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					Welcome to Romania
          By Abegail Ponce
        Fast facts of Romania
• Located in Europe
• Neighboring countries: Ukraine, Hungary, Moldova,
  Serbia & Montenegro and Bulgaria
• Bucharest is the capital and largest city
• Official name is Republic of Romania
Culture of Romania
         •   Folk art: decorate Easter eggs, paint
             on glass.
         •   Use abstract geometric designs of
             plants and animal
         •   Make bright coloured costumes,
             beautiful carpets, wood carving and
             pottery which attract tourists
         •   Celebrate lots of holidays and
             festivals such as the folk art festival,
             wine-making festival (celeb. For the
             beginning of grape harvest) even
             Christmas, most favourite holiday
         •   Popular instrument played is the violin
             and the flute
Food in Romania
        • Love grilled meat
          such as sausages
          and meatballs the
          shape of cylinders
        • Bread, made of
        • Wine and plum
          brandy also popular
     Climate and Recreation
• Romania has hot
  summers and cold
• Much warmer near the
  coast of the Black sea.
• Most tourist come to
  the coast of the Black
  Sea to enjoy the sunny
  sandy beaches
• When winter, people
  go skiing and hike in
  hiking trails
• Basic garments for
  both genders is long
  shirt tied to waist
  (men wore shorter
• Women wore apron
  tied to waist
• Men wore also
  trousers, hat and belt
• Clothing can be worn in
  everyday work of to
  town festivals
Hotels and Resorts
         • Best ski resort is
           Poiana Brasov
         • Another located in
           Bucharest called
           Mamaia; resort
           along the beach.
                               Sight Seeing
                                                             Huniad Castle

Black Church

                        National Bank of Romania
                                                           Palace of Parliament

 Village Translyvania                              Romanian National History
                          More Sight Seeing

                                                        Village Church
University of Bucharest
                                                                         Arch of Triumph

                          Palace of Culture

National Museum of Art            Museum of the Romanian Peasant
                                                                              Bran Castle
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