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									The Salvation
 Club Sports
                                                                                            POLICIES AND PROCEDURES

                                                                          The rules set forth in the following pages are intended as a guideline
                                                                          for members of The Salvation Army TEAM AZ Sports Club. As a
                         The Salvation Army                               result of a growing organization, the Club cannot anticipate every
                             TEAM AZ                                      policy need. Therefore, the Club reserves the right to make policy
                            Club Sports                                   changes as deemed necessary. TEAM AZ Sports Club may make any
                             Handbook                                     and all exceptions to a rule only after the matter at hand has been
                                                                          reviewed and determined by The Salvation Army Administrator,
                                                                          Athletic Program Director and Staff. As the Club grows we will need
PURPOSE: To develop a well-rounded athlete with the fundamental           to make adjustments from time to time.
skills to compete in a competitive game and to develop social skills
that will last a lifetime.                                                THE SALVATION ARMY TEAM AZ SPORTS CLUB RESERVES THE
                                                                          RIGHT TO AMEND ANY AND ALL TERMS AND PROVISIONS OF
                         TEAM AZ                                          THIS DOCUMANET ON A YEARLY BASIS AND TO DISSEMINATE
                                                                          THAT SAID AMENDMENTS WILL OPERATE PROSPECTIVELY.
TEAM AZ Club sports represents one of the many affordable programs
offered by The Salvation Army South Mountain Center. Purposes are:                                 INTRODUCTION
1). To teach competitive skills through team concepts, camaraderie
and competition while teaching life skills in physical, spiritual and     The TEAM AZ Sports Club is operating as a nonprofit organization
educational disciplines. 2). To build a positive self-esteem, character   under the direction of The Salvation Army South Mountain Center
and create a fun and safe atmosphere for all those involved.              runs the Club.

        THE SALVATION ARMY MISSION STATEMENT                              The Club utilizes training, skill development and conditioning format
                                                                          in all activities. TEAM AZ currently offers those programs throughout
The Salvation Army is an international Movement, and evangelical          the year including tournaments, clinics and league play.
branch of the Christian Church. Its message is based on the Bible; its
Ministry is motivated by love for God and the needs of humanity. Its      Any young person between the ages of 8 to 17 years who want to learn
mission is to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, supply basic human       the basic fundamentals of the sports we offer, perfect their skills and
needs, provide personal counseling and undertake the spiritual and        want to compete with other skilled players may join the Club. All
moral regeneration and physical rehabilitation of all persons who         players who join the Club will participate in the tryout process for
come within its sphere of influence regardless of race, color, creed,     their age division. From the evaluation, players will be placed on a
sex or age.                                                               team based upon their age and overall volleyball understanding and
The club is a competitive club program. The program consists of
players who want to play competitive sports and want to enhance their
basic fundamentals and skills. Teams will be formed to help every
player take their game to the next level. Each team will be given the
opportunity to compete against high quality players.                       EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE

Club sports are a major commitment and will involve weekend                      Major Guy Hawk
activities. It is for players who want to make the commitment to play             Administrator
the best sports they can. Other sports are very difficult to participate
in and a decision might need to be made on which team you’ll play for.              Bob Wycoff
WE EXPECT EVERY PLAYER TO PLAY FOR TEAM AZ ONLY AND                          Athletic Program Director
participate in tournaments both-in-and out of state depending on skill              Alisha Davis
level. We expect to participate in 6 to 20 tournaments each season.          Athletic Program Assistant

Some Instructional clinics that focus on development of individual                Toby Gamble
skills and team skills will be held throughout the year.                      Basketball Coordinator

                                                                                 Albert Longoria
                      CLUB ORGANIZATION                                         Boxing Coordinator

  “He is before all things and in Him all things hold together” Col.               Head Coach
                                 1:17                                             Assistant Coach
                                                                                  Team Manager
TEAM AZ Sports Club is comprised of The Salvation Army Phoenix                        Players
South Mountain Center Administrator, Athletic Program Director,                       Parents
Athletic Program Assistant, Volleyball Coordinator, Basketball
Coordinator, Boxing Coordinator, Coaches, Players and Parents. The
Club business is administered by The Salvation Army South Mountain           TEAM ORGANIZATION
Center, which complies with rules of United States Volleyball
Association, Starlings Volleyball, Amateur Athletic Union, USA             “All hard work brings a profit”
Boxing Association and other tournaments we participate in. We are                 Proverbs 14:23
also a part of the Starlings Volleyball organization. Parents serve a
critical role as volunteers either chaperones, or helpers at special
events, fundraisers and concessions.
Teams consist of players their own age as required by Arizona Region    Coaches volunteer their time with their tournament expenses being
Volleyball Association, Amateur Athletic Union or USA Boxing            paid by the team when possible. The Club also offers clinics and
Association rules and bylaws. TEAM AZ may create as many teams in       training at other times of the year allowing each player to enhance
each age division as necessary. 12 players per team are a maximum.      their skills and conditioning year around. The cost for these clinics
Any and all exceptions will be made by the Athletic Program Director.   and training will be minimal. Registration and uniform fees:

Age groups are as follows:                                                     Cost per player = $250.00-$300 includes the following:
                                                                               – TEAM AZ jersey
       Boys Basketball & Girls Volleyball                                      – Spandex shorts
                                                                               – Warm-up shirt
       9 & Under –Players born on or after September 1st, 2000                 – Sports bag
       10 & Under-Players born on or after September 1st, 1999                 – Center Membership
       11 & Under-Players born on or after September 1st, 1998                 - Az Region volleyball registration/Tournament Fees
       12 & Under-Players born on or after September 1st, 1997
       13 & Under-Players born on or after September 1st, 1996          All sports registration fees must be paid by January 1, 2010. Once you
       14 & Under-Players born on or after September 1st, 1995          make a team then you must pay your $17.00 membership fee before
       15 & Under-Players born on or after September 1st, 1994          you can practice. NO ONE WILL BE GIVEN A UNIFORM UNTIL
       16 & Under-Players born on or after September 1st, 1993          THEIR FEE IS PAID IN FULL .We will work with you but you
       17 & Under-Players born on or after September 1st, 1992          must let us know. Arrangements will always be made to help your
       18 & Under-Players born on or after September 1st, 1991          child to participate but deadlines must be followed and fees paid.
                                                                        There will be Club fundraisers to help out with out-of-state
                                                                        tournaments. Any financial arrangements must be made through the
       ***There are grade exceptions for basketball only***             Registration Coordinator, Christina Wishom.

All players will play at their own age level. The Athletic Program                                FUNDRAISERS
Director will approve any and all exceptions. Please remember once
you’ve registered with TEAM AZ you are not allowed by Arizona           The Salvation Army Phoenix South Mountain Center must approve all
Region volleyball & TEA, AZ rules to play for another team during       fundraisers before each event. Fundraisers are designed to ease the
the season unless released by TEAM AZ.                                  financial burden of the player for out-of-state tournaments. These
                                                                        fundraisers should not be viewed as optional. Players electing not to
                             CLUB FEES                                  participate in fundraising activities will not share in the collected
                                                                        proceeds; they will be expected to pay their own costs. The TEAM AZ
One of the goals is to make TEAM AZ Sports Club as affordable as        philosophy is that, like games, practice and special events should be
possible. Our administrative fees are kept to the minimum to run this   conducted with a team spirit and camaraderie in mind.
club. Administrative fees include office supplies, postage, long        REMEMBER THE SALVATION ARMY MUST APPROVE ALL
distance calls for tournament reservations, club membership and team    FUNDRAISERS.
fees to United States Volleyball, Arizona Region Volleyball, Amateur
Athletic Union & USA Boxing Association and other tournaments.
                CONDUCT AND BEHAVIOR

     “Your attitude should be the same as Jesus Christ”
                          Phil. 2:5                                        9. Players must call their Coach or Team Manager a minimum
                                                                              one hour prior if they are going to miss practice or be late to
1. Players will keep a minimum 2.0 or “C” average in order to                 an event.
   compete in games or tournament play. If a player falls below a
   2.0 or “C” average they will be suspended from tournament               10. Players must communicate with their Coach if they are having
   play until their grades come up. The player will be expected to             any problems with their teammates or team decisions.
   come to practice during this time plus come to all games
   dressed in their uniform but they will not be permitted to              11. Players will always come to the tournaments dressed properly
   participate. Grades will be reviewed twice a year, once at the              and ready to play with their uniform, warm-up shirt, kneepads
   beginning and once midway during the season. Grades will be                 and shoes.
   reported to their coaches.
                                                                           12. Players will take care of their body by eating properly
2. Players must keep a positive attitude for all games and                     following proper diet for practice and tournaments.
                                                                           13. Players will give true information concerning another
3. Players are not allowed to use or possess any alcohol, tobacco              individual’s involvement in or knowledge of an incident
   or illegal drugs of any kind.                                               relevant to a violation of the rules.

4. Players will not do physical damage to any facilities, or theft of      14. Players will play by each tournament rules.
   items from a room, dormitory, residence or other people’s
   property is prohibited.                                                 15. Players will not undermine the team or coach. This would
                                                                               include gossip, attitude and disrespect. Participation in these
5. Players will not have any inappropriate conduct or behavior                 activities will result in dismissal from the team.
   with other players, coaches, parents or spectators.
                                                                           16. Players will work hard and honestly try to improve
6. Players will not use any physical or verbal intimidation to                 performance and participation of both themselves and
   anyone.                                                                     teammates.

7. Players will dress modest and appropriately. Absolutely no           There is NO GUARANTEED amount of game playing time with
   clothing that promotes drugs, alcohol, gangs or any other            Club style volleyball. At tryouts, players are placed on teams with
   inappropriate dress will be allowed. TEAM AZ will decide             other players of their age and matching skill levels to optimize their
   what is appropriate.                                                 amount of playing time. During close games, the best six players at
                                                                        the time will be on the court. This will be decided by COACHES
8. Players will not leave a SALVATION ARMY TEAM AZ                      ONLY!!!
   function without permission from Coach or Team Manager.
   This also includes out of town tournaments.
                                                                                                     DRESS CODE

Parents, Coaches and Players must exercise good judgment and             PLAYERS: TEAM AZ uniform, no jewelry, no hats, volleyball shoes
common sense at all times, even in the heat of competition. All          only, no face painting or temporary tattoo, shorts (not pulled down)
Salvation Army staff, parents, players and coaches are expected to       and shoes must be tied. WARM-UP SHIRT MUST BE WORN AT ALL
extend the utmost courtesy to their opponents, other organizations and   TEAM WARM-UPS.
game official.
                                                                         THE SALVATION ARMY STAFF AND VOLUNTEERS WILL WEAR
Nothing but exemplary behavior is expected from all players, coaches     TEAM AZ SHIRTS AT ALL EVENTS!!
and parents at practice, on the road, at tournaments, in hotels,
restaurants or any other team function. Fighting is a terminable         NOTHING   IN   THIS   DOCUMENT   OR   ANY   OTHER
offense. Any player, parent, family member, family friend, coach or      REPRESENTATION (WRITTEN OR ORAL) IS INTENDED TO
club affiliate who becomes involved in a fight may cause himself or      ESTABLISH A CAUSE BASIS OR ANY PROCEDURE FOR
herself to be suspended, barred or terminated from the Club and it’s     TERMINATION FROM CLUB MEMBERSHIP; NOTHING
activities.                                                              INTENDED TO CREATE OR IMPLY A CONTRACTUAL
                                                                         RELATIONSHIP. PLAYERS MAY RESIGN OR BE TERMINATED
Friendship development is a natural outcome of Club Sports and           FROM CLUB MEMBERSHIP AT ANYTIME.
should be encouraged especially since togetherness is essential to a
winning team.        Team harmony is important for on-the-court                                    TRAVEL POLICY
performance. For these reasons, ganging or banding together to form
cliques is not acceptable. Segregation of one or more players from the   Before Travel:
rest of the team will not be tolerated.
                                                                            -   There will be a mandatory meeting with players and parents a
TEAM AZ Sports Club maintains an open door policy and accepts all               week prior to a scheduled trip.
applicants who make the team for membership. TEAM AZ has a policy           -   All payments (if required) will be collected in advance of the
of “participation at will.” This means that either the Club or Player           scheduled tournament or the player will not be permitted to
may terminate participation at anytime.                                         travel.
                                                                            -   All players will provide the Coaching Staff & Team Manager
IF A PLAYER CHOOSES TO LEAVE TEAM AZ THEY WILL                                  with two emergency numbers prior to travel.
NOT BE ALLOWED TO RETURN TO TEAM AZ FOR THE                                 -   Parents have filled out The Salvation Army medical release
REMAINDER OF THE SEASON IN ANY CAPACITY                                         form for their child. If there is any medical condition that is of
                                                                                concern or if the player is on a certain medication parents
IF A PLAYER IS ASKED TO LEAVE, THEY WILL NOT BE                                 must speak with the Coaching staff prior to travel with any
ABLE TO RETURN TO TEAM AZ PERMANENTLY.                                          information that maybe important to the players welfare.
                                                                            -   Players will be given a complete itinerary of the trip including
                                                                                transportation, hotel information and meeting times.
                                                                            -   Meeting times and locations will be determined. All players
                                                                                are expected to be on time.
   -   All players are responsible to call the Coaching staff or          Tournaments: TEAM AZ Coach’s shirt, Coach’s shorts or jeans, no
       designated driver if there is a problem arriving on time.          open toed shoes.
   -   All chaperones must have their background check, driver’s
       training and Safe from Harm training completed.                    Commitment to TEAM AZ – We expect all Coach’s to attend tryouts,
                                                                          practices, tournaments, clinics, Coaches meetings and all TEAM AZ
                                                                          events. Each team will have a Head Coach, Assistant Coach and
PARENTS:                                                                  Team Manager with the possibility of additional personnel for
                                                                          statistics and trainers. All Coach’s will keep in contact with each
Parents and Coaches are urged to refrain from tobacco use at least 30     player/parent concerning practice, tournament times, locations, travel
minutes prior to any team event and in any vehicle in which a player is   arrangements, team/club events and team/club fundraisers. Many of
present. Parents and Coaches may not use alcohol or illicit drugs at      this can be done through the Team Manager. The Athletic Program
anytime.                                                                  Director and Coaching staff will have parents meetings to discuss the
                                                                          team’s plans, coaching philosophy and commitment to the team.

                    COACH’S EXPECTATIONS                                  COACHES WILL COACH FOR TEAM AZ ONLY DURING THE
                                                                          CLUB SEASON.
   “Commit to the Lord everything you do. Then your plans will
                            succeed”                                      ENCOURAGING AND CHALLENGING EACH PLAYER TO GROW –
                         Proverbs 16:3                                    We expect each coach to work with every player and find a way to
                                                                          encourage them to be their very best. We will accept nothing less from
“Ability is what you are capable of, motivation determines what you       our Coaches, as this will build a strong team. When the season is
do and attitude determines how well you do it.”                           over, there should be a measurable improvement in the skills and
                                                                          attitudes of every player.
All Head Coaches must be 21 years of age. All players will be
supervised with someone 21 years or older per The Salvation Army          WE EXPECT COAHES TO BE AS EQUITABLE WITH PLAYING
rules and regulations.                                                    TIME AS POSSIBLE. CLUB SPORTS DO NOT GUARANTEE A
                                                                          CERTAIN AMOUNT OF PLAYING TIME. EVERY PLAYER MAY
All Coaches, Team Managers and Chaperones must have a cleared             NOT PLAY IN EVERY GAME IN A TOURNAMENT BUT IN BLOW
background check and “Safe from Harm” training.                           OUT GAMES SHOULD HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO PLAY.
                                                                          WHEN THE GAME IS ON THE LINE, THE COACH WILL USE HIS
All Coaches must give their best at all times – When a Coach is on the    BEST PLAYERS. THIS WILL BE A COACH’S DECISION WHO THE
floor, at practice or on the bench at a game, we expect them to           BEST PLAYERS ARE.
exemplify the policy of TEAM AZ and the attitude and ideals they
expect from their players.                                                          WELCOME TO TEAM AZ SPORTS!!!!!!!!!!!

Coaches and team representatives must be attired in TEAM AZ
clothing at all Salvation Army TEAM AZ events, practices,
tournaments and meetings.
               The Salvation Army
                    TEAM AZ



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