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NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 1998                                        NUMBER   2
                                                                                                             SURVIVOR IS DEFINED AS A
                                                                                                             PERSON WITH A CURRENT

                                                                                                             OR PAST EXPERIENCE OF
                                                                                                             PSYCHIATRIC HOSPITALS,
                                                                                                             A RECIPIENT OF         ECT,

                                                                                                             TRANQUILLISERS OR OTHER
                                                                                                             MEDICATION, A USER OF
                                                                                                             COUNSELLING SERVICES,
                                                                                                             A SURVIVOR OF SEXUAL

                                                                                   photo: Stephen Block
                                                                                                             ABUSE, CHILD ABUSE AND
                                                                                                             ANY    OTHER      SURVIVOR
                                                                                                             WHO HAS EMPATHY WITH
                                                                                                             OUR EXPERIENCE.

                                                                                                               !!! STOP PRESS !!!
                                                                                                              Are you under 30? A
                                                                                                              survivor? A poet? Tired
                                                                                                              of the city? There are still
                                                                                                              a few places to fill on this
  Paulette Ng at Jacksons Lane, London.                                                                       day trip to the Aldeburgh

  This ambitious Disability Arts
                                              SPREAD                                                          Poetry Festival. Tickets

  Conference and Season took place
  during September and October
                                             THE WORD                                                         to events, all meals and
                                                                                                              travel included for just
                                                                                                              £3. Leaving London
  at Jacksons Lane Community              The London Festival of Literature                                   and returning on 7th
  Centre, London. It encompassed          will be a carnival celebration of                                   November.         Contact
  dance, theatre, multimedia, film,       The Word from the first stages of                                   Alison Smith a.s.a.p on
  music and POETRY. Hazel Lezah,          literacy to the greatest poets of the                               0171 916 5317 for further
  Alison Smith, Paulette Ng and           age taking place in all 33 London                                   details.
  the Virtuosos gave an enthralling       Boroughs during the period 19-28
  performance and Victoria Field          March next year. Survivors’ Poetry is
  took part in a lively on-stage          delighted to be working together
  debate with Johnny Crescendo,           with this exciting initiative. We will                          Saturday 6th March 1999. Bristol
  Simon Smith and Martin Davis.           have full details of our events in the                          Survivors’ Poetry will also perform
  Our congratulations to Pat Place        next newsletter.                                                their acclaimed The Truth is Out
  and her team for organising such        Also on the Festival front, we are                              There Somewhere at the Bath
  an interesting series of events.        delighted that Ruth Padel                                       Festival.

                                          and Kit Wright will be reading at
                                          the Bath Festival of Literature on

      P R O M OT I N G P O E T RY BY S U R V I V O R S O F M E N TA L D I S T R E S S
         PJ FAHY
It is with deep regret that we
                                                7 December 1943 ~ 19 October 1998

must announce the shocking
and tragic news that Patrick ‘PJ’
Fahy died of serious head injuries
on Monday 19th October 1998.
The head injuries were sustained
from a fall down a flight of steps.

He was a much loved friend
and colleague whose creativity
and generosity of spirit touched
everything he did. He was a
gifted musician and poet and his
unshakeable belief in everyone’s
creative potential was central to
his work; he always referred to
fellow artists as ‘geniuses’! His life
inspired many others, and PJ’s
encouragement helped launch
the careers of many new artists
and musicians.

For the past ten years PJ has
been actively involved in the
promotion of acoustic music and
poetry in London. Most recently
he released a CD, ‘Freshtracks’
and had many plans for a new             Patrick ‘PJ’ Fahy
acoustic club to be held here
at the Diorama Arts Centre. At           THE FIDDLER OF DOONEY                             W. B. YEATS
Survivors’ Poetry he worked
tirelessly as our London Events          When I play on my fiddle in Dooney,       For the good are always the merry,
Programmer. He will be terribly          Folk dance like a wave of the sea;        Save by an evil chance,
missed by us all.                        My cousin is priest in kilvarnet,         And the merry love the fiddle,
                                         My brother in Mocharabuiee.               And the merry love to dance:
A memorial event will be planned,
probably to take place early next        I passed my brother and cousin;           And when the folk there spy me,
year. If you are interested in           They read in their books of prayer;       They will all come up to me,
                                         I read in my book of songs                With ‘Here is the Fiddler of Dooney!’
attending or participating please
                                         I bought at the Sligo fair.               And dance like a wave of the sea.
let us know in writing (our small
office has been inundated with           When we come at the end of time
calls recently) and we will get          To Peter sitting in state,                [This poem was one of Pj’s favourites.
back in touch.                           He will smile on the three old spirits,   It is printed with the permission of A.P.
                                         But call me first through the gate;       Watt Ltd. on behalf of Michael B Yeats]
If you wish, you can make a
donation, in memory of PJ, to            Please contact Tina, in the
the The National Missing Persons         fundraising department on 0181
Helpline. PJ admired the work            392 4545 for details of how to
of this charity and was himself          make your donation.
missing for nearly two days.
                                                                                           “When I was doing the play last
                                                                                           year, I really came alive. It felt like
                                                                                           I’d been asleep for thirty years
                                                                                           and then I’d come awake”.
                                                                                           “Being in Stepping Out has done
                                                                                           me more good than anything.
                                                                                           More good than all the doctors
                                                                                           and all the tablets I ever took”.

                                                                                           “The play brought out so many
                                                                                           different feelings - happiness,
                                                                                           sadness and excitement ... It has
                                                                                           brought back hope for the future
The cast of ‘The Truth is out There - Somewhere’                                           for me”
                                                                                           Thanks to Jill and the Hope
                                                                                           Centre for all their kindness and
The Truth is Out There -                       Stepping Out - a very                       loveliness. For more information
Somewhere                                      special theatre company
The Bristol Survivors’ Poetry                  Stepping Out Theatre is open
Group’s (aka Stepping Out Theatre              to people who use and work in
Company) recent performance at                 mental health services. Most of
The Hope Centre, Hotwells Road,                the participants appeared on
Bristol was a sell out success. “The           stage for the first time in their
Truth is Out There - Somewhere”,               lives last year after six months
part of Open Minds Theatre                     working on the production of
Festival and an event for World                “The Voyages of the Starship
Mental Health Day took place on
Friday October 9th and Saturday

Steve Hennessy, secretary said,
“The venue said they could
easily have filled the theatre
again with the number of ticket                                                            about Stepping Out Theatre
enquiries they had. Audiences                                                              Company, telephone Steve
were extremely enthusiastic!                                                               Hennessy on (0117) 9832790 or
We are all on a real high at the                                                           Una Corbett on (0117) 9663629.
moment, basking in the glow of
achievement after six months of
hard work. We received coverage                    The cast collapses after a long dress
in the ‘Bristol Evening Post’,
‘Venue’ magazine (Bristol’s ‘Time
Out’), and on BBC Radio Bristol.               ‘Lunar Sea’”. The play won a
Our group was also                             national award. Here is what
                                               some of the participants have
the subject of a short radio                   to say about the experience of
documentary on Radio Bristol.”                 being in Stepping Out.
 CHELTENHAM FESTIVAL OF                                                            FORTHCOM
    LITERATURE                           13 OCTOBER 1998

                                                                          2ND NOVEMBER
The leafy Georgian squares of        and      moving         dramatic     JOINING FORCES
Cheltenham and the Festival          performance of a range of her        HEALTHEDUCATIONARTS
of Literature were host to the       poetry using the many voices         IN SEARCH OF COMMON GROUND
first Survivors’ Poetry event to     she has at her disposal.             A ONE DAY SEMINAR TO BE HELD IN NOTTINGHAM
                                                                          IN CONJUNCTION WITH EAST MIDLANDS SHAPE.
hit the Voices Off fringe directed                                        THE SEMINAR WILL BE OF INTEREST TO ARTS AND
by poet Marcus Moore. The            The wonderful Jean ‘Binta’           MENTAL HEALTH PRACTITIONERS AND SURVIVOR
presiding theme of the festival      Breeze rounded off the event         ARTISTS. FOR FURTHER   INFORMATION, CONTACT
was Revolution, the struggle for     with a story she had told at this    ALISON SMITH.
freedom or change as expressed       year’s Windrush celebrations in
                                                                          TUESDAY 3RD NOVEMBER - 7.30PM
through creativity - so we fitted    Liverpool, along with her own        CAMDEN WORKSHOP
right in!                            particular brand of rhythm and       MIND IN CAMDEN, 9-15 CAMDEN ROAD
                                     rap poetry.                          LONDON NW1
                                     Altogether it was a fabulous         A FORTNIGHTLY WORKSHOP FOR SURVIVORS OF
                                                                          MENTAL DISTRESS. THESE PROVIDE PARTICIPANTS
                                     evening which overran by half        WITH AN OPPORTUNITY TO HAVE WORK REVIEWED
                                     an hour such was the response        AND DISCUSSED IN A FRIENDLY, SUPPORTIVE
                                     from the audience. Cheltenham        ENVIRONMENT. TWO FACILITATORS WILL BE
                                     1999 here we come…!                  PRESENT AT EACH SESSION. PARTICIPANTS
                                                                          SHOULD BRING ALONG A POEM (TYPED OR
                                                                          VCLEARLY HANDWRITTEN) FROM WHICH WE CAN

                                     S U R V I V O R S’                   TAKE PHOTOCOPIES.

                                                                          SATURDAY 7TH NOVEMBER
                                     POETRY IN                            1PM
                                                                          BEYOND BEDLAM

                                     THE NEWS                             JUBILEE HALL ALDEBURGH, FREE
                                                                          READINGS BY SELIMA HILL, SCOTT VERNER AND
                                                                          LARRY BUTLER. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION
                                     An article in October’s Positive     ABOUT THE ALDEBURGH POETRY FESTIVAL,
                                                                          PLEASE CALL (01728) 453543
                                     Health magazine examined the
                                     ways in which creative writing       SATURDAY 7TH NOVEMBER
                                     can help during times of distress.   YOUNG SURVIVORS’ DAYTRIP
                                     This article was picked up by        TO ALDEBURGH
                                     ‘The Editor’ supplement of The       SURVIVORS’ POETRY IS PLANNING A SPECIAL
Marcus warmly introduced             Guardian on Saturday 10th            EVENT TO ALLOW YOUNG SURVIVORS TO VISIT
                                                                          THE FESTIVAL AND SEE A NUMBER OF EVENTS
the evening performance and          October. Victoria Field gave         INCLUDING THE ONE LISTED ABOVE.
dedicated it to the efforts of all   an interview on the BBC World        ARE YOU UNDER 30? A SURVIVOR? A POET?
at Survivors who had worked so       Service Outlook programme            TIRED OF THE CITY? THERE ARE STILL A FEW
hard over the years to make the      which was broadcast to a global      PLACES TO FILL ON THIS DAY TRIP TO THE
organisation what it is today.       audience on Wednesday 14th           ALDEBURGH POETRY FESTIVAL. TICKETS TO
                                                                          EVENTS, ALL MEALS AND TRAVEL INCLUDED FOR
                                     October. BBC Radio Bristol are       JUST £3. LEAVING LONDON AND RETURNING
Jack Withers of Survivors’           also planning to feature our work.   ON 7TH   NOVEMBER. CONTACT ALISON SMITH
Poetry Scotland kicked off in        An article on Survivors’ Poetry      A.S.A.P ON 0171 916 5317 FOR FURTHER
his inimitable soft Glaswegian       also appeared in the September       DETAILS.
style with tales of the docks and    issue of Umbrella.
tenements in poetic form.                                                 TUESDAY 17TH NOVEMBER
                                                                          CAMDEN WORKSHOP
He was followed by Char March                                             (CREATIVE WRITING ) - SEE ABOVE
from our Leeds group who also
had childhood memories of
Char gave a witty, vibrant
ING    E VENTS                                  WHAT’S ON                               It was a day for sowing poetic
                                                                                        There were six of us present

                                                AT SOMERS                               throughout the day on
                                                                                        September 26th at the Diorama
  (DOORS 7.30PM)
                                                TOWN                                    Arts Centre. We were taking
                                                                                        part in a ‘Young Voices’ poetry/
  150, OSSULSTON STREET, LONDON NW1             You could say it’s the long             performance workshop, which
  (£3.50, CONC. £1.50)                          goodbye theme we’ll be playing          was funded by Camden Arts &
  THIS REGULAR EVENT GIVES NEW AND              out at our regular SomersTown           Leisure. Our facilitator for the
                                                event in November, because our          day was the brilliant poet Martin
                                                MC for Saturday 21st November is        Glynn, who guided us in the art
  FIELD AND MUSIC BY PETER G. BROWN. MC         our former director Joe Bidder, a       of performing dramatic poetry
  WILL BE SURVIVOR POET, JOEBIDDER. CONTACT     survivor poet as you all know. Joe      in various styles. He also made
                                                will introduce our new director         some good suggestions on
  LIKE TO DO A FLOOR-SPOT.                                                              which dramatic tools it is best
                                                Victoria Field, whose poetry
                                                on ‘dreams of Russia and other          to employ, helping sharpen the
  CAMDEN WORKSHOP - SEE ABOVE                   lovers’ sounds like a new journey       impact of some of the poems he
                                                we are all going to enjoy.              heard from Paulette Ng during
  FRIDAY 11TH DECEMBER - 7.30PM                                                         the performance section of our
  SURVIVORS’ POETRY AT                                                                  day.
                                                “Magical”, so says Selima Hill and
  22 BETTERTON STREET, LONDON WC2               Selima is refering to Pascale Petit’s
  (COVENT GARDEN TUBE)                          first poetry collection, Heart of a     We went away with our heads full
  FREE ADMISSION                                Deer. So we are in for a treat from     of dramatic ideas. Unfortunately
  GET DOWN TO THE POETRY SOCIETY FOR OUR        Pascale.                                some of the ‘young voices’ could
  CHRISTMAS WORD FEST ON FRIDAY 11TH OF                                                 not attend on the 26th, but we
                                                Peter G Brown will round off            do have plans to hold a similar
  A FLOOR SPOT!                                 the evening with his thoughtful         workshop in the future. We
                                                songs on the inner experience.          also attracted six ‘new voices’ to
  TUESDAY 15TH DECEMBER - 7.30PM                                                        our Camden Workshop on the
  CAMDEN WORKSHOP                                                                       20th of October. All this from
                                                The music of Lucia Birch will
                                                swoon you to Avalon and other           the contacts we made during
  SATURDAY 19TH DECEMBER - 8PM                  destinations on December 19th           the period of publicising our
  (DOORS 7.30PM)                                at SomersTown. Our fresh voice          programme. I feel there will be
  SURVIVORS POETRY IN PERFORMANCE               this month will come from Robert        more interest in our Survivors’
  SOMERSTOWN COMMUNITY CENTRE                                                           Poetry as time passes by, so it’s a
                                                Friedberg, who is ‘a poet with a
                                                cause’.                                 big thanks to you all at Camden
  (£3.50, CONC. £1.50)
  POETS MALA MASON AND ROBERT FRIEDBERG                                                 Arts & Leisure.
  PERFORM TOGETHER WITH MUSICIAN LUCIA          Another destination is on the
  BIRCH. RAZZ WILL BE MC. CONTACT THE           cards, because you will hear from       ‘tis been a good year for us.
  SURVIVORS’ POETRY OFFICE IF YOU WOULD LIKE                                            We at Survivors’ Poetry wish you
                                                Mala Mason, who is ‘an inspired
                                                eclectic poet influenced by the         the same for 1999.
  EVERY WEDNESDAY - 6PM                         East’.                                  - Patrick Fahy
  WORKSHOP                                      You will enjoy getting into the
                                                ‘progeny of the instant life’, as
  FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT               created by Razz, our MC for this,
  GAVRIEL PHILIP ON 0181 386 5699               the last event of the year.

                                                                (This page was written by PJ in early October)
                                                                            “Magical is not a word
      PASCALE’S PUBLICATION                                                 contemporary poetry likes to
                                                                            apply to itself but Pascale Petit
                                                                            refuses to stay on the street,
                                       of a Deer, published in October
                                                                            refuses to connect with what
                                       by Enitharmon Press.
                                                                            we know. She takes us boldly to
                                                                            another plane, which, by virtue
                                       Pascale Petit’s first collection
                                                                            of her fine intelligence, doesn’t
                                       uses startling imagery to journey
                                                                            go soggy on us. It’s packed, to
                                       through Venezuelan rainforests
                                                                            use Yeats’s startling phrase, in
                                       and the icy realms of Tibet.
                                                                            ice. Perverse, untamed, delicious.
                                                                            Like granita”. Selima Hill.
                                       Transforming memories of
                                       childhood and marriage, she
                                       encounters a man changed
                                       into a butterfly, a bride who is
                                       a frozen waterfall. At the core of
                                       this book are two prizewinning
                                       longer poems: ‘Eisriesenwelt’ the
                       Pascale Petit   ice mother and ‘Kanaima’ the
                                       forest father - parents recreated
Pascale Petit, one of Survivor’s‘
Poetry’s long-standing facilitators
and performers, has just launched
                                       as geology and Amerindian
                                       demons, in a landscape of orchids,
                                       jaguars and talking waterfalls.
her first poetry collection, Heart                                            The latest issue of Nomad
                                                                              (the publication of Survivors’
                                                                              Poetry Scotland) features
                                                                              a wide variety of work by
WORLD MENTAL                                                                  survivor poets. The magazine
                                                                              will consider original and
HEALTH DAY &                                                                  previously unpublished work
                                                                              for publication. Please submit
NATIONAL POETRY                                                               no more than six poems with
                                                                              an SAE to Survivors’ Press
                                                                              at 30, Cranworth Street,
                                                                              Glasgow G12 8AG.
Survivors’ Poetry, as in previous      different places and took the
years, was in great demand over        opportunity to introduce new
the period around these two            audiences to our work. An event
days in October.                       at the Rio Cinema in Hackney         The Poetry Cafe
                                       attracted     an    enthusiastic
                                       audience for the poetry reading      Friday December 11th 1998.
                                       of over eighty people. We also       7.30pm. 22 Betterton Street,
                                       participated in the lively 10th      London WC2. Admission free.
                                       birthday party of Studio Upstairs
                                       at the Diorama Arts Centre. A        Get down to The Poetry Society
                                       staged series of poems, including    for our Christmas Word Fest on
                                       some from Beyond Bedlam was          Friday 11th of December. Ivor
                                       intensely dramatic. Our thanks       Game and Pascale Petit will be
                                       to all promoters and poets at        our guests + you, if you want to
                                       these events: Fatma Durmush,         do a floor spot!
                                       John Horder, Jeanette Ju Pierre,
                                       Rhamone, Dee Light, Tasse, et al.

We were invited to several
                                       Christmas at
                                                          performer for Survivor’s Poetry
POETRY IN THE                                             is welcome to come and browse                          RESIDENTS OF
OFFICE                                                    through these magazines during
                                                          office hours. We hope you will
We are attempting to work                                 find them a source of inspiration!
more effectively at promoting                             Please ring to let us know you                         A creative writing course for
Survivors’ Poetry through                                 will be dropping by.                                   students experiencing mental
the many poetry magazines                                                                                        health difficulties is taking place
published in the UK. Many                                                                                        at The Lee Centre, Aislibie Road,
                                                                                                                 Lee, London SE12 8QH. The
have already showed interest
in our work and have offered
                                                          EMAIL IN                                              course started on 21st September
their support. We have begun                              THE OFFICE                                             and is for 30 weeks. New students
                                                                                                                 are welcome to join the course
collecting these magazines and
have set up a small library in the                        It’s official! Survivors’ Poetry is                    at any time but you must be a
office. We also keep information                          now on the Internet.                                   resident of Lewisham. It is free
on forthcoming literature events                          Our e-mail address is                                  to take part and takes place on
and competitions. Anybody who                                                    Mondays from 1-3 pm.
works or has worked as
                                                          CREATIVE                                               Course information: Writing helps
                                                                                                                 us make sense of the world. It
a    volunteer,          facilitator,        or           WRITING FOR                                            can uncover and clarify our most
                                                                                                                 private feelings. It can connect
    SURVIVORS’ POETRY                                                                                            us with others through its power
                                                                                                                 to illuminate and amuse. When
    promoting poetry by survivors of mental distress
                                                                                                                 we put our creations out into
                                                                                                                 the world we bring our public
        Beyond Bedlam                                                                                            and personal lives together. This
        Poems written out of Mental Distress
        Edited by Ken Smith and Matthew Sweeney
                                                                                                                 course will help you develop
        Published by Anvil Press in co-operation                                                                 yourself alongside your skills
        with Survivors’ Poetry. 1997.
        Witty, brittle, serene, remote, tortured - here is poetry
                                                                                                                 through fun exercises, reflection
        that is testament to the transforming power of the imagination,                                          and sharing of work done both
        poetry that catches the reader in the full glare of its light,                                           inside and outside the group.
        challenging the isolation, stigma and myths of mental illness.
        Illustrated anthology ~ 160pp ~ paperback.
        Price £7.95. p&p free of charge.                                                                         The focus will be on imaginative
                                                                                                                 writing and writing about
                                                                                                                 personal experience, using short
                                                        Under the Asylum Tree                                    prose (articles and stories) journal
                                     Edited by Jenny Ford, Colin Hambrook & Hilary Porter.                       (diary) techniques and poetry.
                                                            Published by Survivors’ Press. 1995.
                                      This beautifully produced anthology was short listed for the               For more information contact
                                          "Mind Book of the Year Award", and the "Arts Council/                  Maggie Taylor, Special Needs Co-
                                               Raymond Williams Community Publishing Prize".
                                                    Illustrated anthology ~ 208pp ~ paperback.                   ordinator, CEL Holbeach Centre,
                                                                Price £7.95. p&p free of charge.                 Catford SE6 4QB. Tel/Fax 0181
..............................................................................................................   314 0370.
    I wish to order ___ copy(s) of Beyond Bedlam at £7.95 per copy. (p&p free)
    I wish to order ___ copy(s) of Under the Asylum Tree at £7.95 per copy (p&p free)
    I wish to order ___ copy(s) of both books at the reduced price of £15 (p&p free)
    Name ______________________________________________________________

    Address _____________________________________________________________

    I enclose a cheque/PO for £_______ payable to Survivors’ Poetry.
    r This is an institutional order. Please invoice me.
    Please send this form with payment to:
WHO’S               WHO                AT
                                                   “THE VALUE OF SURVIVORS’ POETRY IS THAT IT OFFERS OUR
SURVIVORS’                                         EXPERIENCE A VALID VEHICLE FOR EXPRESSION.
P O E T R Y                                        IT GIVES PEOPLE THE CHANCE TO CLAIM BACK SOME OF
            Jim Green                              THEM”.                    ~ A SURVIVOR ~
        Richard Hallward
         Danielle Hope
         Roger Moulson
           Anne Rouse
                                                                                   used and posted by you. We
          Julian Turner                     Contacts                               want to encourage the active
       Scott Verner (Chair)                 I am interested in setting up          involvement of as many people
                                            a group in London for survivors        as possible in Survivors’ Poetry
          OFFICE STAFF                      from ethnic minority communities.      and our Freepost service is a way
          Lisa Boardman                     A supportive and friendly space        of ensuring free access to us for
     (Information, enquiries)               in which to share poetry and           everyone.
          Clare Douglas                     other creative, artistic work and
         (Administration)                   experiences.                           New Telephone System
           Victoria Field                   Hopefully we can create an             We have recently had a new
             (Director)                     atmosphere that will be stimulating    telephone system installed
           Alison Smith                     and inspiring to all whilst also       with the help of The Arts’
          (UK Outreach)                     providing opportunities for            Council’s Capital Lottery Grant.
                                            individuals to develop their writing   It means all the office staff are
    VOLUNTEERS AND                          should they desire.                    now ‘networked’ to the same
  OPERATIONS COMMITTEE                      I am a poet and performer of Asian     telephone number. We should
        MEMBERS                             origin and keen to make contact        be able to answer your calls more
      Valeria Melchioretto                  with other survivors. If you are       often and more effectively in the
          Anna Neeter                       interested you can contact me,         future. The UK Outreach and the
          Hilary Porter                     via Survivors’ Poetry (see address     London Events numbers are no
      (Camden Workshops                     below). Please mark your envelope      longer in operation.
         Co-ordinator)                      “Survivors from ethnic minorities”.    If you wish to contact Survivors’
          Dave Russell                                                             Poetry you can do so by telephone
                                            Survivors’ Freepost                    on 0171 916 5317(minicom
       ADVISORY GROUP                       Some of you may have received          available).
   Paul Beasley, Joe Bidder,                freepost envelopes from us in
  Christina Dunhill, Kwabena
                                            recent weeks. We would like to
 Gyedu, Miriam Hastings, Mimi
                                            reassure you that this service is
   Khalvati, Jane Law, Peter
 McDonald, Emma McMullen,                   offered at very limited expense to
Andrew Pinnock, Richard Sutton.
   Survivors’ Poetry is funded by:          Survivors’ Poetry. We only pay for
    The Arts Council of England
                                            the envelopes that are actually
        London Arts Board

We are very grateful for the financial
             support of:
 Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation
     City Parochial Foundation
 Esmee Fairbairn Charitable Trust
   London Borough of Camden

        LONDON NW3 3ND
       TEL: 0171 916 5317
      FAX: 0171 916 0830
              E -MAIL:
      Registered Charity No. 1040177


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