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					                                     Girls on the Run of Lancaster
                        Educating and preparing GIRLS for a lifetime of self-respect and healthy living

Dear Girls on the Run Family,

WELCOME to Girls on the Run! This letter confirms that you are registered at the following site: Centerville
Elementary School T/TH Team. We look forward to your participation in Girls on the Run and hope that you and our
girls enjoy the experience over the next 10 weeks! It will be wonderful getting to know you all and share the powerful
program that is changing lives, one girl at a time. Below are a few things for you to consider in preparation of the season
beginning on Tuesday, February 22nd.

    1. Always bring athletic shoes, preferably running shoes for our workouts. Don't forget to bring socks too, because
        without them you might get blisters.

    2. Please wear clothes appropriate for running and playing. Shorts and a t-shirt work best for warm weather,
        remember sweats, jackets, gloves and hats for the colder months! You can bring these and change into them at
        the end of the day. If it is really hot, wear light colored, loose-fitting clothing. If it is very cold, layering clothes
        works best - wear an undershirt with a sweatshirt and/or sweat pants.

    3. Always bring a water bottle to fill before practice and a healthy snack if desired.

    4. Always come ready to be yourself. Everyone is valued, whether they run really fast or not. As a matter of fact,
        running and walking is fun, but being a part of Girls on the Run is the most fun.

    5. The season lesson calendar is provided for you. Please refer to it to stay in tune with what the girls will be
        discussing each week. At the parent’s meeting after our first practice, you will also receive a “Grown-Up Guide”
        which will help generate great “car ride” conversations!

    6. Parents and guardians, please plan to come 15 minutes early to the end of the first practice to meet the coaches
        and to learn important information about the program and the season. We will have a brief meeting at the front
        door of the school.

    7. Coach Michele Criste will meet the Centerville girls in the Forum on the second floor on 2nd dismissal and can be
        reached at with any questions about the T/Th team.

              First meeting date and time                              Tuesday, February 22, 2011
              Meeting Days                                                 Tuesday/Thursday
              Gathering location                                                 Forum
              Sunny workout location                                    Playground/Grassy areas
              Rainy location (we still meet):                                    Forum
              Pick-up location and time                                In front of CES at 5:00 pm
              Running Buddy Forms Due                                         April 1, 2011
              Season 5k – New Balance GOTR 5K                           Saturday, May 7, 2011
              Last practice                                               Tuesday, May 9, 2011

                              P.O. Box 262 Landisville, Pa. 17538
                                  Girls on the Run of Lancaster
                       Educating and preparing GIRLS for a lifetime of self-respect and healthy living
As a reminder, the season culmination will be on May 7th, 9:00 a.m. with the New Balance Girls on the Run 5k at F&M
College. The girls will each need a Running Buddy so pull out your running shoes and let the training begin! Otherwise,
start thinking about friends or loved ones who would love to be part of this amazing experience as a running buddy. Your
coach will explain in more detail.

                                    Spring 2011: Lesson Topics

                              Self-Care, Self-Awareness, Knowing Self
Week One                             Getting to Know Each Other
                                     Plugging into the Girls on the Run cord
Week Two                             Choosing to be a Girl on the Run
                                     Positive Self Talk and Why I Choose It
Week Three                           Fueling Our Healthy Pace
                                     Being Emotional is Healthy
Week Four                            Celebrating Gratitude
                                     Valuing What is Really Important

   Connectedness: Selecting Healthy Relationships and Keeping Them Healthy

Week Five                               Learning about Cooperation
                                        Standing up to Peer Pressure
Week Six                                Standing up For Myself
                                        Gossip Hurts Everyone
Week Seven                              Beware of Bullies
                                        It’s okay to choose our friends
Week Eight                              Practicing our 5k!

                  Empowerment: Celebrating and SHARING Our Strengths

Week Nine                               Tuning Into a New Message
                                        Learning About Community
Week Ten                                Discussing Our Community Impact Project
                                        Finishing Touches
May 7th                                 The New Balance Girls on the Run 5k, F&M College
May 9th or 10th                         The Final Celebration! *No workout clothes needed.

If you have any questions, please call our GOTR Program Director, Jennifer West at (717) 629-6329 or or Executive Director Carrie Johnson at (717) 330-7893 or and we
will be more than happy to talk to you. We look forward to a great season!

                             P.O. Box 262 Landisville, Pa. 17538
                               Girls on the Run of Lancaster
                    Educating and preparing GIRLS for a lifetime of self-respect and healthy living

Carrie Johnson, Jennifer West, and Coaches

                         P.O. Box 262 Landisville, Pa. 17538

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