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_4_ When is a Jew not a Jew x vt7-24 t5.7-ltt 23.L3-3t; Luke 12.54


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Romans: Good News for Everyone!
(4) When is a Jew not a Jew?x                                   Romans 2.17-29 (p1129)
1. It's not what's on the label but what's inside that counts with       God             vt7-24

2, It's not what I do to the outside but what God does on the inside that counts v25-29

The follow throuoh:
1. What did Jesus say to/of people who failed to practice what they preached? (Matthew 6.2,5,LGi 7.3-5;
   t5.7-ltt 23.L3-3t; Luke 12.54-57; L3.L0-77.
2. What do people rely on today (other than Jesus) to gain acceptance with God? What would you lovingly,
   gently & patiently say to disabuse them of their false hopes?
3. What evidence in a person's life could indicate that God has already done something in them?
   (See Romans 6,1-11; 1 Corinthians 15.56-57)
4. How can you be certain that you are a Christian?
                             *Answer: When God hasn't done anything in their heart

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