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MONDAY March 11 t})~ 2002

Attendees: Fr. Tim K. Johnson, Gilbert C. Adauto, Elma Penaranda, Sonya Simril, Dorian L. Laird, Stephen P.
Howe. Alema Rayman, Frits Fynaut, Norah Hippolyle, Wendy Jose, Alex AJ. Schmitt

1. Opening Prayer: Offered by Elma Pcnaranda
2. Approval of Minutes: Moved by Dorian Laird, 2nded by Stephen Howe
3. Suggestions for Pastoral Councils
   Harold resigned because of new job Fr. Tim when should we replace Harold? Will check with Parish Council
                                                   —           —

   members and ask around. Wendy read Chapter 4 1) Register and participating etc., 2) Listen to needs of the

   Parish (Green Boxes). Fritz Any comment. Fr Tim said he is sure there is little need to state all in the Chapter.
                                   —                                   —

   We are trying to be the envisioning group, could be wrong Gil says a matter of a process. he likes the idea of

   having certain times of discernment

3. A. Pastor’s Report

         1) Renovation/debt update Sewer Line is in. drain pipes are in. new toilets have been put in place.

            Additions New door in Baptistrv. still have the tops of the 3 buttresses need to be done. No mention

            of Fire Alarm System & a few other Bills. Man working on the organ has gone bankrupt but will finish
            the job before Chapter 13. For most part the Bill has been paid. Where we are with the rennovation &
            debt will hear soon.
         2) Tom Scirghi will join us. comes highly reconimended~ Old Weekend Ministries Father Tom has

            returned. will have to learn to regulate his Diabetic Medicine. Fr Joseph will be here until Max’ ??? Fr
            Joseph Lee is in China.

B. Faith Formation     —

        List of Annual Events upcoming at Si. Leo Need Volunteers for canva sing for new PC members
                                                                   —           —

             Town Hall Meeting
             Thank You Dinner Father Tim has caterers

C. School Report (see rel)ort)

            Demographics of St. Leo School
            Testing 50 Kids Last Saturday

B. Old Business   —

       1) Parish Mission re-adopted b~ council. Council’s goals for last Yr. to complete Church renovation. 2)
           This year to keep our head above water. Renewed focus is on Ministries, more formalizing on 3)
           Community Renewal (Next Meeting), formalize on goal in September. Gil
             Community Renewal Thanks to Norah for sending the information. 3 areas have come up Parish
              —                                —

                         Ministry greater participation

                         Stewardship Long Term. Short Term to Mid Term to collect funds Parish Outreach
                                                       —                                                          —

                         Do one area at a time e.g. Bulletin on Parish Ministry. announcements to coincide with
                         the is & last week of month. 3 pronged approach Sign Up table after each Mass, for

                         each of these things
           Frits did you have any of the above before? Have related group man the table. Adcrtize Parish

           involvement. Focus for April Parish Ministry    —

E. New Business —
      1) Day Trip to Reno $30 to $35

      2) Wine & Cheese Tour of the New Church
      3) Adopt a Pew
      3) Raffle the Wine e.g. Panil Bulletin. Memorial Gift & Rights.
    5) Nomination Committee for New Members: Norah & Fr. Tim
       Bring names to Father Tim

F. Closing Prayer —
      Gilbert Adauto adjourned at 9:05 p.m.