The 8th Annual Lt. Joe Gullickson Memorial Picnic

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					 The 8th Annual
Lt. Joe Gullickson
 Memorial Picnic

            Remember 9.11.01

 “Red Hook Raider Forever”
                                                                                The Maverick Foundation
                                                                     “Opportunity, Challenge, and Recognition”
              The Maverick Foundation is proud to have Turner Construction Company
              as our primary sponsor for this event.
                                                       Pat DiFilippo                           Charles Murphy
                                                   Executive Vice President                  Senior Vice President
                                                                   Turner Construction Helpers:

                                                Joe Byrne, Emad Lotfalla, Ark Latt, Greg Dooney & Son, Milton Cheung,
                                               Tony Bruton, Scott Hoyle, Alexandra Schmidt, Andrew Martin, Paul Dorsi,
                                                  Vincent Massucci, Saakshi Fnu, Alexis Maldonado, John Thomann,
                                                              Ron Szkodny, Mark Pulsfort, Joe Borrelli

              United Hoisting & Scaffolding      Tom Gullickson                       Jaros, Baum, & Bolles
              PJ Mechanical Company              Scott Reiman                         New York, NY

              D& B Cousins Construction          Tom & Amy Mortko
                                                                                      Farinella Consulting
                                                 Lori & John Tomaszewski              Ridgewood, NJ
              National Acoustics
                                                 Saint Teresa Parish
              Genetech Windows                                                        Richmond Lawn Sprinklers
                                                 The Perez Family
              Commodore Construction                                                  53 Purcell St.
                                                 Joann & John Christie
                                                                                      Staten Island, NY 10310
              Nacirema Incorporated              Patricia Byrne                       Ralph Gullickson
              LJC Dismantling Corporation        Staten Island Yankees
                                                 FDNY Chief Ed Kearon                 iEnterprises
              Almar Plumbing                                                          172 South St.
                                                 Jackie Deluca                        Murray Hill, NJ
              Olympic Plumbing
                                                 Joanne & John Driscoll               John Carini
              Jill & Peter Callegari
                                                 John & Mary Christoffersen
              S&C Products                                                            Victory Sports, George Siller
                                                 Peter & Leonora Batten
                                                                                      Staten Island, NY
              Advantage Reprographics            Eileen Christie
              Rael Sprinkler Company             Zeke Quin                            Law Office of Anthony Danna
                                                 Ryan O’Shea                          Staten Island, NY
              John Civetta & Sons

                                                 The Shades                           Sarah Perez
              Belt Painting
                                                 Katherine Gleeson                    Graphic Design Specialist
              Consolidated Carpet                                                     117 Basking Ridge Rd.
                                                 Jim Boylan
              Siemens Building Technologies                                           Millington, NJ 07946
                                                 Al & Vera Abate
              Sirina Fire Protection             Peg & Frank Camoia
              EJ Electrical Company              Kenny Schirripa                      FDNY
                                                 Kate & Joe O’Shea                    Fire Transport Foundation
              FW Sims Mechanical                                                      Bethpage, NY
                                                 Dennis McNamara
              A-Val Architectural Metal                                               “Truck #343”
                                                 Dave Vurture
              Feinstein Ironworks                Curtis Borgstede
              Island Fire Protection             Rosa & Vincent Leonetti
              Conventional Stone Company         Tom Frankenberry                           Pride of F.D.N.Y.
              City View Blinds                   Kristen Doyle
                                                                                      “Mad Dog” Bobby Barker
                                                 Peter Nigro
              Hugh O’Kane Electrical Company
                                                 Jeanine Erali                       Red Hook Raider Race Car
              Villa Construction Company
                                                 Jerry Scully
              Eastern Millwork Inc.              Hector Perez
              Armory Inn                         Blessed Sacrament Parish
              The Beer Garden                    Joe & Maureen Borrelli
                                                                The Maverick Foundation
                                                      “Opportunity, Challenge, and Recognition”

            Two tragic wrongs do not make a           attributes – he was tough, a fine athlete,
            right, but The Maverick Foundation        and combined that with a sensitivity
            is trying, while making the world         toward his fellow human beings.” Dan’s
            a little bit better, one person at a      favorite motto was, “TO THE MAX.”
                                                      Jim McGuire and Bob Gullickson were
                                Joe Gullickson        close friends with each other’s brother
                                  was an FDNY         through grammar and high school. They
                                    Lieutenant        were inspired to establish The Maverick
                                     with Ladder      Foundation to honor the lives of their
                                     Company          brothers and continue their legacy.
                                    101 in Red
                                      Hook when       The Maverick Foundation through its
                                      he sacri-       “Opportunity and Challenge” mission
                                      ficed his       provides one full scholarship annually to
                                      life at The     Moore Catholic High School for a special
                                      WTC on          eighth grader who embraces the charac-
                                      September       ter and values of Joe and Dan, possesses
            11, 2001 while saving the lives of        the desire to help others, leads by exam-
            others. Joe possessed a genuine           ple, and is determined to reach his or her

            concern for others and would do           full potential. Recipients are challenged
            anything for anyone anytime. “No”         through The Congressional Award Pro-
            was not in his vocabulary. FDNY           gram to perform 400 hours of community
            Captain Tom Giordano said, “Joe           service, 200 hours of personal develop-
            was an exceptional officer, always        ment, and 200 hours of physical activity
            learning, always teaching, and,           that culminates in the recipient receiving
            above all, always looking out for         the prestigious Gold Medal.
            his men. I am proud to call Joe a
            brother, a hero, and a friend.”           The Maverick Foundation through its
                                                      “Recognition” mission sponsors a Good
            Dan McGuire tragically lost his           Citizen Award Program where a school’s
            life in an automobile accident in         principal or eighth grade teacher are
            September of 1976 at the age of 17.       invited to nominate an eighth grader who
            Dan was a natural leader and co-          is an exemplary role model, is willing to
            captain his track team. He always         help others, possesses a worthy aca-
            gave 110% and was a true friend.          demic record especially regarding conduct
            His track coach,                          or effort, or has overcome a significant
            Bill Hodge, said,                         obstacle to achieve their goals while dem-
            “If ever I was                            onstrating a positive attitude.
            to have a son,
            Danny is like                                                          Gullick
            what I want                                                     Jo            so
                                                                     L   t.
            my son to

            be. He had
            so many
                                                                            mp             is
                                                                                   er Fidel

                         “To live in the hearts of those left behind is not to die”
                                                                                     The Maverick Foundation
                                                                           “Opportunity, Challenge, and Recognition”

              2009 Scholarship Recipient
                                                                   Michelle DeTomaso

                                                                          Š Graduate of Blessed Sacrament School
                                                                          Š Consistent First Honors Achievement
                                                                          Š Accepted to Moore Catholic’s Presentation
                                                                            Scholars’ Academy
                                                                          Š Accepted to Moore Catholic’s Performing Arts
                                                                            Institute in Dance
                                                                          Š Member of Holy Family Parish Youth Group

              “Michelle is one of the most pleasant, diligent, and polite young women I have had the
              pleasure of teaching in my ten year career” - Mrs. Jennifer M. Belford, 8th Grade Teacher

              Our Benchmarks for Success                                                  The Maverick Foundation

              Š Scholarship Funds Expended .......... $87,500                              Congressional Award
              Š Scholarship Funds Committed ........ $42,000                                     Program
              Š Volunteer Hours Performed ................ 2,340                            Medal Achievements
              Š Congressional Awards
                 Gold Medals ............................................ 3                     Gold Medal
                 Silver Medals ........................................... 5                Danielle McLaughlin
                 Bronze Medals ......................................... 7                   Mary-Kate Rose
                                                                                            Christina Borovilas
              Š Maverick Foundation
                 Good Citizen Awards Presented ............. 118                               Silver Medal
                                                                                               Kathleen Brim
              Organizations Supported by the                                                  Kaityln Gullickson
              Maverick Foundation through Volunteer Work
                                                                                               Bronze Medal
              Š Staten Island Zoo                                                              Joseph Plescia
              Š Staten Island Greenbelt                                                      Vincent McLaughlin
              Š Juvenile Diabetes Foundation
              Š IS 75 Day Camp
              Š Staten Island Friends for Hospice Care
              Š Eger Health Care and Rehabilitation Center
              Š Somerset County Medical Center
                                                             The Maverick Foundation
                                                  “Opportunity, Challenge, and Recognition”

                                 Joseph Plescia
                                 2007 Scholarship Recipient

                                 Š   Approved for Congressional Award Bronze Medal
                                 Š   Eger Health Center & Rehabilitation Center Volunteer
                                 Š   Staten Island Advance Carrier
                                 Š   Moore Catholic Scholars Program
                                 Š   Moore Catholic Jazz Band Member - Guitarist
                                 Š   Staten Island Zoo Junior Docent
                                 Š   Boy Scout Venturing/NRA Clay Shooting Troop Member
                                 Š   Red Cross Lifeguard Certified

                                 Kathleen Brim
                                 2006 Scholarship Recipient
                                 Š   Approved for Congressional Award Silver Medal
                                 Š   Received Congressional Award Bronze Medal
                                 Š   Member of the Moore Catholic Jazz Ensemble
                                 Š   Member of the Moore Catholic Chorus
                                 Š   Band and Office Assistant
                                 Š   Member of the Moore Catholic Swim Team
                                 Š   National Honor Society - Presidential Service Award

                                 Š   St. Joseph-St. Thomas Swim Team Coach
                                 Š   Peer Tutor
                                 Š   Day Camp Counselor at PS 6

                                 Mary-Kate Rose
                                 2005 Scholarship Recipient
                                 Š   Approved for Congressional Award Gold Medal
                                 Š   Received Congressional Award Silver Medal
                                 Š   Received Congressional Award Bronze Medal
                                 Š   National Honor Society Member
                                 Š   Miss Hibernian 2009
                                 Š   Performed in Moore’s Production of “A Streetcar Named Desire”
                                 Š   Performed in Moore’s Production of “A Little Shop of Horrors”
                                 Š   Performed in Moore’s Production of “The Odd Couple”

                  Best of Success & Happiness
              At Mount Saint Mary’s University!
                                           The Maverick Foundation
                                 “Opportunity, Challenge, and Recognition”

                            The Maverick Foundation

                        Tony Catapano

                      In Recognition of Forty-two Years of
                       Outstanding Service & Dedication
                             with FDNY Engine 202
                              “Red Hook Raider”

         The Maverick                        Congratulations to

          Foundation                         Kaitlyn Gullickson!

      is proud to present
                                             Best of Success &

       Eagle Awards to
                                                Happiness at
                                        The College of New Jersey

    FDNY Chief Ed Kearon
       Joe Borrelli

    for Steadfast Support &
          Dedication                   Is Proud to Present
           Thanks!                      The Jack Connolly

                                      Outstanding Leadership
                                        Award for 2009 to
                                          Briana Marino
                                    For striving to be your best
                                   Willingness to help others and
                                  being an inspiration for others
    In Loving Memory of                  Congratulations!
    Mrs. Kathleen McGuire
                                                              The Maverick Foundation
                                               “Opportunity, Challenge, and Recognition”

                                       Sixth Annual
                                Good Citizen Award Program
                                    Twenty-two Awards

    The Maverick Foundation is proud to announce that twenty-two well deserving
    eighth grade students received Good Citizen Awards during their school’s graduation
    ceremony that included a certificate along with a tee shirt and a medal. Each student
    was nominated by their eighth grade teacher for being an exemplary role model who
    regularly demonstrates respect for others, willingness to help others, and having a
    worthy academic record especially regarding conduct and effort. Students were
    also selected for having overcome a significant obstacle in their lives such as an
    illness or difficult family situation while maintaining a positive attitude and achieving

    their goals. The recipients for each of the following schools are:

     School                                   GCA Recipient
     Blessed Sacrament School                 Victoria Lydon
     Holy Rosary School                       Nicole Mullan

     Immaculate Conception School             Johanna Zumba
     Notre Dame Academy                       Janani Bavanandan
     Our Lady Help of Christians School       Caitlin Delaney

     Our Lady of Mount Carmel School          Melvin Summerville
     Our Lady Queen of Peace School           Amanda Fursa
     Saint Adalbert School                    Andrew Filipowicz

     Saint Charles School                     Kaitlyn Coghlan
     Saint Christopher School                 Vincent A. Ramos
     Saint Clare School                       Megan Austin

     Saint John Villa Academy                 Amanda Guarino
     St. Joseph and St. Thomas School         Douglas Cosgriff
     Saint Joseph School                      Lisa Bosco
     Saint Margaret Mary School               Ray Sanchez                The Maverick
     Saint Mary School                        Jennifer Fanizzi           Foundation’s
     Saint Patrick School                     Briana Marino              Good Citizen
     Saint Peter School                       Oluwatobi Adeleke          Award Program
     Saint Rita School                        Alissa Cianci              has issued 118
     Saint Sylvester School                   Ariella Roman              awards since its
     Our Lady of Good Counsel                 Gabrielle Lacchini         inception six
     Academy of Saint Dorothy                 Olimpia Herrera            years ago.
                                            The Maverick Foundation
                                 “Opportunity, Challenge, and Recognition”
“All Gave Some.                 “The whole trick to life is to open your eyes
Some Gave All.                         and see what is going on around you.”
Remember Our                                                   — Dan McGuire

Fallen Heroes”

     15 Erin Court • Bridgewater, NJ 08807 • (908) 541-0656

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