then SEO helps to get visitors. So we can say that SEO (Search
Engine Optimization) some tricks to be indexed by different search engine and have a better
position in SERP.

Object of Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

   Index into different Search Engine to publish the site worldwide

   Build a better position in SERP

   Receiving a better traffic or Visitors

   Earn money with different Advertising and Affiliate Program.

Many Analysis’s mention that SEO is a deception of some constant process which construct a
frontward position for a site or blog that is so significant for receiving more & more Traffic.

Many SEO Experts Divided SEO in different parts. But mainly it has two parts of Search Engine
Optimization. To begin with the Search Engine Optimization conception you could do with to
make out that there are two forms of it:

Onsite Or On Page SEO
Offsite Or Off Page SEO
      Onsite SEO:

You can hope for a better search ranking result only when your blog or we bsite is completely or
at least partially optimized for the search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. In order to
Onsite Search Engine Optimize your blog or website you should have the onsite SEO tips.

      Offsite SEO:

Offsite SEO has everything to do with what Onsite SEO does not deal with. Search Engine
Optimizing done to your blog or website outside of it is called Offsite SEO.
So what do I mean by outside of the blog or site, really? In onsite SEO we try to improvise the
visibility, appearance and characteristic of a website. This ensures that the proper branding and
recognition is attained by the website or the blog that you own in the eyes of Google and other
search engines.

Both the SEO methods are very powerful if you have a plan to utilize the involved methods
with it correctly. If you ever heard that SEO secrets are not revealed then you are wrong my
friend. No matter what Blog niche you are into SEO techniques are always effective.

I think you have no quation like " What is SEO ? " I will discuse MORE about SEO in my
Search Engine Optimization Tips & Tricks