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					                                                                                                                THE GRID
                                                                                                                 Volume 1, Issue 1
                                                                                                                    August 2007

                                 THE GRID
APEB HOSTS 6th ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING!                                                                     Inside this issue:

The Association of Profes-      •    Develop a communica-              entire engineering spectrum
sional Engineers of Belize                                             ranging in the disciplines of       APEB ACT                  2
                                tions strategy;
(APEB) held its 6th Annual                                             Civil, Electrical, Industrial,
General Meeting at the          •    Forge alliances and build         Environmental, Sanitary, Me-
Belize Biltmore Plaza Hotel     networks with relevant                 chanical, Structural, Trans-
on Thursday, July 19th dur-     stakeholders in the industry;          port, Telecommunications,           President’s message       2
ing which a new Governing       Build the capacity of this or-         Electronic, Refrigeration and
Council was elected to
serve for the next two                                                                                     Awards                    2

The new council is com-                                                                                    Know your ACT             3
prised of:
President - Victor Miranda
Vice President - Douglas                                                                                   Airport runway            4
Secretary - Mick Craig
                                                                                                           APEB and APAB             5
Treasurer - Ian Morrison
Councilor - Phillip Waight
Councilor - Raul Martinez                                                                                  Engineering Humour        6
                                                                       Air Conditioning, Construc-
The new council has com-        ganization and its member-             tion, Chemical, and Agricul-
mitted itself to:               ship by providing relevant             tural. The organization’s
                                opportunities to technical             mandate is to regulate the
•   Engage in a strategic
planning process to guide       support and training.                  Engineering profession in the
                                                                                                           Special points of inter-
the council’s development       The association’s 85 regis-            country of Belize.
over the next two years;        tered members cover the
                                                                                                           • APEB new Address and
                          NEW OFFICE FOR APEB!                                                             • APEB AGM
                                                                                                           • Awards Ceremony
                                      Dooney’s building. The new       ence facility to convene meetings
                                      office is centrally located to   for the Council and other such      • Airport runway
                                      be fully accessible to our       groupings as necessary.

                                                                       Our new contact number is
                                      A resource centre is sched-
                                                                       207 -APEB OR 207-2732. Our
                                      uled to be put in place where
                                                                       email address remains
                                      members will be able to gain
                                                              but if you want di-
                                      access to a library.             rect contact to the President,
APEB gets a new home at 57
                                    The new office boasts a confer-    please use
Albert Street second floor of
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                                                           THE GRID
                             PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE

                  As humans        Let us move positively               tions in the workplace.
                  on this          towards building our ca-
                  earth, our       reers, our lives and our
                  challenge is     countries and not get                Let us build a legacy for
                  to leave the     caught up in the negativ-            APEB, one that can even
                  world a bet-     ity of destruction which             revel the Mayas! Thank
                  ter place        pervades our society.                you for the confi-
                  than we find                                          dence you have          Let us be the
                  it. As mem-                                           placed in the new       watchdogs of our
    bers of this organization      Let us be the watchdogs              council. We will do communities and
    we have a unique ability       of our communities and               our best with your garner the necessary
    to make a difference. The      garner the necessary re-             guidance.               respect for our noble
    council challenges you to      spect for our noble pro-                                     professions by
    be true engineers fo-          fessions by establishing                                     establishing those in
    cused on building and          those in our field to be                                     our field to be persons
    rebuilding, We challenge       persons of integrity. Let                                    of integrity.
    you to create landmarks        us report abuses of
    in your respective fields      power, failures in service
    which will attest to the       delivery by our utility
    significance of our exis-      companies, failures in
    tence long after we are        building code compliance                Victor Miranda P.ENG
    gone.                          and report discrimina-

Awards were given out to         Admissions Committee
all those that volunteered
and have steered APEB to         Mick Craig P.Eng Chairman
being a successful organiza-     Paul Satchwell P.Eng Secretary
tion for engineers over the
                                 Allan W. Sharp P.Eng past Secretary
past 5 years.
                                 Fernando Coye P.Eng Member
For giving selflessly of their   Brian Hines P.Eng Member
time and effort to serve as:
                                 Board of Engineering Education
Building and Structures          John Bell P.Eng
Carlton Young P.Eng Chairman
                                 Past Councils
Paul Satchwell P.Eng Secretary
                                 Wilfredo Guerrero P.Eng
Dwayne Thurton P.Eng Member
                                 William Lamb P.Eng
Douglas Walker P.Eng Member                                            Colwin Flowers P.Eng
                                 Mick Craig P.Eng
George Moody P.Eng Member                                              Omar Mitchell P. Eng
                                 Guillermo Alamina P.Eng
Phillip Andrewin P.Eng Member                                          Robert Tillet P.Eng
                                 Phillip Waight P.Eng
                                                                       Cuthbert Burrell P.Eng
                                 Omar Mitchell P.Eng
                                                                       Jorge Espejo Jr. P.Eng
                                 Carlton Young P.Eng
    Page 3
                                                    THE GRID

                               KNOW YOUR ACT !
              Act 16 of 2001 brought into being the
              Association of Professional Engineers of
              Belize (APEB) as an autonomous non-
              governmental organisation and caretaker
              of the Act. The governing body of APEB is
              the Council, comprising the President,
              Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and
              two Councillors – all elected for a two-
              year term.

              The duties of the Council are:

              Regulating the ethics, discipline, profes-
                                                           advising and assisting, upon request
              sional conduct and standards of profes-
                                                           and on such terms and conditions
              sional engineering;
                                                           as may be mutually agreed upon,
              Promoting the continuous educational
                                                           the Government of Belize, public
                           development of professional
The governing body engineers so as to increase their       statutory bodies, educational and

of APEB is the knowledge, skill and proficiency;           charitable institutions, trade unions
                                                           and business and other professional
Council, comprising Promoting and protecting the
                                                           organizations on any question re-
the President, Vice- welfare and interests of the
                                                           lated to the practice of professional
President, Secretary, Association, professional engi-
Treasurer and two neers and of the profession of
Councillors    –    all engineering;                       Promoting and fostering relations
                           Forming committees of the As-
elected for a two-                                         with other professional organiza-
                           sociation and prescribing the
year term.                                                 tions in or out of Belize with similar
                           powers and functions of such
                                                           objectives to those of the Associa-
                                                           tion, and joining and subscribing to
              Making provision for the training, educa-
                                                           regional and international associa-
              tion and examination of persons engaging
                                                           tions of professional engineers;
              or intending to engage in the practice of
              professional engineering;
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                                                                 THE GRID
                                                    New runway for Belize!
The newly lengthened runway at        is anticipated
the Goldson International air-        that this in
port will shortly be put into ser-    turn will en-
vice. The Belize Airport Conces- hance the lo-
sion Company Limited, manag-          cal tourism
ers and operators of the airport      industry by
facility, prioritized one of the      expanding
obligations of their concession       new markets.
agreement which required the
construction an extended
main runway.                      The previous
                                     runway Which
The previous runway              was 7100 feet in
Which was 7100 feet in
length was unable to ac-        length was unable
commodate wide body              to accommodate
jets, such as the Boeing
767ER and the Airbus              wide body jets,                Paving and compaction under way for the new runway extension
A330. Extension of the
runway will now permit direct          The Phase 1 Expansion project had three components, namely construction of
long distance flights using these      2,600 feet of new runway, expansion of the aircraft parking apron and relocation of
types of aircraft to Canada,           the airport access road. The latter was required to maintain safety clearance stan-
Europe, and the western United         dards at the Eastern end of the runway.
States from Belize.
                                           The runway construction, which is of flexible pavement, has advanced the skills of
This will make Belize more ac-             pavement engineering in Belize in several aspects. Firstly, it is believed to be the
cessible to visitors from these            first example of placement of Cement Treated Base (CTB) by a local contractor.
locations, and it is hoped that            This is a lean roller compacted concrete with specific grading requirements.
foreign airlines will shortly take         Secondly, it is the first time hot mix asphaltic concrete (Marshall Asphalt) has been
advantage of the new facility. It
                                           produced and placed as a pavement surface by a local company.
                                                                         Both of these contract items proceeded well, and as a
                                                                         result it was decided to enhance the standard of the
                                                                         mile long access road using the hot mix surfacing in-
                                                                         stead of the usual surface dressing (chip seal), resulting
                                                                         in an improved ride quality for motorists over this sec-

                                                                       Construction was carried out by Airport Development
                                                                       Limited, a local joint venture between Valley Ranch En-
                                                                       terprises Limited and RODLA Construction Company
                                                                       Limited. Project design and construction supervision
                                                                       services were carried out by Professional Engineering
                                                                       Services Limited of Belize City. Total cost of the con-
                                                                       struction project was just below BZ$20.5 million dol-

               Aerial view of new airport access road junction
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                                                THE GRID
                                    APEB meets with APAB!
                                                      It was agreed that two members of APAB
                                                      would sit on our Building and Structures

                                                      The meeting ended with the agreement
                                                      that we would continue to collaborate in
                                                      the best interest of our professions.

The executive councils of APEB and APAB
                                                     The    joint    meeting
met on July to discuss areas of mutual inter-
                                                     concept will continue
est between both parties as well as shared
                                                     to ensure networking
synergies at achieving objectives within the
                                                     and lobbying power
professional landscape.
                                                     between        engineers
                                                     and architects.
Decisions that came out of the meeting in-
cluded Corporate social responsibility
and where we see our respective organiza-
tions. A suggestion was tabled for small
low income houses be donated by Engineers
and Architects. CBA/enforcement issues
Were also tabled where we
need to be vigilant on wrongdo-
ings within the system that af-
fects our professions.

A final point of discussion were
common issues such as unli-
censed persons within the envi-
ronment and how we could suc-
cessfully deal with them.
        THE GRID
                                                     THE GRID
    57 Albert tree Suite 3
      Belize City, Belize                                  10 Good Reasons for You to Date and Marry an

                                                                     1. The world does not revolve around us.
    Phone: 501-227-APEB                                                   We choose the coordinate system.
     Fax: 501-227-2732
    E-mail:                                             2. No "couple" could enjoy a better
Serving Engineers with RESPECT                                       3. We know how to handle stress and
                                                                     strain in a relationship.
                                                                     4. We have significant figures.
                                                                     5. EK 301: The motion of rigid bodies.
                                                                     6. Projectile motion: Need we say more?
                                                                     7. Engineers do it to specifications.
                                                                     8. According to Newton, if two bodies in-
                                                                          the forces are equal and opposite.
 We’re on the web                                                    9. We know it's not the length of the vector                                                  that counts,
                                                                          but how you apply the force.
                                                                     10. We know the right hand rule.

                 Association of Professional Engineers of Belize (APEB)
                 57 Cor. Albert and Prince Streets
                 Dooney Bldg, Second Floor Suite # 3
                 Belize City, Belize

                                       Professional Engineers
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