CSUF History by mudoc123


									                                         CSUF History

California State University, Fullerton was the 12th state college to be authorized by the
legislature in 1957. The school was purchased in 1959, and Dr. William B. Langsdorf was
named the founding president of the school.

Langsdorf Hall
Langsdorf Hall was built in 1971. This became the house of the Administration and Business
Administration majors. The building was named after the founding president, Dr, William B.

Goodwin Field
Formerly known as Titan Field, Goodwin Field is the home of the CSUF baseball team. The
three million dollar renovation consists of a seating expansion from 1,700 seats to 3,500 seats
and a clubhouse with locker rooms. Goodwin field is also the home of the prestigious KIA
baseball bash, a three-day event considered to be one of the best events in the country.

Titan Softball Complex
The softball program was founded in 1980, and the Titans have since made eight trips to the
College World Series. In 2001 the softball complex was remodeled and now stands as one of the
top collegiate softball venues in the country.

                                           CSUF Art

As you pass these pieces of artwork during your walk, here is some additional information about
each piece that you cannot find on the plaques displayed.

Kaikoo H. XI
This sculpture, developed by artist Betty Gold while in Hawaii, is located on the lawn in front of
McCarthy Hall. Kaikoo is Hawaiian for high tide and the “H” is an abbreviation for the
sculpture’s holistic concept that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Terrace Screen
As you pass the courtyard of the Visual Arts Center, you will notice the non-figurative, steel
sculpture by Bernard Rosenthal. It was constructed in sections and later connected to create an
interlocking sculpture, commissioned specifically for our campus.

Wall Gazing Gallery
This environmental sculpture, located in the courtyard of the Visual Arts Center, is a tribute to
Asian culture. The story behind the name of the sculpture is that a legendary saint meditated for
seven years gazing at the wall of a cave without blinking. This sculpture is unique in that people
can sit on it and gaze into the reflecting pool below.

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