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                  SEO               হ Search engine Optimization।
          হ             হ   ।

              হ                        google, yahoo,ask

                  হ হ                       "Bangladeshi newspaper
links"।                                            হ

হ             ৎ                                                      ।

                                        ,        ,         হ
              হ                             ।

                                                                 হ           হ

     ১                                  হ
                                ।
                                        হ                       ।
                                                        হ                   ।

                                     হ                                                       হ

               ,                             হ                       হ                   ।

                                                                                                         ,           ,

                             হ                                                                               হ
                   হ :

     ১
              -
                        হ       ।
     ৮                                                                          ।


                                                 হ                                               হ   "SEO
          "।                                         ,       ,           হ
SEO                      হ           হ                                               হ
         হ                                      ।

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Components Of Google Ranking Algorithm

There are some basic matters in Search Enginge Optimization. Some of them are so efective and also important in
Search Engine Optimization process. Today I will tell you about those works that are how much essential in SEO.
Different webmasters showed different topics in Seo. Some of them says Backlinks is most important But Others says
that Keywords is so effective in SEO process. But at last They divided the Search Engine Optimization in percentise
at importance of Search Engine Algorithm. Please look at this following Picture…

We can understand form this above picture that they give their opinion for this 7 important matters in Search Engine
Optimization. As follows….

Domain Name Or Domain Related Information’s

Link Popularity Or Backlinks of the Site
Anchor Text Of External Links to the Page

Using Keywords

Registration and Hosting’s Data

Traffic Or Daily Visitors

Popularity In different social Networking site

Let’s know about Details of the above topics

1. Domain Name Or Domain Related Information’s: 23.87%

We saw that Domain Name Or Domain Related Information’s is 23.87% out of 100% in Search Engine Optimization
process. So think domain is how much essential in search engine Optimization. You have to confirm that you choice
a domain name which is taken on your content or topics. Suppose your site theme is on songs download so you
have to choice a domain like Then it will be more effective for Search Engine Optimization.

2. Link Popularity Or Backlinks of the Site: 22.33%

Backlinks is so important for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It helps a site to create page rank and also helps
at SERP. Backlinks is 22.33% out of 100% in Search Engine Optimization process. Many Webmasters thought that it
is the perfect way to progress in SEO. So it is so effective and essential in Search Engine Optimization.

3. Ancher Text Of External Links to the Page: 20.26%

Anchor text is a clickable text, and also an essential part of a hyperlink coding that connects an image or
words to another webpage or ingredient of a page. A hyperlink contains a website address that is not
discernible to web surfers as well as the anchor text, which is observable and shows the viewer where
the link leads. 20.26% SEO tricks depends on this matter out of 100%. The anchor text hearsay to the
search engines what the pages topic is. If you bring into play it in the exact manner you can elevate your
page rank within the search engines such as Google, yahoo and bing etc. Search engines apply anchor
text to conclude the area under discussion matter and importance of a web page. In the example on top
of, Google will formulate out the website as interrelated for the players
“Search Engine Marketing”.

4. Using Keywords: 15.04%

15.04% SEO depends on Keywords, is so important in SEO. If anyone use right keywords in his website then it will
be so effective in search engine. One right keywords can link a page of a website into search engine. Many
Webmasters says that keywords is so important more that backlinks. So friend’s choice right keywords using Google

5. Registration and Hosting’s Data: 6.91%
Many of us don’t give importance at this matter. But it is so important in search engine optimization process. We
should have to do registration and back up the hosting data. Everyone should buy Domain or Hosting from renowned
website like etc. It is so important to have registration and the hosting data because it is in 6.91% out
of 100%.

Others: 11.59%

Others 11.59% depends on website traffic and how Popularity In different social Networking site.

Note: This analyzing is done by seomoz dot Org.

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                         হ                     .৯১%
                                  হ                                     হ                           .৯১%
                     হ                                                                                          হ

         ১১. ৯%
                             ১১. ৯%।               ,                                 ,

                                                   হ       হ


                           "SEO            "
                              হ                হ       -                            " -                   হ
               ১         "।

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